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Whispering Willows 1.6.1
Akupara Games
Young Elena Elkhorn embarks on a harrowing journey to find hermissing father and discover the secrets of the Willows Mansion.Aiding her journey is a unique amulet, she received from herfather, which allows her to astral project her spirit into aghostly-realm and communicate with the dead. Play as Elena to findher missing father, use your astral projection to solves themansion’s tricks and puzzles, help the lingering souls and discoverso much more in Whispering Willows. Game Features: • Immerseyourself in a beautifully hand-drawn 2-D world as you traverse theMansion grounds • Allow the haunting music and chilling soundeffects to send goosebumps across your neck. • Let the history ofthe Willows Mansion draw you into a plot full of twists andbetrayal. • Explore the vast Mansion and unlock its puzzlingsecrets as you search for your missing Father. Awards: • FirstPlace- Seattle Indie Game Competition • Best Story- Casual ConnectIndie Prize • Most Immersive- OUYA CREATE Game Jam • SuccessfullyFunded Kickstarter • Winner- Cerebral Indie Developer GrantSupports: • Most wireless bluetooth controllers(http://www.gallantgames.com/pages/incontrol-supported-controllers)• NVIDIA Shield and Tablet • 20 achievements • 720 and 1080presolutions If your device crashes or has issues while running thegame, please contact "support [at] akuparagames [dot] com" andwe'll do our best to help you!
Star Vikings Forever 1.0.67
Akupara Games
Build Your Strategy. Squash Space Snails. Be a Star Viking. InStarVikings Forever you will build your team of spacefaring Vikingstotake on the evil scourge of intergalactic snails in a funandnearly endless stream of challenging puzzles. Best Indie atGooglePlay Best of 2017, Finalist at the Google Play IndieGamesFestival, Winner for "Best Game Design" at theBrazilianIndependent Games Festival, and “Most Offensive Game Ever”at theSpace Snails Game Conference. Star Vikings Forever is ahumorousPuzzle/RPG developed by the award-winning creators ofChroma Squad,Dungeonland, and Relic Hunters Zero. Features: •Unique Puzzle/RPGGameplay - Based on teamwork and chain reactions•Procedurally-Generated Puzzles - For endless replayability •8+Hours of Story Mode - Packed with colorful characters andhumorousdialog • New Game Plus Mode - Brings additional puzzlesandgameplay • Six Classes - Each with unique, upgradeable skills•HATS!!! - Craft special hats and use special items togainadditional boosts • Facebook Leaderboard Integration - Competewithyour friends for the high score!