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QuotesKeeper 1.3
Nobody like switching apps, especially while checking your newsfeed or keeping up with the latest tweets; and a lot of the timeyou find some hilarious tweet or an interesting status update orany random quotes in the web.But saving these can be a hassle,because you have to copy it and then exit the current opened appand go to another note-taking app and paste there and then returnto previously opened app.That's a lot of steps and veryinconvenient, but No more. QuotesKeeper will give you a quickshortcut from all these annoying steps, because you only have tocopy the text once and a bubble will show automatically at yourright then you only job is to click it.! that's it. Once you saveda bunch of quotes, you can open the app and manage them as you likewith several options; and here's a list of the things you can do:1.Add quotes manulally2. Edit, Delete quotes3. Favorite quotes4. Lock& unlock quotes5. Share quotes anywhere6. Quick copy(long-press the quote)7. Digit PIN codeand many more to come..Ifyou find any bug or you want a certain feature or any generalfeedback, feel free to contact via email.Please rate and share theapp.