Akshra Infotech Apps

Women Hijab Fashion Suit 1.3
Get the stylish hijab fashion suit virtually into your wardrobe.Check out how you look in hijab. You can make amazing photo inhijab look with women hijab fashion suit. Download this photomontage app and see yourself in hijab suit. Features: Easy to useSelect a photo from the gallery or capture it using the phonecamera. Choose your favorite hijab fashion suit. Scale up/down zoomin/out and rotate feature to fit image according to hijab suitframe. Mirror effect will allow you to adjust face according toframe. Adjust photo effect according to hijab frame. Save yourhijab photo montage and share it with your friend and family viaFacebook, whatsapp or email it.
Hair Changer 1.3
Want to change your old look of your existing photos? Hair Changerwill do this for you very easily. In this app we have provided anice collection of real hair with different hair style like. Short,medium, long, straight or curly. Now let’s get your handsome orfunny look in a minute with hair changer. How to Use: • HairChanger is easy to use photo editor. • Capture a selfie from cameraor select selfie photo from gallery. • Select a hairstyle from theavailable hairstyle collection. • Easy to adjust hairstyle withdrag, scale, zoom in/out and rotate feature. • No internetconnection required. • Save your creation and share it with anyoneon social networks like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc.
com.akshra.flower.photo.frame 1.5
Decorate your romantic photos with beautiful flower photo frame andmake them unforgettable. This app has collection of beautifulflower frames for your photos. With Flower Photo Frame, and you canadd a beautiful frame for special photos of loved ones. MainFeatures : ★ Select a photo either from gallery and use this photoeditor to decorate it. ★ Capture photo by using the phone cameraand apply this beautiful photo frame. ★ Wide variety of stylish andhigh quality HD photo frames. ★ Scale, zoom in, zoom out and rotateto perfect fit into cute frame. ★ Apply mirror effect on your phototo adjust according to the frame. ★ Apply amazing photo effects toyour photos like vintage, vignette, black & white. Sepia etc. ★Share your creation with friends, family or even on socialnetworking like Facebook, Twitter and more. ★ No internetconnection needed to use these beautiful flower frames.
Famous Wonder Photo Frames 1.3
Do you love historical places? Or want to have wonderful photo withfamous places. We made this app to have your pictures with famouswonder places in the world. Select your picture from the gallery orcapture it using the phone camera. And your picture will get framedautomatically. You can select your favorite frame from availableframes. Main Features: • Simple and easy to use user interface. •Best collection of world famous places. • Select a photo from thegallery or take photos using the phone camera. • Edit photos withyour finger gestures to move, Rotate, Scale Photo Create photoalbum instantly • Save your framed photos into your phone and shareit with your friends via social networks.
Face Maker - face changer 1.4
Want to make any photo attractive or funny one? This amazing toolhelps you to make any picture amazing. Face maker is a face changerapp which includes great collection of stickers like wigs,moustache, goggles, caps, hats and beard. This will change yourface into funny one. With this face changer you will be able tocreate funny picture for fun. Face Maker is very easy to use app 1.Select any picture from camera or galley. 2. Choose any stickerfrom given category of stickers like select moustache to see howyou look in it. 3. Resize your sticker with pinch zoom in/ zoom outeffect. 4. Rotate and drag in feature to adjust sticker on desireposition. 5. Double tap to remove any sticker which you don’t like.6. Save your amusing picture and share it with any one on socialnetwork like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc.
com.akshra.magical.photo.funia 1.5
Create your photo in an artistic way with Magic Photo Art. thisphoto art has so many nice frames for you!. Would you like to seeyour picture in a creative poster, wanted frames, cover ofmagazine, or advertising hoarding frame. Magic Photo Art willcomplete your dream. Main Feature:  Easy to use.  All frames areavailable in offline mode. So that you can create your artisticfunia effect.  Select your photo from mobile gallery or capture itfrom a mobile camera.  Apply frame to your photo.  Once you havedone! Share it on social network like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.
Photo Blend Collage 1.4
Want to create eye catching photo collage with blending effect orwant to create photo album of your photos with blend effect. Photoblend collage will help you. Import your photos or add yourfavorite text, and photo blend collage will blend them together.Main Features: 1. Easy to use and simple user interface. 2. Cutyour photo into any shape or Free form with cut paste tool. 3.Blend collage will blend photo quickly using a blend fade effect.4. Choose a perfect background for your collage from a variety ofbackgrounds. 5. Share your collage with anyone via Facebook,Whatsapp, Twitter, Flickr, email, and other social networks.
Copy Paste Photo Collage 1.3
Create amazing collages using your photos, backgrounds, stickerswith Copy Paste Photo Collage. It lets you create a collage bycutting photo into Freeform shape by drawing a path with yourfinger. Copy Paste photo collage features: 1. Select photo and cutit into the shape that you want to put on the collage. You can addmultiple photos. 2. Easy adjustment: drag, scale, zoom in/out androtate feature to adjust images on the background. 3. Select acollage background from our background pack. 4. Save your Cut PastePhotos on the collage and share with friends and family.
Animal Photo Frame 1.3
There are so many cute animals in the nature; these animals can bevery close to the daily lives of us. Animal Photo Frames is a photoediting application which helps you to decorate all your photoswith animal photo frames! Animal Photo Frames will make your photosand selfies so special that you will like to share them with allthe people on social networks. Main Features: • Select a photo or aselfie from the gallery of your phone and use this photo editor todecorate it! • Apply a cool photo frame to it! • Rotate, scale,zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame. • Save yournew picture and share it instantly on social networks likeFacebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Insta Shape Maker 1.3
Want to frame your photos into different shapes? The Insta shapeapp can do it. Insta shape app let’s crop your photos into customshapes and make them more memorable. The Insta shape app has over40 kinds of shapes like rectangle, triangle, circle, heart and manymore. Main Features: • Select a photo from the gallery or captureit using a mobile camera. • Crop your photo in square shape usingour cropping tool. • Apply one of stylish frame on your photoavailable in this photo frame app. • Apply one of pattern or colorbackground over frame to make it cooler. • More than 20+ gorgeousfilter to apply to your photos. • Save your framed image and shareit with your friends.
Coffee Mug Photo Frame 1.5
Make creative photos with Coffee Mug Frames instantly. Check outour Coffee Mug Photo Frame app. Now you now don't need to use anyphoto editor software on your laptop or computer to make suchcoffee pictures. You can beautifully frame yourself or your lovedone with coffee mug frames. Main Feature.  Select photo frommobile gallery or capture it using phone camera.  Select one ofcoffee mug frame from available frames in the app.  Apply thiscoffee mug frame on your photo.  Pinch zoom in/ zoom out androtate feature allow you to adjust your photo.  Various photoeffects tool to make your picture look almost real.  Share thephotos with your friends and family through social apps. Have Fun!!
PIP Photo Frame Editor 1.4
PIP Photo frame editor is most creative photo frame app used to setyour photo in photo frame with some effective frames. PIP Photoframe editor has a simple design with great feature to decorateyour photos in photo in photo mode more effective than others photoframes. Main Feature: • Various creative and high resolution photoin photo (PIP ) frames to choose from. • Select photo either fromthe gallery or capture using phone camera. • Easy to use UI. • Nicefilter collection to beautify your photo. • Save your creativephoto frame and share photo on any social network. • No internetconnection required.
3D Photo Frames 1.3
Would you like your photos to be appearing in the beautiful 3Dframes? With 3D Photo frames app you can beautify your photo in 3Dstyle. The 3d photo frame app lets you combine your photoscreatively with filters, custom texts, and beautiful 3D Templatesto make great-looking Square photo. Enhance your photos using thisspecial free photo frame app. Main Features: ☆ Select a photo orselfie from the gallery or using the phone’s camera. ☆ Choose frombeautifully designed 3d frames in different shape and try everyframe. ☆Fully Featured text editor to add your favorite textmessage. ☆ Amazing filter effects to apply to the photo. ☆ Saveyour photo and share your picture instantly on social networks.
Face Swap -facechanger 1.3
Want to swap faces from photos? Want to make any photo into a funnyone? Face Swap facechanger makes it so easy and fun to switchfaces. Face Swap uses Face Blending effect to make skin blend witheach other. This face changer is very easy to use app to exchangeface with each other. Main Features: 1. Take a picture with cameraor choose one from your gallery. 2. Now select a face shapeaccording to your face which you want to swap. 3. Drag the selectedface shape over your face which you want to swap. 4. Now crop yourface and blend effect will automatically add to your face. 5. Saveand share Face swapped photos with friends and family.
Indian Bridal Dresses 1.5
Checkout the latest Indian Bridal Dresses and see how you wouldlook in them! This bridal dresses app has best collection of indianwedding bridal dresses. App Features:  Select a photo from galleryor capture it using phone’s camera.  Select bridal frame from ourframe collection and check which one suit you best.  Pinch zoomin/ zoom out and rotate feature allow you to adjust your photo. Save your creation into phone gallery.  Share it with your friendsand family through social media like facebook, whatsapp etc. Havefun with this app!
Fake Caller 1.4
Get fake incoming calls to avoid any awkward situation like boringmeeting, annoying conversation or any other situation where you arenot feeling comfortable. Fake caller allows you to select fakecaller from contact list or enter it manually. Let your friend orfamily member think you are getting important call and you stillprefer them. this is an prank app to make fake call for fun. MainFeature: Select fake caller name and number or enter it manually.Select caller picture from gallery or capture using camera. Selectin call voice for your fake call or record it instantly. Selectcalling time from predefined time or enter custom time. Scheduleyour fake call to get it on given time. you can also schedule fakesms with this app.
Movie Maker 1.2
Want to make an awesome slide show with your Photos, favorite musicand animation? With this movie maker app get an awesome videoslideshow instantly. Highly powerful and incredibly easy to usewith many options to personalize and customize your slideshow movieand make it personal. With this awesome Movie Maker app you cancreate a Photo Movie with animation to express your creativity andtell your story. Main Features: • Easy to use and fast. • Photos-Add as many photos as you like from your gallery. • Music -Add yourfavorite music. • Animation Theme - Select from many animationstyles. • Background – Add your favorite background to your movie.• One Touch Play - Instantly play your Movie. With this movie makerapp you can create photo movie for –WEDDING, BIRTHDAY, FAMILY,FRIENDS, TRIP and any other movement of your life. So now make somemovie memories to tell your story.
Pic Blend 1.4
Create double exposed images by blending two photos with pic Blend.Blend two of your Photos into a single Photo. Choose your twodifferent posed pohtos and blend into one. An intuitive cropadjustment step before blending makes all the photos match inproportions. Adjust blend image transparency as required. 1. Picblend is easy to use app! 2. Select two pictures from the gallery.3. Pictures can be resized and moved to create images of differentproportions. 4. Adjust Blend Level or which Photo need to be on topof another 5. Blend two pictures quickly, using blend-fade. 6. Saveand share the Blended Photos.
BodyBuilder FaceChanger 1.4
Want to see yourself in a handsome body. Body builder face changerwill help you to see yourself in perfect body that suits you best.And let you feel like a body builder. In this face changer app weprovide many bodybuilder suits to make you happy. Features:  Easyto use.  No internet connection required to use this face changerapp.  Select your photo from mobile gallery and apply this bodybuilder photo suit frame.  Capture your photo with camera andapply this frame.  Drag, Scale up/down, zoom in, zoom out androtate feature to fit your photo into frame.  Adjust your faceaccording to frame with mirror effect feature.  Save your picturewith bodybuilder suit.  Share your creation with friends andfamily on social networks like Facebook, whatsapp etc.
Romantic Love Photo Frames 1.3
Make your photographs adorable and romantic. Or Express yourfeelings in a beautiful way with Beautiful Romantic love photoframes. With this app you can create your own romantic love storyby embellishing your loving memories. Features: • Friendly userinterface. • Select photo from the gallery or capture it from thecamera. • You can move, drag, zoom in, zoom out your photo to fitwith Romantic Love photo frames. • 25+ unique designed beautifullove photo frames for decorating your loving memories. • Save yourprofessionally created romantic love photo frame. • Share it toyour friends and family on social networks.
com.akshra.calendarphotoframe 1.2
Want to see yourself as calendar star. Calendar photo frames helpsyou to create photo calendar with your photos.25+ beautifulCalendar Photo Frames to personalize your photo with calendar. MainFeatures: - Capture photo from camera or select photo from thegallery. - Select your favorite photo calendar photo frame. Applyit on your selected photo. - beautify your photo with awesome photoeffect. - Rotate, move, drag, zoom-in, zoom-out and mirror yourphoto to fit into calendar frames. - Save your photo and share itwith your friends and family on social networks.
com.akshra.mirror.photo.editor.collage 1.4
Mirror photo editor & collage is an easy to use and powerfulphoto editor and collage! With Mirror Photo Editor, you to createmirror reflection effect for your photo. With mirror Photo Editor,you can create many left-right, up-down, reflection style ofphotos. Mirror Photo Editor has Nice Photo Effect for your photos.With This Mirror Photo Collage you can Mix your Photo to createnice Photo collage with Mirror effect. Main Features: ★ Choosephoto either from gallery or capture by Camera, to create mirroreffects. ★ Select one of mirror effect from available mirroreffects. ★ Available 3D Frames to create amazing photo effect. ★Combine mirror effect, filter effect and 3d frames together tocreate amazing photos. ★ Pinch zoom in/zoom out and rotate thephoto to adjust the mirror effect. ★ Share the photo with yourfriends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter.
Photo Bubble Collage 1.5
Photo Bubble Collage allows you to create amazing collages usingyour photos, backgrounds, text with cool fonts. With photo bubblecollage you can add your photos into different shaped bubble. Withthis app you can create collage or greeting card including textmessage and photo in shape. Key Features: • Select a Photo from theGallery or Take Photos using the Phone's Camera. • Apply differentbubble shape on photo and crop. • Nice background collection to foryour collage. • Fully featured text editor to add message withdifferent font style. • Save your collage and share it on socialnetworks.
Nature Photo Frame 1.6
Decorate your photos with beautiful nature photo frames. Thesebeautiful frames are ideal to frame your memories and make themunforgettable. Nature photo frame will make your photos and selfiesso special that you will like to share them with all the people onsocial networks. Feature: * Easy to use. * Select a photo eitherfrom the gallery or take photo using phone's camera. * Variousstunning nature photo frames for any picture. * You can share themon any social media like Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram and manymore. * Save your photos with beautiful nature frames.
Salwar Suit Photo Maker 1.5
Want to look more fashionable and Attractive then check out thelatest Designer Salwar Suit. We introduce the women Salwar Suitphoto maker for the women who are looking for the huge collectionof designer Salwar Suits. You may try every Salwar Suits onyourself to find that which one is best for you. Main Feature: *Select a photo from the gallery or capture photo using camera. *Multiple stylish designer salwar suit frames for any picture. *Apply different photo effects to make your picture look amazing. *Save your photos with beautiful frames and effects in your memorycard. * You can share these frames on any social media likeFacebook, Instagram, whats app and more.
Interior Photo Frames 1.4
Interior Photo Frames is free photo editor which will make yourphotos and selfies so special that you will like to share them withall the people on social networks. Beautify your images instantlywith Interior photo frame effect. They will also be fantastic asfamily photo frames and will save all the good moments spent withyour family. Main Features: Select a photo or a selfie from thegallery of your phone or take photo using phone's camera and applya cool photo frame to it! Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or dragthe photo to fit the frame as you like. Save your new picture andshare it instantly on social networks like Facebook, Instagram orTwitter.
Most Wanted Poster Maker 1.4
Most Wanted Poster Maker let you create a wanted poster of yourfriend. All you need to do is select a picture from mobile galleryor capture it with mobile camera then apply most wanted poster onit. This is funny prank app to make people laugh. Please do not useit in wrong way. Most wanted poster maker have variety of wantedposter with different caption. Save your poster and share this mostwanted poster with your friends on social network like Facebook,whatsapp, instagram etc.
Lehenga Choli 1.3
Dress Your Self in different lehenga choli on every occasion or inmarriages. You just need to use these lehenga choli frames withyour photos. And try every Lehenga on yourself instantly to findthat which one suites you best. App Feature:  We have provided youindian Lehenga Choli frames for woman.  Very easy to use thislehenga suits.  Choose photo from camera or capture it with mobilecamera.  Zoom in/ zoom out and rotate feature to fit photo intoframe.  Large collection of high quality Lehenga choli frames. Save your newly created photo into photo’s gallery.  Share yourphoto with your friends and family on available social networks.Have Fun with this app!
Indian Turban Face Changer 1.4
Indian Turban Face Changer is easiest and astonishing face changertype app. It allows you to make your ordinary photo into ahilarious and amazing one. Apply every turban on photo to see thebest result. Main Feature: Simple & easy to use. 50+ Turban forboth men and women. Variety of turban including Indian, Rajasthani,Punjabi, Marathi style etc. Zoom in, Zoom out, drag and rotatefeature to adjust turban on your photo. Save your ordinary photowith Turban to make it funny or stylish one. Easy to share yourphoto with your friends on social networking site.
Designer Sherwani 1.3
Dress Your Self Virtually in different Designer Sherwani on everyoccasion. You just need to use these Designer Sherwani frames withyour photos. And try every Sherwani on yourself instantly to findthat which one suites you best. In this app we have providedDesigner Sherwani frames for Man. App Feature  Large collection ofhigh quality Dessigner Sherwani frames.  Very easy to use thisSherwani suits.  Choose photo from camera or capture it withmobile camera.  Place the suit frame onto the photos in yourmobile gallery.  Zoom in/ zoom out and rotate feature to fit photointo frame.  Different photo effects to make your picture lookalmost real.  Share the photos with your friends and familythrough social apps. Have Fun!!
Man Business Suit 1.4
Want to look stylish or professional? Man Business Suit has a greatcollection of stylish business suit frame. You don't want to spendmoney on an expensive suit. Main Feature: 1. Easy to use 2. Selecta photo from the gallery or take photos using the phone's camera.3. Wide range of stylish business suit frames for any picture. 4.Scale, zoom in, zoom out and rotate feature to perfectly fit anypicture within the template. 5. Save your Creation and share itWhatsApp, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Instagram. 6. Nointernet connection needed.
Insta Square Photo - No Crop 1.3
Now post the full sized photos on any social network withoutresizing or cropping. Insta Square Photo app is the best photosquare app which lets you post a full size photo on social networkswithout cropping. Main Features:  Simple, powerful and easy to useuser interface.  Simple way to post a full size picture on anysocial networking site without cropping.  You can choose bestsuitable background from a variety of pattern background and widerange of color.  Create beautiful images with nice blurredbackgrounds  Add your own signature or favorite text on yourphoto.  Best doodle art stickers and text badges to add to yourpicture.  Including high quality filters so your picture willtruly look amazing. share your insta photo on any social network.
Snowfall photo frame 1.5
Make your photos memorable with snowfall photo frames. Thesebeautiful frames are ideal to frame your memories. this photoeditor will make your photos and selfies so special that you willlike to share them with all the people on social networks. Feature:* Easy to use. * Select a photo either from the gallery or takephoto using phone's camera. * Various stunning nature photo framesfor any picture. * You can share them on any social media likeFacebook, whatsapp, Instagram and many more. * Save your photoswith beautiful snowfall photo frames.