Ale7 Apps

Calc-Balistic 1.4
Converts between metric and imperial units and vice versa. Speed:m/s and ft/s. Weight: grams and grains. Energy: joules and ft/lb.Calculates the energy by feeding in speed and weight of pellets.
External ballistics calculator 2.4
Precise and easy to use ballistic calculator with fast data entryonone page and 5 configurable presets. Calculates the fall anddriftof a bullet's wind and clicks in various angles. Use formetric andimperial units. Works with G1 ballistic tables. Altitudedetectionvia GPS. Data is displayed via configurable table withthe requireditems, including also six columns with site angleclicks, from 10°to 35° with 5° steps. Graph with the possibilityto set thekill-zone. Includes a ballistic coefficient calculator(G1),entering the initial and final speed of a given space. Metricandimperial units converter and an angle converter. Also includesaclick/MoA calibration calculator.
Ballistic Chrono 2.4
ATTENTION!!! THIS APP ONLY WORKS WITH BALISTIC CHRONOGRAPHS Bt,BtWand V2 PRO. PLEASE DO NOT EVALUATE IF YOU DO NOT HAVETHESECHRONOGRAPHS!!! This app is used to connect via bluetooth totheballistic chronograph. The pairing and recognition ofthechronograph is done automatically. It displays measurementsinmetric and imperial units so: number of shots, speed,maximumspeed, minimum speed, average speed, maximum deviation,standarddeviation, force in joules and ft/lb, maximum force,minimum forceand average force. With version 2.0, data such as timeof shot,time difference from previous shot has been added. For eachshot itis also possible to record temperature, pressure and anote.Display table of the shooting session with speed, deviation,time,delta time, pellet name and weight, strength, temperature,pressureand note. Display the graph of shots together with thetemperatureor pressure graph, with the possibility of saving in thedevice injpg format or sending as an email attachment. Shootsessions can besaved in csv format and reloaded, then review tablesand graphs.Save screenshots of the main page, tables and graphs.Delete a shotfrom the list. Manage saved files. Manage lists ofweapons andpellets. In the pellets page, you can manage the listwithcommands: save, load, send, delete, add and add fromdatabase.Database of the most popular pellets to choose from forthe pelletlist. Displays the battery charge. Page with converterbetweenmetric and imperial and vice versa. From version 2.3 the'externalballistics' page has been added to calculate thetrajectory of thespinner with configurable graphs and tables. Savetables, graphsand send as email or whatsapp attachments. Forinformation onbluetooth ballistic chronographs, go to the officialwebsite