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Auto recorder call 2016 1.0
Alain Bernard
Record all the calls you want to saveandchoose the calls has to keep. You can set the call to registerandignore. Listen to the recording, add notes. Throughintegrationwith Dropbox, back up important call.For any problems recording, choose a different audio sourcetorecord or use the automatic speaker mode.The recorded calls are saved in the inbox. You can also changethedestination recordings folder to an external SD card. The sizeofthe inbox can be set. The number of recorded calls isunlimitedcelon your phone memoryIf you decide that a conversation is important, save it and itwillbe saved in the "Recorded Calls" folder. Otherwise, it willbeautomatically deleted when new calls fill the inbox.You can activate the Call Summary Menu function for optionsappearimmediately after a call.Browse your recordings by contact, phone number, or notes.3 Default settings are available for automatic recording:Save All (default) - This setting records all callsexceptpre-selected contacts to ignore.Ignore All - This setting records no calls except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded.Ignore contacts - This setting records all calls from people notinyour contacts, except for contacts pre-selected toberecorded.You can set the recording of calls from specific contacts sothatthey are automatically saved.
auto cleaner 3.0
Alain Bernard
The most reliable in the world optimizer,Theauto cleaner, helps to clean up 500 million devices!When do you need us?TAC is perfect for you if your device freezes, if he stoppedplayinggames normally, if it becomes too hot to hold by hand, oryou wantto free up space to store more photos or songs .What we can do for you downloadNow it is easy to free up more storage for your device and SDcard,boost games and device memory, enhance speed, stop overheatingandprotect your device against malicious appsandvulnerabilities.donloA simple click and:- Make your phone or tablet faster- Storage Increase- Increase space TOP- Increase the speed and efficiency of memory usage CLEAN- The press RAM- Light Line and hidden caches- Improve performance and remove unused files and emails FREESave time, your precious time!With his manager Android tasks, it will kill low prioritytasksand save memory to speed really top priority.Very friendly cleaning memory and with a beautiful interface,itfrees up a lot of storage of the device is very useful toremovecache and give you more storage space.FEATURES:☆ Material design☆ Auto scan device for cache files☆ 1 tap to clear all cache☆ Auto clean cache on app start up☆ Auto clean cache on device start up☆ Automatically exit app after cleaning cache☆ Quick glance at device internal☆ Supports International all contries
Ninja Jump 1.0
Alain Bernard
Ninja Runner is a free mobile game inAndroid.the ninja court quickly with racing and collecting starsand pointsof energy. order to earn more points and win with abetterscore.Scroll side game. jump over and collect items to score pointsHave fun !Thanks for playing!
Auto Clean 3.0
Alain Bernard
auto clean : (clean & boost) is thebestandroid optimizer, speed booster, battery saver, game booster,CPUCooler, and Junk Cleaner. It can clean and boost your phoneveryfast. It's small with installation package size only 1 MB; anditis really smart to boost memory and clean junk & cachefasterthan others, and make the phone speed up effect last longer.autoclean also helps to cool down CPU and your whole device, andstopother apps to drain battery. It is really auto clean(cleanmaster), super booster (boost master), and all in one lightapp.Highlights of auto clean :Clean memory and Super boosterOne Tap Boost (just 1tap)CPU Coolergame boosterbattery saverMemory Usage High Notificationclean memory and super boosterauto clean (clean and boost) can find all apps using high memoryandforce stop them without root permission. When you find yourphone islag, just use super cleaner feature to speed up bystopping the appsrunning in the background, and these apps willhibernate after cleanand boost. Then your phone will be fast, alsothe phone battery canlast longer.One Tap Boost (just 1tap)One tap boost icon of Auto Clean is listed on phone desktop,whichmakes you very convenient to boost your phone with 1 tap.Bytapping more times of the 1 tap boost icon, the phone speedisimproved tremendously.CPU coolerDo you find your phone is always hot? Just simply use CPUCoolerfeature to cool down your device, and it will cleanunnecessaryapps running in the boosterAutomatically improve your game speed by 30%+ whenlaunchinggames.battery saverAre you worried about your phone battery draining too fast duetoauto-start apps? After boosting and cleaning thesepower-hungryapps draining your battery by auto clean (clean andboost), theapps will hibernate and the phone battery life willlastlonger.Memory Usage High NotificationWhen your phone memory usage is high,auto clean will notify youtoboost your phone with one tap.
Snake Milker 1.0
Alain Bernard
Help the main character in space snakexenziato grow as long as possible. You're playing a snake astronautwhois always hungry for planets!
Cool Themes Keyboard 1.0
Alain Bernard
You can now express your emotions viamessagingapps using the middle finger emoji, taco emoji, hot dogemoji, 100sign emoji and can even send a unicorn face!!! DownloadMega CoolThemes Keyboard type faster than ever.Use your luck at the Wheel of Fortune and win free prizes!!!HDWallpapers, cool sounds, awesome fonts, beautiful themes or alocaloffer, all are waiting to be claimed!!!New Emoji Keyboard 2016 is the ultimate emoji keyboard appwithover 1.000 emoji's and with awesome features like:- Theme support. Carefully designed keyboard themes toenhancetyping experience.- Keyboard changer. Changing keyboard is easier than ever.Applythemes or create your own custom keyboard with our coolfeaturethat allows changing the keyboard background usinggallerypictures.- Keyboard fonts. Change keyboard letters styles withcoolfonts.- HD Wallpapers. Change your phone's wallpaper with one ofourcarefully selected backgrounds and pictures.- Keyboard sounds for texting. Cool sounds to change the wayyourkeyboard sounds when you type!- Wheel of Fortune!!!!. Test your luck with our new feature! Youcanwin free HD Wallpapers and HD backgrounds, cool sounds,awesomefonts, beautiful themes or a local offer!!!- Type with style! Use emoji key pop-up!. You can activatethisfeature from "Settings"! Whenever you type an emoji willpop-upfrom your keyboard!- TYPE FASTER THAN EVER!!!. Our keyboard app supportssuggestionsand auto-correction for cursive writing on textmessages.- Beautiful keyboard design.- Make your own keyboard. Create your own keyboard using ourphotobackground changer feature. Select a photo or picture fromgallery,adjust transparency and your keyboard wallpaper willchange!- Keyboard color changer. Press the color rainbow wheel onthekeyboard to change between themes. This is the bestquickkeyboard.