Alejandro Avella Apps

Facts 2: Nghi edition 1.0
This is an app about facts. Click thebuttonsto learn facts about different topics.
Captain Palumbo's Whatte Blast 1.0
Hello Fellow Ironic friends. This hereisWhatte and right here is the award winning game. Whatte Blast.Themost ironic game yet! I really suggests you buy this game asit'sreally good. It's full of fictional characters and action. It'sthebest game of the century but that's just me.-Ha Whatte
Woowalga 1.0
Woowalga is a game that is hard tocontrolbecause of the bullet aiming system. But it is easy to beat.I gotthe inspiration from Galaga and what a great game it is. Iwantthis game because I wanted to make something difficultbuteasy.
Basketball Shootout 1.0
Challenge your friends to see who can makethemost baskets.
Xeno Beta 1.0 2.0
Our app is an app that will take you to moreapps. For example there are games like, Draw JB, Smash Carlos, andthe Pinball game.
Instasnap 1.0
This is an app to take pictures and videos!Itis used to save memories with friends & family. Has goodcameraquality. Its cool. You should get it. ENJOY!!!!
Pigs 1.0
To play this game, you need to control thepigand get it to the other side without touching any laser. Itgetshard every level you succeed. Pretty hard right? So play mygameand have fun.
Facts 1
My app is about facts...and well, you cantellI'm not done with mine yet. It was A LOT of work, to be honest.Thefirst topic I chose was about flowers. I only made about 4facts,though. I was trying to make an app about facts for, youknow,ANYTHING! But I only got to one topic, sorry. My facts willatleast tell you about some facts about flowers you might havenotknown! THE END!
Talk to me stop shaking me 1.0
Just playing around with the MITAppInventor