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Football Quiz Star 1.5
Become a Quiz Star and guess the difficult football questions!Guess the football issues and become the Quizstar. You have to eachquestion 4 possible answers. If you recognize the correct answer,then you get points if it was the wrong answer, be sure to checkpoints will be deducted! Check your football knowledge in manyquestions and play the football quiz!
Magnetic GPS Compass 1.3
Magnetic Compass has many features and designs to choose, but mostimportantly, the various digital features, such as magnetic field,GPS and location sensors. In the upper part of the app you will seethe Magnetic X, Y, Z and the magnetic field intensity calculatedfrom the upper right in μT (Micro Tesla). The free compass sets theright position and displays the compass data digitally from thelocation sensor. In the dark you can turn the LED flashlight on andoff for fast and bright light. You can save 3 GPS position andreturn to the stored positions by activating your GPS sensor inyour mobile phone or tablet. The high-precision compass is a simplehelper when traveling, camping, picnic, hiking, outdoor activitiesand boating. You can make your compass app free for your favoritecolors and designs.
Dual Laser Light Saber 1.3
Double laser beams in your cosmic light saber with matching lightsword sound and simulation. Your led camera light turns on when youstart your light sword by clicking the buttons or shaking yourphone. In the settings, you can assemble two lasers, light sabers,buttons, stars and background color at your convenience, as well aschange other functions. If you shake your device, then your duallaser saber and led flashlight will turn on with star fighter soundeffects. Activate your dual laser saber against the dark power inthe cosmos.
Football Supporter Bayern Fan 1.2
Support every football game with cool football and Bayern fanvoices. Tap a speaker to play a fan voice now and start the colorchange of your own stadium by tapping the Color button. Celebrateevery football game with the Soundboard Fan App, whether in theliving room or in a stadium!- many football voices- many BayernMunich voices- Vuvuzuela Sound- Football Stadium color change
Basketball Quiz Star 1.1
Become Quiz Star and guess the difficult basketball questions! Youhave to each question 4 possible answers. If you recognize thecorrect answer, then you get points and you come to the nextquestion. If you type the wrong answer, be sure to check yourpoints will be deducted! Test your knowledge in basketball and playthe difficult Basketball Quiz! Guess all basketball questions andbecome the Quizstar!
Lazer Pointer LED Flashlight 1.3
Very fast and bright LED light you get with Lazer Pointer, as wellas laser entertainment on your smartphone and tablet. Create yourlaser pointer in your menu according to your favorite colors anddesign. Easy to use with lots of LED, blinkers and laser extrasthat you can choose free. The Lazer pointer is for entertainmentand is simulated in your display, only your LED lamp turns on.Perfect in the dark, fast light with colorful laser pointersimulation. You can use the Lazer pointer as a flashlight and as analarm flasher by turning your LED flashes. Free pointers, lots oflasers and more to choose in the Lazer Pointer app.
Laser Blade Light Sword 1.4
You can design your galactic light sword, laser, blade, button,background, hilt and light according to your favorite colors.Actionable laser sounds, realistic vibration, laser simulation andyour LED light turn on when you swing your laser sword or press thebuttons against the dark power in the Galaxy. Scroll down to openthe settings! All sabers, blades, colors and designs are freeavailable to build your cosmic light sword.
LED Pokeball Flashlight 1.2
Press the pokeball to turn on or off the LED flashlight. Make yourtorch in nice pokeball Design and choose different backgroundcolors or images. Many on and off buttons you can choose to turnoff and on the light. You can use the background as big ball ordisplay only the small ball when you disable the poke ball buttonin the menu. An appropriate tone and vibration when operating thetorch are available and many other settings of the LED and thepokeball you can choose if you scroll down and click on the Menubutton.- Long-lasting flashlights selectable with Blitzer light-Nice pocket ball styles and colors are available- Many colorcombinations can be selected- Sound and vibration of flashlightsbuttons activated- Move quickly your phone to turn your light on oroff- Create the LED poke ball to your favorite colors
Laser Beam Pointer 1.2
You can select multiple fantasy laser pointers and light beams andenable or disable galactic background, spaced sounds and realisticvibrations. If you switch the laser pointer by button or shakefunction, your fantasy laser pointer is simulated in the displayand your LED camera light switches on. Many laser beams, pointersand galactic light simulations on your mobile phone or tablet withlight beam as free laser pointer app. You can make many settings onthe design of your fantasy laser pointer and of the LED lightfunctions.
Fast Flashlight 1.2
Fast Flashlight is a powerful and fast for your smartphone andtablet. Shape the Flashlight to your favorite colors and designs.Start the Fast Flashlight already when the app opens by setting thefunction button to ON in the settings. If you no longer want thefunction, press the button to the OFF position in order to bringthe Flashlight back even to light by a simple press the button Onand Off.- super fast and light in the darkness- light already ONwhen the app launch (function must be activated to ON first) - manydifferent background colors- colored ON and OFF buttons- coolFlashlight Designs- many light colors of the torch
Spirit Bubble Leveler 1.2
The bubble leveler can be designed in your favorite designs andcolors, as well as many other features. Hold your phone against anobject, for example a picture to see if it is straight. Easy, fastto use and a useful water scale to loosen furniture, pictures andfurther objects. The bubble leveler shows the X and Y values​​exactly or you calibrate your own XY values, which you can resetat any time. When the bladder hits the center of the spirit scale,the color of the bubble colors with a suitable sound effect, whichyou can deactivate in the settings at any time. You can alsodisplay only the X axis or only the Y axis or both values, as wellas many other features in the spirit level app. Various backgroundimages or colors, text colors, spirit and bubble colors areavailable for free. Build your precise spirit balance according toyour taste so that everything stands straight, hangs and lies on.The app does not replace the classic robust water bubble scale fromthe hardware stores or carpenters, but it is definitely a usefullevel tool for home, hobby and construction sites!
Twin Laser Sword 1.0
Two laser beams in the Twin Laser Sword with matching lightswordsound effects and laser simulation. In the settings, you canchangetwo laser colors, light bulbs, buttons, stars andbackgroundcolors, as well as change other functions. Fight with adoublelaser sword like a strong Jedi Knight of the Galactic Stars!In thedisplay simulates a double laser swarming and your LED lampturnson when you click on the buttons or shake your device. TheLEDlight is very bright or flashing, depending on which buttonyoupress to turn on the double laser level, the flashlight ortheflasher. Double Sword Fight like a strong Jedi Knight and ausefultool against the dark. The twin sword does not containanyadvertising and is updated regularly.
Big Laser Pointer Flashlight 1.0
The big laser pointer is simulated in your display and yourLEDcamera flashlight flashes or lights up when you want. You canhavedozens of colored laserpointer, laser beams, turn signals,buttons,backgrounds and you can add or remove many additional LEDsettings.When you shake your smartphone or tablet, your laser lightturns onand off. You can use the laser pointer as a widget byactivatingthe start light function, then just click on the app iconand yourLED light and laser pointer will light up. You can enableordisable matching sounds to the laser pointer. Design yourowncolored laserpointer and adjust the flashlight settingsaccordingto your needs. The large laser pointer contains noadvertising andhas the most used settings of the laserpointer!
Magnetic field detector Compass Flashlight 1.0
The LED magnetic field detector compass has many featuresanddesigns to choose, but the best are the various digitalfeatures,such as magnetic field detector, GPS navigation, LED lightandlocation sensor. In the upper part of the precise compass app,themagnetic field strength is displayed in μT (Micro Tesla). TheAllin One compass shows you the correct position and theexactdigitally compass data to the location sensor. In the dark,you cansimply turn your LED flashlight on and off for fast brightlight bythe LED camera light function. You can save GPS positionsof yourfavorite places and let you navigate back to the storedpositionsif you had previously activated your GPS Location Sensor.The highprecision magnetic field detector and compass is a simplehelperfor orientation when traveling, camping, picnic, hiking,outdooractivities and boating.
Laser Sword Flasher 1.0
The Light Sword Flashlight has many different settings anddesignsto choose from. In your display, your laser sword issimulated withmatching laser sounds and your LED light is lit. Whenyou shakeyour phone, a laser shines out of your light and the LEDlightturns on. The Shake function, as well as sound, vibration,design,buttons, colors and many other options you can choose tobuild yourown laser light sword. Be a real Jedi Knight withappropriate lightsword sounds and laser simulation for yourentertainment. Fightwith your light sword for fun or use theflashlight in the dark.Play with the colored lights, like a Jediknight and light theflashlight against the darkness of theuniverse. Many color laser,swords, stars, buttons and lights tomake in the laser booth app.Use the laser app as a flashlightwidget with start light functionat app startup. Actionable lasersounds, realistic vibration, lasersimulation and your LED lightturn on when you swing your lasersword or press the buttons againstthe dark power of the Galaxy.Scroll down to open the settings!There you have all the colors anddesigns to build your light sword.The galactic laser app does notcontain any advertising and isconstantly expanded.