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Italian Crossword Puzzles - Advanced Level 7.1
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Crosswords in Italian Free, Medium-high level Italian Crosswords(Crosswords) for Android, is a puzzle game that offers theopportunity to play and have fun with the classic crosswords. TheCrosswords are available in three different sizes: The totalschemes available are 280: - 90 crosswords of 9x9 size - 70crosswords of 11x11 size - 60 crosswords of 13x13 size - 60crosswords of 15x15 size - 12 Crossword puzzles without scheme Thedefinitions of crossword puzzles are of medium / high difficulty.The solution is always available and also a button to check thecorrectness of the definitions inserted. It is also possible toenable advanced aids to show a single letter or a whole word. A PROversion of crossword puzzles is also available, with many morediagrams and without any advertising. Forward the pro version ofthe crossword puzzle game to download the new patterns that will becreated from time to time. Try also the other puzzle games we'vecreated: - Crucipuzzle - Crucyning - Mathematical Crosswords -Enigmatic changes Have fun
Wordix: Fill it ins puzzles,Criss-Cross word game 6.7
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Our Fill in crosswords (or Criss-Cross fill it ins) is a Great timekiller while being mentally stimulating ,and a great challengingword game, according the most of the comments find on the AppStore. (⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ) Addicting, easy and paperless Fill it inscrosswords puzzles (Fill it ins or Word fit puzzles), to keep youentertained for hours! 💥 Offline Word fill ins Games, no internedor WiFi needed!!💥 💥 Easy games to be played by kids and adults💥 💥Great game to train memory and learn new words💥 💥 A fun timekilling puzzle game to relax 💥 💥The Fill in puzzles (or KrissKross) are a variation of the common crossword puzzles in whichwords, rather than clues, are given. To solve the fill in puzzle,you need to fill the grid with all the listed words. 💥This freeword puzzles application, offers two different types of fill it incrosswords are available: 🚀 Standard Fill in crossword puzzles 🚀"Diagram-less" puzzle game, much harder to solve In the"Diagram-less fill in puzzles", the black boxes are not present. Tosolve to puzzle, also them should be added into the fill it incrossword grid. The main feature of this word games applicationsare: 🚀 Fillin puzzle solutions always present 🚀 With a specialbutton. it is possible to check the correctness of puzzles answers(only for diagram-less ones). 🚀 It is possible to "show a word" tohelp with hard puzzles 🚀 The word games can be solved off-line andno registration is required. 🚀 Leader-board with best scoresavailable For much more word puzzle games, like word searches,english Crosswords, fillin number puzzles, but also Cross Figurespuzzles, please check the app store. Have Fun and enjoy fillins
Word Scramble Game,addictive word games free 6.9
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🎯 A very challenging an mind blowing game! A smart way to learn newwords! A very addictive word games. ..those are some of yourfeedback about our Word Scramble games The Scrambled Words game isa very addictive word game and a smart way to spend your time, andlearn while having a lot of fun. It is inspired by the famous"Scrabble" word game. You just need to unscramble letters to makewords 💈 The scrabble puzzle games is a Vocabulary game suitable forkids and adults. The puzzles rules you need to know to solve theScramble words game are very simple: 🎯 create words from letters🎯The two letters words are not considered in the puzzle games.🎯Every letter has an assigned value (it depends on the chosenlanguage), the points are very similar to the ones used in normalscrabble game. 🎯When all the words have been found, an extra bonusis earned. 🎯Extra Bonus points are assigned when the 25%,50% and75% of all the possible words have been found. All the fun puzzlegames provided by the Scramble Master application are divided infour groups: - EASY => five letters language word games - NORMAL=> six letters word games - HARD => seven letters word games- EXPERT => eight letters language word games The Scramble wordssupports puzzle games in different languages: - English Languagefind english words games - Italian Language word games - GermanLanguage find the words games - French Language word puzzles games- Russian Language word games - Spanish Language word puzzles games- Dutch Language word games - Portuguese Language word gamesChallenge your friends to see who is the best! Can you find themost words within given time? Have fun and let us know if you likeit.