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True Record Who Called Me 1.6
Alex Norman
You want to record phone calls or conversations they had withtheirfriends and family ? record whos calling you , outgoingorincoming? with this app " Record Who Called Me " you’ll be abletodo record any conversations phone.This app record any call isoneof the best and most popular app in Google Play store. If youdonot have the feature of recording calls and conversations onyourphone,Features of this App : • Recorder voice call by thisfreeapp!• Search call by name or phone number with freeconversationrecorder• Record caller id et dialer• High qualityphone callrecords.• Records any sort of conversation during callsforAndroid.• Secret call recording truecaller ID • Search phonecallrecords either by name or phone number.• Check your historycallercheck and old recordings.• Truecaller recorder online.•Callrecorder for jio 4g voice.• Two-way phone call recorder.•TrueRecord conversations for free.• Records phone calls bothincomingand outgoing.• Phone call recorder free, jio4gvoice callrecorder•Records even phone calls in Whatsapp.• Automatic methodeforrecording.• Compatible with all Android phones.• Trucallercallerid et dialer• Who is calling me from this number• You canuploadthem to your cloud стораже truecolor .• Check all of yourphonecall records in the app itself.• Ignore recordings forspecificcontacts or phone numbers.• Recommends 8kHz for callrecording bothsides.• Trucaller apps can recording your calls inMp3, WAV, Mp4 or3GPP formats or encodings.Tue caller recorderCompatible with: -Galaxy S8, S7, S9, S9 plus- Huawei P10, P10 Plus,P10 Lite, P9, P9Plus- Huawei p20- HTC One M9, M8, A9, E9, E8- MotoZ2, Z,Truecolor- Moto G5S, G5, G4 Play (not G4), G3 Turbo Edition,G3-Moto E4, E3- Moto M- Xiaomi- Oppo- ZTE- Truecar- Moto X Play,X4-LGE V30, V20, V10- LGE G6, G5, G4, G3- OnePlus 5, 5T, 3T, 3,2,1Share " Record Who Called Me " with your friends by QQ,WeChat,SMS, Twitter and EmailFor any questions please contact us...© 2018Record Record Who Called Me Rights Reserved
Download photo & video for instagram - FastSaver 1.0
Alex Norman
FastSaver App is for all Instagram Users to easysave/downloadimages and videos by using Quick Save application.easysave ImageDownloading and Video downloading using insta downloadapp.GreatQuick insagram repost Downloader with intsagram saver.Nowyou canquickly view Instegram photos and videos offline bydownloadingthem using FastSaver for Instagram app. After saving youcan evenrepost them. It is very easy and fast to use for downloadVideosand Save HD Photos.Download Instagram photo Videos fromouristergaram followersDownloader app.It was very Helpful tomakecollection with our instgram Photo Downloader and InstagramVideodownloader.It is the fastest Instasave photo downloader&inistasave video downloader. You can download/save the imagesanddownload/save the video from Instagram in just a one click inFastSaver.You also can share your downloaded photos or videostointsagram from Quick Saver.insta savr app have a builditfunctionality to save your favorite images, picture or videosandyou can also share directly on insagram ( instasaver forinstagram)You can also share downloaded photos or videos to anysocialapps.The InstaSave for Instagram so keep downloading/Savingimagesand videos that you love on instagetter for instagram.Fasterphotosand videos downloading from Instagram.Very easy to useandbeautiful material design used on app.Features :✔ Easydownloaderphotos and videos from your instagram followers.✔ Viewquick savedstories in a bar at top of main screen.✔ vidoe saver,picture save,instance gram, intagram photo downloader 2018✔ Fastdownloadspeed.✔ FastSaver 2018✔ instasaver for instagram✔ storyreposterand instastory save✔ store saver, story saver, storydownload,story save.✔ Beautiful Dashboard to manage quicksavephotos andvideos.✔ Amazing photo views with Slideshows.✔ Repost,Share,Delete photos and videos from insta grab App.✔ Story SaverforInstagram✔ Hide your saved photos and videos Instant save tosecretlocker.✔ Batch insyasave photos and videos in your phoneoffline.✔Fast Save Photos and Videos from Instagram to yourGallery✔ isaveeasely from instagram.What makes InstaSaver betterthan the othersimilar apps :- You can view the downloaded media inyour phonegallery easely ( InstantSave ).- You can go to Saver inone clickand go back to intagram in just one click.- Can repostphotos andvideos downloaded in your instagram account.- Downloadingcan beprocessed in background.- The first app to give you theability tocopy the posts description.- The first app to give youthepossibility to copy only hashtags from posts description orcopydescription without hashtags.Steps to use:- Turn ON FastSaverappand Open Instagram.- Do “Copy Share Url” of Photos andvideos.-Photos or videos will start downloading automatically,progressshown in notification.NOTE:- FastSaver is not affiliatedwithInstagram Official app.- Any of the unauthorized action orrepostof photos or videos and/or Intellectual property rights isthe soleresponsibility of the user. FastSaver Compatible with : -GalaxyS8, S7, S9, S9 plus- Huawei P10, P10 Plus, P10 Lite, P9, P9Plus-Huawei p20- HTC One M9, M8, A9, E9, E8- Moto Z2, Z, Truecolor-MotoG5S, G5, G4 Play (not G4), G3 Turbo Edition, G3- Moto E4, E3-MotoM- Xiaomi- Oppo- ZTE- Truecar- Moto X Play, X4- LGE V30, V20,V10-LGE G6, G5, G4, G3- OnePlus 5, 5T, 3T, 3, 2, 1Share "Downloadphoto and video for instagram - FastSaver " with yourfriends byQQ, WeChat, SMS, Twitter and linkerdin EmailFor anyquestionsplease contact us... Download photo and video forinstagram 2018
Power Battery Saver Pro 2019 2.1
Alex Norman
Your battery is running out of energy fastly ? Want to havebetterbattery performance? Power Battery Saver Pro helps you toincreasebattery life and have better battery performance.Save andboostBattery life with Power Battery Saver Pro App. Its the bestway toincrease and extend Device Battery life. This app just notsavepower but its comes with different features like Power modes,TaskKiller, Battery optimization, Device battery info and detaillikeTemperature C°, Voltage of battery, and fast chargermode.PowerBattery Saver Pro is free battery charging applicationthat help tokill all the background processes just with one click.PowerBattery Saver Pro charge smartphones very fast and in fewminutesthan before, Fast battery charger reduce your charging timeup to50% ,your mobile phone charged fully just in 30-50 minutes.PowerBattery Saver Pro not only improves charging time but alsoextendsyour battery time.Power Battery Saver Pro helps you closeallservices consuming battery on one screen. get the topbatterycalibration Monitor all apps that drain power while not inuse andremind user about high consumption apps. Indicates how muchbatterypower will be extended if you use 1-tap saving. Monitorallrunning-apps' power consumption and list you the detail toappmanager, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of batterylifeand usage.✓ We guarantee that you will get at least 50% moreofbattery life with our app.✓ Inside the Battery details sectionofour optimize battery app you will be able to find many detailsandinformation about you battery life, You will be able to seethepercentage of battery energy as well as Temperature inC°,percentage, voltage and level.✓ With Power Battery Saver Pro,youcan easily activate or deactivate WiFi network,Bluetooth,Brightness, Rotation, Sound and Timeout. that thosesettings stealyour battery energy.✓ Once you activate fast chargermode you don’thave to touch it again, because it runs in backgroundandautomatically. We will save your battery without opening ourapp.✓Automatically turn off wifi, 3G , Automatically turn offBluetooth✓Nice and User-friendly UI. ✓ Automatically activates fastchargingmode.Features :- Protect battery draining apps- ultra fastchargerwith magic system- Stop apps that you never use- Ignoreimportantor useful apps- Fix my battery , safe battery doctor app-Clean,easy to use user interface- Battery calibration and saversave lifepro ( economía batería )- Battery Guru kills apps evenwhen screenis off- extend batery life by battery fixer and batterychecker-Battery Guru remembers all your choices, and continues tooperatequietly in the background.- Rapid charging, speed chargerand boostcharge- Power toggles (Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.)battery helperto extend life of battery- Power hunger and worksavers- AutomaticWi-Fi toggling- battery helper and premium saver-AutomaticBluetooth timeout- Fix battery , check battery- Batterylevelindicator- Smart saver , battery repair- Battery Guru allowsyou toopen and use subdued apps - Power hunger and conserveenergie- keepyour battery master as new - Battery Guru tells youwhen yourbattery is overheating- build battery cpu doctor pro-battery lifedoctor gopro- Absolutely FREE.- Support devices:Samsung galaxy,Sony, Lenovo, Oppo, LG, Huawei, Xaomi, Galaxy S6Edge, XperiaZ5,Note 5, Galaxy s8 plus, Galaxy S9 .....How to usePower BatterySaver Pro :app is very easy to use and there is nocomplex process.Just download and install it from Play Store forFree on yourandroid Smartphone or tablet. Tap the optimize buttonand we willtake care of the rest.Once you install our app you willbenefitfrom our fast and smart charging feature that will help yourphoneto be charged super fast. You will see a big differencebetweencharging your phone with and without Power Battery SaverPro.Enjoyit for Free!
Impossible Switch Color Original - keep Rising 1.1
Alex Norman
Impossible Switch Color Switch is one of the addictive gameinandroid store, The play mode is by tapping the ballcarefullythrough each obstacle and your ball will switch it colorevery timeyou move on. You must follow the color pattern when itswitch oneach obstacle to move on. Be careful not to pass throughthe wrongcoller switch.color switch 3 follow color pattern to crossmulticolored obstacle in this high paced action game. ! switchgameTwist is a challenging action game that is fun for all ages.Taptheball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switchitcolor ( color switchers ).The objective of color switch 2 isquitesimple, you need to get the ball from one end to the otherbetweenflappy color.there are many different types of obstaclesthat theball needs to pass through. All these obstacles in thecolor wayare color coded, which means that the ball can only passthroughthe part of the obstacle where the color of the ball matchestheColor of the obstacle.Flappy Mode: Fly horizontally on tappingtostay up ( balloon ninja )Bounce Mode: Tap to rotate the cubetobounce on the correct color swith you can alsocollectstars on each level for scorecolor swith is a fun andchallengingcolor puzzle game. It is one of those games where youcontinue toplay for hours until you beat all the level.This RiseUp! the mostchallenging and funiest game in 2018keepe your ballonesafe whileit's rising up! balloon rise and luftballonThe mostchallenging andfun game of 2018 is riceup! Protect your balloonwith your shieldwhile it's rise uo! Beware of the obstacles.Socialplay isavailable in Balloon Protect. Easily share your scores toyourfriends and family by clicking the "share" button, The glorywillgo to those who have the highest hit balloon score luftballonHowto play is very easy use your chield to clear your way toreachballoon rise higher let the ballone Rise Up high andhighriseriseup game 2018color games 2018