Al Rome Apps

Modesto Penguins 0.1
Al Rome
The Penguins have invaded ModestoCalifornia.It's up to you to stop them. lol
Gabby vs Las Paletas 0.5
Al Rome
Gabby is just a girl trying to make her wayinlife. All she wants is to do is to graduate from college. Shehasto avoid the falling paletas to win. Collect diplomas androsesalong the way for bonuses and extra lives.
Acid Zombies 0.1
Al Rome
Just survive the zombie horde as theacidstarts to kick in!!!_______________________________________________________Acid Zombies is an awesome game. Very simple, It only takes upafew megabites of memory. It has no music. It's just a fun gametokill a few minutes.
Killer Klown Apocalypse! 0.1
Al Rome
In the post Apocalypse, the Killer Klowns have mutated into zombiehybrids. Don't let them bite you or you yourself will become one.