Alex Snida Apps

Aftersound 1.04
Alex Snida
Aftersound is game, in which all action takes place through sound.Scream, shout for help and listen carefully. Even the slightes echosomewhere away can help you to survive in a dark forest inhabitedby horrible monsters. In this game you do not need to build farms,gain experience and kill enemies. Just listen to the sounds andmeet the forest horror face to face. Can you overcome your fear?Let your ears guide you! Requirements: Headphones. Follow us on Like us at
Cube hop-jump 1.9
Alex Snida
Simple game about the small jumping cube. Jumpfrom platform to platform, collect bonuses and try not tofall!
Timber Diamond 1.1
Alex Snida
Timber Diamond amazingly simple andfascinatingarcade game developing attention and dexterity. Thesense of gameconsists in collecting as much diamonds as itpossible. This must bedone so cleverly not to hit with a pick-axeon a skull, otherwiseyou will lose a life. You will be attractedby a simple gameplay andnice graphics. At first sight everythingis simple, but when youwill start play, you will lose track oftime!
Roll The Dice! 1.0.1
Alex Snida
Roll the dice on your smartphone or tablet with just one touch!Roll The Dice! - simple and user-friendly application with anextensive functionality, which can be used for any board game! Theapplication contains a full set of dice with separate selection ofcolor, texture of the dice and the background of the table.Features: - 12 types of dice! - No set limit of die quantity! -Realistic 3D-graphics and physics! - Pause button and historyfeature! - Lock and release dice with one touch! - Separateselection of color, texture of the dice and the background of thetable! Follow us Like us at