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Coffee PSA
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The particle size of coffee grounds greatly affects the flavorofbrewed coffee. Coffee PSA will help you optimize coffee tastebyproviding coffee particle size analysis at your fingertipsonlyusing your mobile phone. Coffee PSA is not ment toreplace"full-sized" particle analysers but to provide reasonablyaccurate*measurements the go. Coffee PSA is built to be easy touse, but aswith anything coffee related preparations are important.Pleasefollow the instructions in the app, there are only a fewsteps youneed to take to ensure successful measurements. Coffee PSAwillguide you through the entire process by giving youcontinuousfeedback, both detailed error messages and suggestions.OtherApplications in the Coffee Tools Series: EspressoLog*Reasonablyaccurate measurements with this mobile approach is acombination ofthree things, hardware, sample preparation andsample size. Pleasesee the help content in the App for moreinformation.
Espresso Log
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Espresso Log will track and organize your shots, coffeebeans,grinders and recipes. By utilizing beautiful,informativepresentation of your data Espresso Log will help youanalyse andimprove your skills as a barista. There are several waysyou canuse Espresso Log: Without any equipment... Add dose, yieldby hand,start and stop the timer manually, make notes, use theradar chartto save your impressions of how the shot tasted. Adigital notebookfor your recipes. With a Bluetooth Scale... Now thefun begins, theautomatic shot logger will take care of most of thework for you.It adds dose, saves yield starts and stops the timer.Technicallyyou could leave your phone in your pocket and look attheextractions after hand. With a Bluetooth Scale and aBluetoothTransducer... If you really like to know what's going onduringyour extractions, really like to measure stuff or just liketo lookat cool charts with live data from the sensors. With aBluetoothScale, a Bluetooth Transducer and a Refractometer... Nowyou haveturned your machine into a laboratory... There are tonsmorefeatures and smart functions in the app to assist you onyourespresso journey, extensive help is available in the app foreveryfeature. Currently supported devices (including scalesandtransducers): Acaia Lunar Felicta Arc TE Connectivity M5600ElitechPGW-500 Other Applications in the Coffee Tools Series:EspressovLog