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Deadly Fight Reloaded 1.3
Akash M
Deadly Fight Reloaded: The fight for justice against corruption isnever easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a tollon our self, our families, our friends, and especially ourchildren. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay iswell worth holding on to our dignity. Deadly fight reloaded bringsyou an epic adventure to fight and earn you respect in your deadlykingdom. Deadly fight reloaded series consist of 3 unlimiteddungeon series with highly deadly environment. Deadly fightreloaded comes with free style barbarian king who fight for hislegacy. ------------------------ Feature of Deadly Fight Reloaded------------------------> better game play and touchcontrols.> Easy to play and understand concept.> Less then 50Mb for lower end devices.> High quality of graphics and soundeffects.> Deadly Fight Reloaded comes with smooth game play.>Deadly Fight Reloaded has Separate Health, Combo & fireballbar.> Unlimited deadly dungeon cave with more then 20 deadlyfighters. ----------------------- How To Play Deadly Fight Reloaded--------------------> Basic joystick controls for movement.>Separate buttons for fight.> Fireball buttons and combo movesalso.> Find key to unlock next dungeon.> Keep eye on Health,Combo & fireball bar.
Flying Man: Run for Life 1.0
Akash M
Flying Man. Are you Fond of runner games if yes then you are gonnalove this one also, Run as fast as you can through, highway, cityand other deadly envirement very pleasent to watch just like anyendless ride for car its a complete runner pack with lots of tinycartoon based characters. Few Rush Scene with complete range ofdaily vechile dash throgh traffice rush. pack you beg itsrevolution ride guys. lots of scene comes with different hiddenfactor you will find it only by runing.If you have daring then yougonna run and we are sure you will get enjoyed. So donot waste yourtime just grab Flying Man because it is best runner game of thisyear.How Far and fast you can run? Find out, by downloading FlyingMan...!★★★ FEATURES ★★★✔ Best HD Graphics✔ Excellent Places forrunner✔ 6 Special runner Characters✔ Surprise Bonus Characters✔Scene modes with full of actions and adventure.✔ Waves throughtraffic it not subway surfers guys★★★ Game Play ★★★✔ Just TiltDevice for Left or Right.✔ Best sound effects.✔ Extremely smoothcontrols