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All Social Networks 2.8.0
All Social Networks is an application that groups and provide aneasy access to all social networks namely: Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp. With our super fast and lightBrowser you have the possibility to browse all the Social Networkin a simple click. You don’t have more space to install anapplication on your device ? so try all Social Networks is lightand fast. You can’t manage all your social network accounts ? sotry our popular browser that can navigate on: - Google - Facebook -InstaGram - Skype - SnapChat - Messenger - Whatsapp - Vimeo -Dailymotion - 9Gag - Vine - Twitter - Linkedin - Myspace -Pinterest - Netflix - Imdb - Wikipedia - Badoo - Aliexpress -Amazon - Booking - Ebay ★★★ Features ★★★  - Lightweight andSuper Fast  - Quick access to all Social Networks  - Easyto use interface - Uploading videos and photos to social media -Save space on your phone - Accessible by 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI ★★★Disclaimer ★★★ - If you can not find your favorite social network,please contact us, we will try to add it in future updates. - Weare not affiliated with any of the services accessible through thisapplication. - We don’t have access to your data, all theinformation you access is through the official sites of the listedsocial networks. - If you encounter a problem when using ourbrowser please write to us. ✰✰✰ Please contact the all SocialNetworks team first if you have any questions! ✰✰✰
Mortal Kombat X Compagnon 2.7
Mortal Kombat X Tips, HintsandCheatsMortal Kombat X was developed internally by NetherRealm Studiosandwill have “striking graphics” unlike any we’ve seen in amobilegame to date. Judging by the mobile game trailer above, itlookslike it is going to be the goriest mobile game to date, aswell.Mortal Kombat X mobile will feature all of theover-the-topfighting game mechanics that are hallmarks of thefranchise.The game will blend traditional fighting with card collecting.Thegame will feature more than 24 characters, includingSub-Zero,Raiden and Cassie Cage. The Mortal Kombat X mobile gameisfree-to-play, which likely means players will unlock newitemsthrough gameplay or spending their money where they seefit.With the Mortal Kombat Compagnon you will be able to findveryuseful Tips, Hints and cheats.Within our app, you can access to many ressources:- How to play the game.- Difference between all the factions in the game.In this guide you will also find:++ All cheats and Tips to play game++ All tricks on the Game++ An ultimate strategy guide to win fights easilyYou will also find very useful Gameplays.
Fast Battery Charger 2.3.7
Fast Battery Charger is a new versionofthe Booster of your Phone.With our app you can Remove tasks that runs on backgroundeasilywith just 1 click optimization.Plus you can:- Activate / deactivate Wifi- Activate / deactivate Bluetooth- Activate / deactivate Brightness- Activate / deactivate Screen Rotation- Switch Between Ringtones profilesWith our 1 click Optimization process you can prevent yourFastBattery draining, so you can save easily up to 100%batterydraining.Main Features:- Battery Booster.- Battery Saver.- Battery Fast charge Helper.- Battery Optimization.- Stop Battery draining.- Prevent Battery consumption.
GTA V Cheats 2.3
GTA 5 Tips, Hints and CheatsGTA V is an action-adventure video game developed by RN. Itwasreleased in September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,inNovember 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in April 2015forMicrosoft Windows.With the GTA 5 Cheats you will be able to find very usefulTips,Hints and cheats.In this application guide you will find:++ All cheats and Tips to play game++ All tricks on the Game++ An ultimate strategy guide to win chapters easily.
Tel2pay 2.0
Dans cette version vous pouvez:+ Se connecter à votre compteTel2pay+ Consulter votre Solde+ Consulter votre Caisse+ Consulterla liste des derniers 1000 codes validés sur vos sites web+Consulter la liste de vos paiements+ Consulter la liste des paliersactivés sur votre compteDans la prochaine version:+ Demander despaiements+ Activer et désactiver les paliersIn this version youcan:+ Login to your account Tel2pay+ Check your Balance+ Check yourCaisse+ Check the list of last 1000 codes validated on yourwebsites+ Check the list of your payments+ Check the list ofbearings enabled on your accountIn the next version:+ Requestpayments+ Enable and disable bearings
Falling Maths 1.3
Falling Maths is a game where everyone can play withmaths.Theprinciple is simple:It is necessary to answer themathematicalquestions by clicking on the good answer, attention theanswersfall more and more quickly.If your answer is wrong youlost.If allthe answers fall below the clouds you lost.These twosimple rulesmake the game more fun.The game contains 2 modes:-Training mode-Competition Mode++ In training mode you will trainyour brain tomake mental calculations faster and faster.++ InCompetition modeyou have to log in with your Facebook account toenter thecompetition, the competition takes place in HARD mode, andat theend of each end of the month the top 3 players will bedeclared asthe winners of the month .In addition there are levelsofdifficulty in the training mode to allow you to train to jointhecompetition.- Beginner Mode: for kids- Normal Mode: foreveryone-Hard Mode: for the most savvy in mental arithmeticbyplaying inFalling Maths you increase your level in mentalarithmetic, whilehaving fun.If there are any comments do nothesitate to contact uswe will do our best to satisfy you.Credits-Images andIllustrations are designed by Freepik: produced by Dillon Becker, performed by Alex Background Music is from frankum is from Nini Prower of
Automatic call recorder [No ads and free] 1.0
With Automatic Call Recorder you can record all your incomingandoutgoing calls in HD quality. Automatic Call Recorder is freeandad-free. Automatic Call Recorder is easy to use, you can: -Enable/ Disable the automatic recording of calls (incoming andoutgoing).- Add contacts to the whitelist, so they will no longerbe saved. -Share the audio file directly on Whatsapp. - Play theaudio filedirectly in the application. - Delete files. - Manageyourwhitelist. - Manage your storage. - View incoming / outgoingcalls/ or all calls. The recording is done directly on your harddisk inmp3 format.