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Попробуйте выстрелить мячом из-заограждений!____________________________________________ Какиграть?Коснитесь экрана в нужный момент, чтобы выстрелил мяч, мячбудет лететь в направлении, указанном стрелкой, цель - выброситьмяч из-заограждения.____________________________________________Try to shootthe ball because of thefences!____________________________________________ How toplay?Touch the screen at the right moment to shoot theball, the ball will fly in the direction of thearrow, goal - to throw the ball over thefence.____________________________________________
Open the Lock 3.20
Check your reaction opening locks! At first glance this game isvery simple, but it is not! You need to consistently touch thescreen to open the lock and go to the next level. But don't makemistakes or have to start again!The difficulty lies in the factthat the more You open the locks, the harder to play, as theopening rate of lock increases and increases the number of moves tobreak the lock.Test your reaction opening locks in the game!Startto open, to crack, to open locks! It's completely free and withoutads! Good luck in the game Unlock it! *The game is translated intoseveral languages, including Russian, Ukrainian and Englishlanguages. Selection of the UI language selected when starting thegame.HOW TO PLAY? To crack the code and open the lock You need totap the screen at the moment when the red bar is in the yellowsquare. Each subsequent cipher lock is complicated and has one movemore.