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Radio Pick - AM FM Free 3.0.4
Radio FM AM This is an exceptional Free online radio app thatoffersexclusive features. You can now enjoy Free live radiostreamingwithout facing any trouble. This free radio app forAndroid turnsyour phone into a portable radio. This radio appcomes with AM FMradio stations in which you can access fromanywhere in the world.Magnificent Features of Radio FM AM *TheSimpliest User-Interference*Thousands Of International RadioStations, Tons of Eye-catchingThemes Are Available *ExclusiveSleep Mode Option *Discover RadioStations of Various countries.*Download and Enjoy All Features ForFree *Recommend This RadioStreaming App To Friends *Easy Search andFind Mechanism *One TapAccess to Favorite List *Explore the Worldof Free Music, News,Sports etc Tons of Options, EndlessEntertainment This radio appoffers various AM FM radio stationsfrom United States, Canada, UK,Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Peru,Argentina, Spain, Germany,Polska. Our mission is to enrich our appwith the best radiostations in the world. Select The PrettiestTheme We have arrangedour online radio app with tons of themes.They make your app looksattractive and will boost your enjoyment tothe full extent. Changethe theme whenever you get bored of the samelayout from within ourhuge stock of free themes- *Aqua Guidance*Smart Indigo *Teen NoteBook *October Silence And a lot moresurprises are waiting for you!Share This App Via Social Networks Weallow our users to share thisdelight with friends and family. Youcan share the link of this AMFM radio right from the app. Stream AtNight, Erase Stress There isa standby mode where you can determinea specific time. After thetime is over your radio app willautomatically go off. It worksgreat for the night when you want tolisten to something as youfall asleep. This amazing feature willhelp you to relax at nightalong with saving your phone's battery.Search Your Hearts ContentWith Ease We have developed a simplesearch algorithm that assistsyou to discover your favorite radiostations easily. You can searchthe desired radio stations by usingthe country name, the categoryof the content or by the exact titleof the station. There are manygenres of music, such as rock(including 80s rock), old time,hip-hop, rap, classical, classics,country, kpop, latino, canto,javan and others. Join The EntireNetwork Of All Over The World Ourapp allows you to connect withvarious Free online radio stationsin the whole world. You can siton your couch and enjoy variousentertainment, sports talk, newsetc. All of the features aretotally free. You only need an internetconnection to streamendless radio stations. Our developers havealso allowed you toaccess the broadcasts of concerts of manysingers singing theirbest songs and DJs with their bestsoundtracks. Click To Add In TheFavorites Finding your favoritechannel from thousands of stationscan be a bother. Thinking of thatwe have added an one-clickFavorite access. Simply click on theheart symbol at the side ofyour favorite radio station and save itin the favorite section.This will help you later to get the fastaccess to your desiredradio channels. Make your own mix of musicusing our mixradio,surfing for new tunes, learn trending, in otherwords, just havefun and relax. Finally, you will be able to makeyour own andunique playlist of different tracks and listen it onyour own musicplayer. Install our radio app to get a huge deal ofinternationalradio stations all in a single corner. This incredibleapp willeradicate dullness from your life moreover it will fillyourday-to-day routine with some extra spice. All in all it is oneofthe best local radio apps for android with simple tuner, hereyoucan find your favorite radio with the best soundtracks and haveapossibility to sing your preferable songs with the mostpopularsingers. Radio FM AM is a Pandora radio, streaming throughtheInternet.