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Polybius HD 2.2
Polybius HD is an arcade game based on the famous urban legendpolybius.Some of the advanced options are disabled, you must enterthe access code to activate them. In the game you control aspaceship that goes around the screen. You have two game modes thatwill be changing with a different level. A game mode is to destroya certain number of enemy ships to weaken the main monster and theother will have to destroy some types of enemy ships to achieve thesame purpose and defeat the main monster . The number of ships thatyou must will destroy increase with each level.The game isintegrated with Google Play Games, with leaderboard andachievements to unlock.Based directly with permission on POLYBIUSTM by Sinnesloschen LLC at http://www.sinnesloschen.comThe storydescribes players suffering from amnesia, night terrors, and atendency to stop playing all video games. Around a month after itssupposed release in 1981, Polybius is said to have disappearedwithout a trace.Polybius HD course not produce any of theseeffects, even so visual and audio effects are used, these optionsare disabled by default that you must manually activate.For moreinfo about polybius legend visit
Sarcasm Meter 1.1
Tired of not understand the sarcasm?With this app you can analyzeconversations and detect sarcasm. Yes, many of us have encounteredthe situation of not knowing if the people are being sarcastic in aconversation, but if you don't entirely sure you just have to pullout your smartphone and you can record and analyze part of aconversation.You can customize your Sarcams Meter with differentcolors and you can also choose between digital and analogformat.Sarcasm Meter now comes with 25% more sarcasm for free.**Useonly under medical supervision and at your own risk.
Land of Zombies 1.1.15
The zombies have arrived, and you arethehumanity's last hope to stop them. Land of zombiesimmerses youinzombie's apocalypse, a world without second chances. Movefasterthan them, pickup medikits and ammo to survive. Unlockmorepowerful guns and more maps by killing zombies.FeaturesUnlock a weapon's arsenal.Unlock more maps killing zombies.Hd graphics.Tablet support.Achievements and leaderboard availables.
Rat Runner! 1.0.7
If you ever dreamed of being a rat running and jumping, you canmake your dreams come true. This is a simple platform game, if youwant something better you're in the wrong place. But it's free, youdon't lose anything for play it.Features*You are a rat.*You canjump and catch stuff.*Be careful with the spikes.
Nebula Wars 1.2
Become the master of the Galaxy withNebulaWars!Nebula Wars is a classic Shoot'em Up. Your objective is tosavethe universe of a powerful alien fleet.With your spaceship, you must defeat a lot of enemieswhileavoiding their attacks. Will you be skillful enough tounderstandthe strategy of your enemies?You will face an increasing number of enemies and projectiles.Asthe game progresses you can improve your spaceship to reachitshighest lethality and better defenses. By destroying enemies yougogetting rewards, with which you can improve your energyandincrease your fire rate.The application is integrated with Google Play Games, withgloballeaderboards and achievements to unlock.The future of the galaxy is now in your hands.
Avoid 'n' Roll 1.0.3
You're a ball and you must shoot and jumptoavoid different objects.How long can you survive?Use the accelerometer of your smartphone to move and tap thescreento jump to avoid the various objects moving acrossthescreen.The game is integrated with Google Play Games, withgloballeaderboards and achievements to unlock.Test yourself and show everyone what you can do!
Ultimate Arcarde Collection 1.2.1
In this bundle you will find games of all styles so you never gettired of playing. They are of different styles, arcade, casual,physical, classic ... always have a perfect game for everymoment!SpecificationsCollection of over 30 games free. We will addnew games in future updates!Unique and exclusive games and classicgames recreated.Fun games for the whole family. They are suitablefor all audiences. Kids will have fun!The application is integratedwith Google Play Games, with global leaderboards and achievementsto unlock.Some of the included games:Snake: Classic snake gameremastered. Move the snake around the screen to feed andgrow.Flying Bird: tap the screen to the bird fly and cross betweenthe pipes.Asteroid: drive your spaceship to cross the asteroidfield.Smash the mole: tap on the moles to keep them away from yourcrops.Color Rush: multicolor frenetic race.Zombie Rush: Classictop-down shooter where you have to kill zombies.Geometry Jump: makea short or long jump and reach the highest score.Monster tap: clickon the monsters to attack them and prevent them from invading thevillage.Brick Racer: avoid all other cars with this classicgame.Arkanoid: destroys all possible blocks in another classicgame.Stop the Lock: press at the right time to open thelock.Pacific Wings: take control of your plane to break through theenemy lines.Download Ultimate Arcade Collection to play these andmore games. New games available in future updates.
Line Breaker 1.0
Immerse yourself in a space travel where your goal is to break themax number of lines and go as far as you can. Touch the screen toplay, that simple. To survive the max possible time avoid the redlines and watch your speed.
Toilet Games 2.1
Play exciting games while doing some of the most common needs forhumans. Since the arrival of mobile devices bath time has become afun time and wasted time.The app is integrated with Google PlayGames, with global leaderboards and achievements tounlock.Minigames:-100 Balls - Open the lids with your tap and fillthe passing cups with a variety of balls to reach higherscores!  -Endless Runner - Jump from building to building.-3DEndless Runner - Avoid obstacles to go as far as possible andcollect diamonds to get higher score.-Flappy – Tap the screen tofly and pass through the obstacles.-Tap Bird – Tap the screen totake the correct action at the right time.-Scale – Destroy theenemies jumping in the rigth time.-Colours – Select the correctcolor which represents the text.-Tap the Bean – Tap the screen asfast as you can to scape from the enemy.-Space Fight - Battle yourway through enemies and asteroids with your spaceship.The use ofToilet Games is not exclusive within the bathroom, you can play itanywhere.
Color Rush 1.1
Tap the screen so that your ball go through obstacles by the rightside.Jump up 
go through the same pattern color as your ball oneach obstacle to cross it.
 Be careful not to pass through thewrong pattern, or you will have to start again. How far can you go?
Shadow Hero
Enter in the world of Lurk, where the dark necromancer has beenrobe the light. Tom is a farmer who lives in the Hill Mill. Youmust help him to fight against the forces of the dark necromancerto bring the light back to Lurk.Shadow hero is easy to pla...NOO ITIS SO HARD!!Stay alive and complete all the levels to fight withthe necromancer.Pick up all collectibles objects and complete thelevels to earn coins.Choose between the 4 characters after unlockthem.Try to avoid traps and monsters or simply kill them and saveyour blood and glory like a Pro player!Features20 levels and morecoming.Dark HD graphics.Addictive platform game.Be careful with theskeletons, those things run so much.What are you waitingfor?Download Shadow Hero for free.
Monster RPG Clicker 1.1
Monster RPG Clicker is the best action adventure game with endlessmaps. Embark on your quest and start an endless fantasyadventure.Just tap to attack, tap to use skills and tap to buyupgrades. Kill monsters to gain coins and Health points to unlocknew weapons and improve your spells. Unlock all maps to get morerevenue and defeat the main boss. The app is integrated with GooglePlay Games with achievements to unlock. Simple and addictive RPGClicker.
Monster Rush VR: Cardboard 1.0.3
Alegre Studios
Enter in a virtual world where you have to face endless waves ofmonsters.Monster Rush is a Virtual Reality game that puts you inthe role of our hero whose goal is to defeat hordes ofmonsters.Before you buy the application you can try the demoversion is fully compatible and functional with magnetic buttonof the cardboard versions, also is compatible with Bluetoothgamepads or joysticks and you don't need to setting any parametersalso can use the touch screen.The application is compatiple for alltypes of viewers based Virtual Reality cardboard as View Master,Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, Duvoris and any headset.To run theapplication properly a device with gyroscope is required.Turns yourhead to look around and aim the monsters, use the magnetic buttonor gamepad to shoot and tilt your head left or right to access thepause menu.This version includes 7 different levels and 7 types ofmonsters and also some bonus to enhance your attack capabilities.Toimprove the graphic quality and eliminate jagged edges go to themenu and click on the Antialiasing button. We recommend using a 2xor 4x antialiasing on mid-range devices and 4x or 8x on morepowerful devices.Tips:It is recommended to use headphones whileplaying to improve immersion.Activate Airplane Mode on your deviceto prolong battery life.If you have any problems with the imagewhen you insert your smartphone in your cardboard you can generatea unique QR code for your cardboard and you can use your smartphoneto configure the viewer with the cardboard app. Link can alsoget credit in the Play Store responding to surveys for Google andso buy apps like this in the store. Here you have the application want to play Android games that require or allow use aBluetooth gamepad or joystick and you have a PlayStation controlleryou can set it to play in Android with the Sixaxis application.Link
Gravity Rampage 2.4
Can you feel the gravity? Avoid all the obstacles to complete eachlevel.Your only goal is to reach the end line. Tap the screen tochange your position or swipe to avoid the obstacles.Simplegraphics and easy to understand game make this a challenge forplayers of all ages.See how far you can go in this difficult butnot impossible game. 36 awesome levels in 3 phases.There are moreupdates on the way, which will be available soon.The application isintegrated with Google Play Games, with achievements to unlock.
Trivia Party 1.1
Enjoy challenging your friends and any player with this awesometrivia game.You will answer current and classic questions dividedinto six different categories and with different game modes.Playonline against random opponents or challenge your friends withinvitations, play a quick game in which you'll answer 10 randomquestions to get the highest score and be the leader of the worldranking. Try the Trivia Race where you have to move your caranswering questions to win the race against a friend or randomopponent. Try Hardcore mode to reach the maximum score. Testyourself with your friends with party mode, where you can play upto 8 people on the same smartphone or tablet.You have more than2000 questions divided into 6 categories, sports, entertainment,geography, history, art and literature and science.The applicationhas two languages, English and Spanish, although new questions andlanguages ​​will be added in future updates.You can change thecolor of the interface as well as the background of the applicationamong various available combinations to increase your gamingexperience.Follow your progress in the stats section where you willfind the achievements, answered questions and won matches.Features-More than 2000 questions available in each language.- 2 languages​​available: English and Spanish.- 4 game modes - Quickplay. -Hardcore mode. - Online match with friends or random players. -Party mode with up to 8 players.- Google Play Services Achievementsand Leaderboards.- Customizable interface.- Statistics section tofollow your progress.- Possibility to share your score with yourfriends.- New questions and languages ​​in upcoming updates.-Totally free.The application comes with Google Play Services andhas achievements that you can unlock in addition to globalleaderboards where you will compete with the rest of the playersfor the first place.