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com.digipixie.piggy.gplay 3.10.0
歡迎來到豬來了的遊戲世界!全球最火社交遊戲,下載量超過500,0000次,和好友一起養可愛的小豬,建造自己喜愛的島嶼!探索宇宙,好友越多越好玩,期待在這裏,遇見你的夥伴!【^(* ̄(oo) ̄)^,遊戲特色】 【賺金幣升級 】隨時隨地搶奪金幣,建造並升級5種島嶼設施!越高級越精彩!【建造特色島嶼】來自全世界的各式島嶼,如義大利航太古希臘、中國、澳大利亞、巴西、侏羅紀公園、法國、英國、日本、俄羅斯、埃及以及冰河世紀、海洋世界、恐龍世界。【豬豬王保佑你】轉動你的轉盤,獲取海盜寶藏,飛豬俠偷取,豬豬炮攻擊……偷走金幣的同時要當心復仇!【雙重排行榜】富翁與惡人雙重排行榜!第一富翁會不會就是第一惡人? 【野豬襲擊島嶼】比拼手速!幫助好友抓住野豬!更有驚喜等著你!【大Boss來襲】恐怖的異星球怪物襲擊豬樂園,快召集豬友,保護島嶼! 【神奇拼圖大搜集】與好友共同覓集拼圖碎片,豬神實現你的願望!【有好友更富有】邀請你的Facebook好友,去空間炫耀,與好友們一起打造最強家園! 多種趣味玩法等你來玩!好友越多越好玩~!現在你的豬王就在島上!快來吧! 本軟體依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為普遍級(0+)Facebook粉絲頁: Welcome to the Piggame world! The world's hottest social games, downloaded more than500,0000 times with friends and raise cute pig, build theirfavorite island! Exploration of the universe, the better friends toplay, look here, I met your partner! [^ (* ¯ (oo) ¯) ^, the gamefeatures] [Upgrade] to snatch the gold coins to earn anywhere,build and upgrade five kinds of facilities islands! The more seniorthe more exciting! [Build] a variety of island specialties islandsfrom around the world, such as Italian aerospace ancient Greece,China, Australia, Brazil, Jurassic Park, France, Britain, Japan,Russia, Egypt and the Ice Age, Sea World, Dinosaur World. [You] PigWangbao You turn your turntable, get pirate treasure, stolen FlyingPig Man, Pig artillery attack ...... stolen gold to be carefulwhile revenge! [Chart] rich and wicked double double leaderboards!The first is that the rich will not be the first wicked? [Islands]Competition Wild boar attacks hand speed! Friends help catch wildboar! More surprises waiting for you! [Big Boss] struck terrorattacks on different planets monster pig paradise, fast pig calledFriends of protecting the island! [Collection] big magical puzzleswith friends seek common set of puzzle pieces, pig God achieve yourdesire! [Wealthy] have more friends to invite your Facebook friendsto go to space to show off with your friends to create thestrongest home together! Play a variety of fun waiting for you toplay! Friends play better ~! Now your king pig on the island! comequickly! This software game software under ROC hierarchicalmanagement approach classified as universal level (0+) Facebook fanpage: https: //
Smash Island-Candy Break! 1.18.0
Welcome to Smash Island 3D! It’s time to start your wonderfuljourney on the sea! It is full of amazing, exquisite, wonderful 3Dislands! Do you want billions of coins? Endless energy? Conquerother players? Play with your own sign partner? Just come! SmashIsland, give you a chance to be a pirate and conquer the sea,creating your own SEA KINGDOM! Join and play with your Facebookfriends and millions of players, spin the wheel, attack enemies andraid their island. FREE, EASY, FUN! FEATURES: ● Guild Tournament,Personal Tournament, challenges everywhere! ● Billions of gold arefree for you to BUILD amazing, diversified, EPIC 3D islands. ●PILLAGE your enemies' booty, take what you can, give nothing back ●REVENGE other masters, show them who is the boss! ● Lots of chancesto get the FREE SPINS! ● Instant accessibility anywhere, anytime,and from any device.