Aleksey Taranov Apps

Draw and Coloring 1.0
Draw and save your pictures.Select pen and background colors.Open images and color them.
Lines 1.9
Free remake of the game Lines. Remove color lines of balls. Makelines of 5 and more. The longer line - the higher score. Selectmode with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 balls.
Gold Man 1.04
Help the brave treasure raider. Collect a gold and make a money.You have to collect all items in order to make pass free. When thelast item is picked the door will be opened. Caves are guarded bycruel monsters. They are not smart enough to follow you. But whenmonster catches you - you lose a life. To drop bombs, press a shootbutton. Some bonuses can help you: Fast Shoes - gives you doublespeed. Watch - time control (all monsters will stop).
Spider Solitaire 1.03
Play the Spider Solitaire. Move cards to the fields. Place themfrom an Ace to the King.
Words 1.0
Create words and get scores. Play the game with your friends. Longwords give higher scores.
Pool 1.03
Free pool (billiard) game. Try to put all balls into the holes. Foreach ball you will get a score. Set your new time record.
Unblock 1.0
Unblock the green block. Move blocks to complete the task. Solvethe puzzles to pass all levels.
Break Bricks 1.0
Try to break all bricks to enter the next level. Some bricks havebonus, that could help you.
Guns Defense 1.0
Defend the base from the enemy intruders. Place the guns anddestroy enemy units. Upgrade your guns to resist the onslaught.
Snake 1.02
Help little snake to survive. Collect eatable items and passothers. Don't touch borders and its body.
Blocks 1.0
Put blocks to fill all empty cells. You can move them with afinger. You can't put them on each other.
Checkers 1.4
Play checkers (draughts) against the computer. Try to be smart anddo all your best and take the victory!
Fifteen 1.0
Play classic Fifteen puzzle. Place the numbers in order. Or makethe image from pieces.
Total Defence 1.01
Defend areas against enemy missiles and bombs. Your gun has twokinds of arms: - usual shells (for missiles and bombs) - guidedmissiles (for bombers) To launch guided missiles - touch a bomber.
Word Search 1.0
Search the words on the field. Words are placed in threedirections: horizontally, vertically, diagonally.
Archery 1.1
Shoot a bow at a target, ballons or strawman. Aim precisely and getmore scores.
Magic Defense 1.0
Defend the castle from the dark forces. Use your magic skill andpowers to kill them. Upgrade your weapon and powers to succeed.
Space Runner 1.0
Control a spaceman, collect items and avoid enemies. Climb up anddown using ladders and hang on ropes. When all items are collected- a teleport will appear. Use Shoot button to create peats and trapmonsters.
Pyramid 1.0
Control the archeologist. Collect all artefacts. Avoid a pyramidguard.
Panda Runner 1.01
Help Panda to get its child back. Collect coins and crystals to getthe money. Buy items to get upgrades. Jump - Touch High Jump(during jump) - Touch
Car Racing 1.0
Drive your car to win the race. 20 unique tracks are waiting foryou. Become the fastest driver ever.
Impossible Fly 1.0
Prepare for the impossible flight. Control your new spaceship. Moveyour ship to keep flying.
Deep Quest 1.0
Control the underground ship.Collect all items and exit the level.Avoid a lava flows.
Smash Crash 1.0
Fly forward as far as you can. Remember - shots are limited. Shootthe objects to get more shots.
Birds Defenders 1.1
Destroy all cages and free the birds. Stick the dynamite on woodenblocks. Get a higher score for the speed.
Candy Match 3 Remove 1.01
Enjoy a new Candy Match 3 game.Explore different locations and collect candies.Buy bonus items to complete your journey.- match 3 and more same items to collect them.- smash all colored tiles to complete the level.- buy bonuses to speed up the game.- bonuses can be upgraded 2 times.- for every 100.000 points you will get an extra life.
Smart Cook 1.0
Control the cook. Collect all dishes. Avoid other cooks.
Magic Adventure 1.02
Help the Prince to defeat the Dark Wizard. Explore differentlocations and collect gems. Buy magic items to complete yourmission.
Jet Runner 1.0
Explore unknown areas.Collect items and buy upgrades.Destroy automatic guns.
Impossible Run 1.0
Run as far as you can. Avoid the obstacles. Jump or swipeleft/right.
Mines Remover 1.0
Try to find all mines on the field. Use cells with numbers for thehelp. Cell's digit shows the number of mines. 1.2
Move and catch cells to grow bigger. Touch a button to throw acells. The bigger cells are slower. You can play this game offline.
Ragdoll Fight 1.0
Become a martial arts fighter. Play a random fight or tournament.Watch a ragdolls fighting. Fight Shaolin vs Ninja. Fight Karate vsWushu. Fight Taekwondo vs Capoeira. The world of Martial Arts iswaiting for you!
Boxing 1.2
Real boxing fight. Become a pro boxer. Play a random fight. Play achampionship. Watch a computer boxing.
Bubble Shooter 1.3
Control the gun and shoot the bubbles. Bubbles can stick to the topborder or other bubbles. If bubble hits side borders - it willchange direction. If you attach 3 and more same bubbles - they willdisappear. Bubbles shift down after certain period of time. Whenthey reach your gun - you will loose a life.
Ninja 1.1
Help the ninja to explore the area. Cling to the walls with a hookCollect coins and avoid traps.
Chess 1.4
Play Chess against the computer. Try to be smart and think better.Do all your best and take the victory!
Boulder Crash 1.1
Collect the diamonds and avoid the monsters. You have to collectall the diamonds to exit the level. Stones and diamonds can dropand kill you and monsters.
Labyrinth 1.02
Find the exit from a labyrinth. Control the ball with theaccelerometer. Get higher score for the less time.
Dream 1.0
Help the boy to wake up. Explore his mystery dream. Solve puzzlesand avoid traps. Limbo is waiting for you ...
Jigsaw Puzzles 3 1.5
Jigsaw puzzles for kids and adutls. Play a classic jigsaw puzzlesgame. Combine puzzle pieces into one picture. Categories: animals,birds, flowers, food, mountains, paintings, trees, waterfalls.Jigsaw puzzles is free and works without internet.
Cut the Slice 1.0
Cut and slice wooden blocks and remove chains. Cut blocks with afinger. Help the tomato to grow ripe.
Sea Battle 1.01
Play a sea battle against the computer. Touch the cells to explodeenemy ships. Be smart and take the victory!
Mummy Jump 1.01
Help the mummy to escape. Jump higher and higher. Collect the itemsand powerups. Avoid evil creatures.
Hidden Objects - Power Of Love 1.1
Play a hidden objects game. Help Mary to find her husband. Exploredifferent locations, talk to people. Search hidden items and solvethe puzzles.
Maze 1.01
Find the exit from a maze. Control the ball with a touch. Gethigher score for the less time.
Klondike Solitaire 1.02
Play the Klondike Solitaire. Move cards to the four right fields.Place them from an Ace to the King.
Cyborg Defense 1.0
Defend the base from the cyborgs. Use a laser gun and powers tokill them. Upgrade your weapons and powers.
Xonix 1.0
Help the Xoni to survive in its dangerous world. Catch thecreatures in traps limiting their movement. Free up minimum 75% ofthe area to pass the level You will lose a life if: - Xoniencounters with other creatures - AntiXoni cross Xoni's trail -time is out Bonus "S" - gives you double speed. Bonus "Clock" -stops all creatures. Other bonuses give you additional scores.After every 5000 scores Xoni gets additional life.
Talking Bear 1.0
Play with a Talking Bear.Talk to him and he will answer.Touch buttons to start animations.