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Wazaif and Tasbehat e Ramzan 1.0
Holy Month of Ramzan ul Mubarik is Just to Arrive so prepareyourself to earn virtues and blessing of Allah Almighty. This appprovides you the chance of doing this. This application is full ofwazaif/tasbeaht/azkar of ramzan ul mubarik.Wazaif on daily basisare included in this app.full detail of wazaif and tasbehat isgiven.
Mah e Ramzan Fazail O Masail 1.0
This application describes about different Ahkam/ Masail / Fazailof holy month of Ramzan.Download this app and get knowledge ofnecessary things about Fasting/sehar/ aftar/ ibadat and muchmore.Its free and contains beautiful and readable graphics .
Ramzan ul Mubarik K Nawafil 1.0
Ramzan Ul Muabrik is the 9th and most blessfull Islamic Month. ThisHoly Month is full of blessing of Allah Almighty and in this monthreward of worship is increased 70 th time. so this app is gift forall Muslims. Download this application and offer Nwafils and Azkarand earn virtures and blessings of ALLAH Pak.
Justju Ka Safar(Urdu Novel) 1.2
Justju Ka Safar is an urdu novel written by Zeeshan-ul-HassanUsmani. this novel is a fictional short story of a person who spendhis life chasing the so-called "success" and once he gets all hewished for, he lost the meaning of life. A unique travelogue andrepresentation of current society, spirituality and the quest for ameaningful life.
Shab e Qadar K Amal o Nwafil 1.1
Shab e Qadar K Amal o NwafilThis simple application describes thenwafil/azkar/wazaif that can be performeed in Shab e Qadar.Download this application and earn virtues and blessings of Allahin holy month.
Kalam e Waris Shah 1.0
Waris shah was a punjabi poet and sufi. He is famous for "Heer"this poem describes the love tale of "Heer" and "Ranjha",This appis full of Waris shah poetry and poem heer so download it and readthe fascinating Punjabi kalam which will definitely amuse you.
Motapay Sy Nijat ka Asan Ilaj 1.1
Motapay ka khatma asan or grehlu ilaj.Downlaod this application andread easy and simple tips to eliminate fat from body and becomeslim and smart.
Insan aur Jinnat K Taulaqat 1.2
Jinnat aur insan(human) k tualaqat. is application men aap parhsken gy jinnat or insan k tualqat ki ajeeb or munfrid waqait.
Qurbani aur Zulhaja k Masail 1.0
Qurbani aur Zulhaja k MasailThis is detailed app about Eid eQurban/Qurbani and about month of Zulhaja. This app contains detailof qurbani, read about animals whose Qurbani can be performed abouthow to divide meat and a lot more in just one application simpleand easy with great look and graphics.
kalam e Fareed(R.A) 1.0
Baba Fareed(R.A) was great Punjabi poet and sofi. He wrote greatpunjaba poetry which narrates the Sufism,love of Allah and otherhuman values.His kalam/poetry in a way is road map of spending lifeas human it teach us to give love and respect to other humanfellows. download it and read beautiful and thoughtful kalam ofbaba fareed.
Mian Biwi k Itefaq ka Wazifa 1.1
This is wzifa/dua for Husband and wife Love. Read this dua to endtensions and worries from your life.Husband/wife Mian Biwi kIkhtlaf/ Narazgi or jgry Khtm Bs Ye wazefa parhen....
100 Great Peoples of World. 1.0
100 Great Peoples of World. List of 100 great peoples of all time.Read about the Life of Great persons and how they changed theworld. This is a translated version of famous Michael Hart"s Book.
Pur Noor Duaen(Masnoon Duaen) 1.1
Pur Noor Duaen(Masnoon Duaen)Prayer or Dua is way of asking fromALLAH Almighty.This app contains large number of prayers and duasfrom holy quran and Sunat e Nabw(S.A.W).Dua of every occassion andday is given with detail so download this free application andstart reading duas/prayer when ever you want and get blessings ofALLAH.
Lekoria Ka Ilaj (Treatment) 1.2
Get rid from Lekoria and stay fit and look younger andbeautifull.all this can be possible by just downlading our thisapp. it is speicaly for womens and girls of every age. Lekoria is adangerous problem for females. you can read about treatment in thisapp its free.
Aenak(Glasses) sy Nijat. 1.1
Eyes are special gift for human. If your eyesight(nazar) is notwell you will face problems in life. but this app is treatment ofyour problem.Read complete process of recovering your eyesightwithout glasses. Follow all steps of app and you will see greatresults. "Nazar ka ilaj kren . aenak sy nijat paen"
Peer e Kamil(Urdu Novel)Part#2 1.5
Peer e Kamil is one of the Best Urdu Novel. It is written by UmairaAhmad.This is 2nd Part of Novel to read first part is alsoavailable complete reading download both parts andenjoy.This Novel will definitely change your ideas and feelingsabout life and world this is heart touching story .
Bismillah Shref Ki Barkat 1.1
Tamea/Bismillah Shref k Fazail o Barkat .Read about the wazaifrelated to Bismillah Shref. Find Bleessings Fazail and Barkat ofBismillah Shref. Bismillah Shref has many bleessigs.
Mushaf part#2 (Urdu Novel) 1.1
Mushaf by Nimra Ahmad. Best urdu novel of all time,a novel thatwill turn you to a true Muslim.Download both parts read these andgive your precious feedback.
Peer e Kamil (Urdu Novel) #1 1.0
PEER E KAMIL BY UMAIRA AHMED.This novel is very famous and one of the best urdu novel ofalltime.This novel elaborates the never ending wishes of human anditsrealities and describe the real purpose of life for aMuslim.Now this novel is in the form of mobile app so you can easilyreadand share it.
Qaseeda Burda Shref 1.4
Qaseeda Burda Shref is great Naat/qaseeda writeen by Imam Asraf uddeen Boseri(R.A). Imam Sahab got ill and to recover from illness heWrote this beautiful qaseeda for Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H). so due tothis qaseeda imam sahab got healthy by the blessings of ALLAHPAK.Its free for all and have beautiful graphics and structuredownload this qaseeda and read in free time and earn blessings forQasseda Burda Shref.
Sunahary Aqwal (Urdu) 1.1
Best Quotes Collection of urdu is in this application.Download thissimple and free app and read the saying/quotes of great peoples ofworld that will guide you about life and world. by following thesegreat guideline you will be succeed in life.
Mushklen Khatm( Qul Shref sy ) 1.0
Qul Shref comprmises of 4 surahs Surah Kafroon,Surah Ikhlas, SurahFalaq and surah Naas.This 4 Qul is very bless full and hastreatment of all diseases and problems of our life.Download thisapp and follow all the wazaif/ procedures that are given in thisapp and get rid of your tensions and worries of life and stayblessed.
Gurday ki pathri/dard khtam 1.1
Gurday ki pathri/dard khtamRohani ilaj/ wazeefa Gurday/liver kapain or pathri ka yqeni khatma. Asan amal/wazaif . Sownlaod thisapp to know this precious gift..
Khwabun ki Tabeeren 1.0
Khwabun ki Tabeeeren.Application download karen or Khwabun kitabeer janen.
Qaseeda Shref Sy Rohani Ilaj 1.2
Qaseeda Burda Shref was written by Imam Ashraf Boseri(R.A) duringhis illness and he got healthy due to blessing of this Qaseedashref.This application contains different aspects of Qaseeda Shref.You should download this app and recite qaseeda shref and you willget healthy by the blessing of ALLAh PAk.
Masnoon Rohani(Qurani) Ilaj 1.1
Rohani Ilaj/ Qurani ilajQuran e Pak is most respectable book of theworld. It has cure for every disease of human.So if you are faceany kind of problem just read it and you will be fine.Thisapplication is full of masnoon rohani/Qurani Ilaj so have a look onit.
Asma Ul Husna Sy Rohani Ilaj 1.2
Allah Almighty has 99 beautiful names. In Holy Quran it is statedthat "Allah Has Beautiful name so Call Him from those names"(SuraAaraf).Download this app and read about blessings of holy names ofAllah Almighty.
Jadu Tuny Ka Qurani Ilaj 1.3
Download this simple and free android application and read wazaif/azkar and tasbehat to avoid affects and bad impressions of blackmagic(kala jadu) and 'Bad- Nazri'. Read Qurani verses and much moreand you will need no other thing to get safe from these magics.
Ankhun Ki Shayri (Urdu Poetry) 1.1
Ankhun Ki Shayri (Urdu PoetryThis is best urdu poetry collection inEyes, Beautifull Eyes of lover described. Great urdu poetryAnkhunKi Baten, Ankhun Ki Shairi , Mehbob Ki Ankhen all in one]
Bhegy Hont Teray (Urdu Poetry) 1.0
This app is full of rumantic poetryPoetry on lips,eyes is beautifulpoetry of UrduHontun ki shairi/ labun ki shairi bhegy hont,, lovepoetry all is in one app
Best Beauty Tips 1.0
Beauty tips very large number of beauty tips are given in this appfor women and girls of all age. It includes tips for your all body. you can look beautiful by just doing simple and home based tipsthat are given in this app. reshape your body parts and lookbeautiful.
Best Urdu Poetry Collection 1.0
In this app Urdu poetry of all types is available. You can readLove Poetry, Sad Poetry Funny poetry .Poetry on Lips Poetry on EyesPoetry on Different social issues all in One App.The Best UrduPoetry Collection . Best Poetry just free and simple way justdownload this app and enjoy Great Urdu Poetry
Mushaf by Nimra Ahmad(Novel) 1.6
'MUSHAF' is also a name of Holy Quran. This novel is one of thebest novels of Urdu literature. This is story of "Muhmal Ibraheem"story of every young girl/boy. its about dreams and realities ofLife it show how much Holy Quran is important for a Muslim and howMushaf(Quran) affects and changes the life of human. This novelwill definitely guide all of you towards virtue and path of ALLAH.its free for all with great hd grphics .
Gamgen Urdu Poetry(UdasShairi) 1.0
Gamgen Urdu Poetry(UdasShairi)this andriod app is full of sadpoetry in Urdu . Read Udas Shairi. Dukhi Poetry. Poetry of IshqMuhbat, judai and gam..Gamgen Poetry.Sad Urdu poetry is best poetryapp you will ever find. So Just download and check out latest sadUrdu poetryYou can save images to your device and also share thispoetry with friends..
Best Summer Dress Collection 1.0
Best Summer Dress CollectionBest Summer Dress CollectionThis is newapp for you specially for girls and women. This app is full ofhundred of design of new summer dresses dresses fancy dressfor summer season. Check out the latest dress design of your choiceand share with your friends ..... Like it and rate it
Qurani Maloomat (Informations) 1.0
This is very informative and usefull Android Application, Huge Informations about Holy Quran is Avaliable.Qurani Maloomat(Informations) it is Encyclopedia for all . Read Many IntrestingQurani maloomat and get Knowledge
Nabvi(S.A.W) Tariqa e Ilaj 1.1
Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is a roll model for everyhuman in each matter of life. in life of Holy Prophet. He gave manyadvices/ treatments about health of human and described treatmentof many diseases. This application is huge collection ofWazaif/Duas and masnoon ilaj/ shifa e nabvi.
Find Your Ideal Life Partner 1.0
Find Your Ideal Life PartnerThis App describes the qualities andnature of ideal life partner.. It is for every boy and girl who issearching for Life PartnerIt will help you to find perfect matchfor you
Hazrat Ali(R.A) K Faisly 1.0
This app compromises of Informations Related to Life of HazratAli(R.A). The 4th Caliph of Muslims,,Read this informative app andstudes descisions , Life ,events of Hazrat Ali Life...
Pahaliun ka khazana(kids fun) 1.0
Pahaliun ka khzana great collection of hundred of riddles andintresting questions. Speical for young kids. Phailain he phailaina lot of riddels in this one application in free download and havefun. Bojho to janen intresting questions are also part of thisfantastic app.
Huge Islamic Names Collection 1.2
This is the biggest and huge collection of Islamic names of Babyboys and girls. Check out the Hundred thousands of names stylishand Islamic names its huge collection. Have a look at our app andyou can get hundred options of a name of newly born baby boy orgirls. Free for all Great Graphics. Zoom in / zoom out and imagesaving and capturing options. Feasible to all latest versions ofandroid.
Beautician Guide and Tips 1.0
Beautician Guide and Tips This is the best application that willmake you an expert beautician. Just go through this app follow thesteps and you will become beautician at home. Eye Makeup, Face makeUp, Bridal Makeup. Hair Style, Hand and feet care tips all in oneapp. Its free and easy to use . It will make your life perfect.
Collection of Ahadess eQudsia 1.0
Collection of Ahadess eQudsia Huge Collection Ahadees eMubrka.MustRead these
Dard e Dil (Sad Urdu Poetry) 1.2
This app is for all poetry lovers. Great and huge collection ofsadand heart broken poetry. Hundreds of 2 lines urdu poetry inoneapplication. its free with great graphics Download it and youwilllove it.