AlMac Apps

Bouncy 1.5
Bouncy is a simple game where you try to bounce the ball withinyour screen. As you keep playing, the game keeps adding more ballsfor you to juggle at the same time.
SP Racer 1.5.1
SP Racer é um jogo onde você controla Narin Motoca, costurando porcarros, caminhões e bicicletas para chegar o mais longe que puder,sempre prestando atenção nos radares que podem te dar multas.SPRacer is a game where you control Narin Motoca, sewing for cars,trucks and bikes to get as far as you can, always paying attentionto the speed cameras that can give you penalties.
BouncyCannon 1.0
BouncyCannon is a simple game where you spawn stuff to redirect thetrajectory of a cannon ball, in order to take it to the end of thelevel.