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5 Star Commander - FPS Shooter 1.0
Alex Irimia
5 Star Commander is a fps shooting game ofanlone army sniper 3d commandowho is assigned impossible mission in warfare times for warshootthe enemies to eliminate enemies deadly commando force andshootevery thread to the nation.Our military has send 5 most deadly commando agent to crossthemountain of war shoot areas and try to engage enemies atenemyheadquarter .our team was consist of 5 commando one having bazooka ,helidestroyer , machine gun operator , and 3d modern sniper shooter.You are lone sniper shooter for sniper shooting and assignedthemission to shoot all enemies officers in their military campssothat we got an upper hand in sniper shooting 3d got duty army sniper to fight against best sniper shootinglikeAmerican sniper 3d.You are alone in this bloody war. You are the only shooter leftandit’s a suicide mission.Being the front line commando and the only survivor fromyourplatoon, you have to eliminate the enemies.You are the one of special force commando and must useyourspecialized skills to survive in an offensive attackofterrorists.A great 3d game with stunning graphics and accurate controls.Complete the deadly combat missions by killing the brutal waveofenemies ready to attack you with different range of weaponsKilling deaths commando is an FPS game where you can:Witness superbly rendered 3d environmentsUse deadly weapons against the enemies, a mini-gun and apowerfulrocket launcher are at your disposaFeatures :Best Shooting GameAmazing 3D GraphicsUnlimited exciting missionsFree unlimited WeaponsMultiple wave of fierce enemiesGrenade AttackMissile attackA great FPS gameBeautiful city environmentAddictive game playFree to downloadSmooth controlComplex situation, hijacked buildings, captured arenas andcrossfiringShort & long shooter riflesDifferent auto loader GunsDownload the BEST First Person Shooter game!