Albert Cox Apps

Snake Swiper 1.1
Albert Cox
Snake Swiper is a rainbow spectrum of colors that will remind youof the first game you ever played on a phone... Swipe to move theSnake!! How long can your Snake last? Are you a Snake Swiper?!?
Tic Toc Toe 1.0.0
Albert Cox
Time is Against You!Make Matches for more Time!Go Too Fast andGameOver!!!Match 3 for 3 Seconds!Match 4+ for 8+ Seconds!Take toLongand Timer will count to zero!Match X,O and △ to get more time!.TapAs Fast As Possible!!!Get 1000 pts and you will unlock funexcitingThemes from puppies to vegetables!!!
Asteroid Hyperspace 1.02
Albert Cox
Asteroids are coming for you as you travel throughhyperspace...some are big and slow others are small and fast. watchout forthose big fast asteroids, they're destroy you!
OddBallz Vienna 1.2
Albert Cox
Game created in 48 hrs during the Vienna Game Jam 2018
Tap Dat Dot 1.15
Albert Cox
A simple, skillful game where you tap dat dot! Tap to soon andthegame becomes harder. Tap to late and game over. Cool newdotpatterns every 10 taps. How many taps can you get?
Color Swipey 1.0.2
Albert Cox
Color Swipey: Swipe up, down, left, right through the same colorandgo to the next stage. take to long and the shapes spin fasterandgame over. So easy it's hard!