AlfAin Technologies Apps

Fast Car Parking Game 1.0
The most challenging car simulator game of 2017!Fast Car ParkingGame 3D is an immersive car parking simulator game that requiresfast driving skills with highest precision. Speedy parking in CarGame will require top skills in steering, breaking,acceleration,and hurdles avoidance to get parking places. You will forget bussimulator, truck simulator, simple transport driving simulator,tractor simulator and dr.driving after fast car parking . you willdrive the best sports cars around city,corners, obstacles, andparking with speed .great practice for you to park your racing carin real life.Now you can get entertainment of hours by playing fastCar Parking Mania on your smart device. Speed Car Parking will beprovide with multiple luxury and sports cars. Your task in sportsCar Parking game is to drive your turbo vehicles and park itperfectly. After multi Car Parking Mania you will know that drivinga racing car is not a challenge but master in parking cars in bigchallenge. Car driving game is fun, entertainment and test of yourcore driving skills. In short Parking is most difficult and basicpart of driving any vehicles. Parking of racing cars is realadventure. speed Car and fast driving game enthusiasts, awake yourcrazy driving skills like the legend of night driving for city CarParking Game 3D. you should Avoid cones and obstacles along theroadside. After parking all sports cars, muscle cars and moderncars you are the legend of the road! You can improve your drivingskills by enjoying fast car parking! - 3 types of challenges 1 Easy2 Normal 3 HardIf you chase all challenges you would be a PerfectDriver! Fast car parking game features:- Multi cars- 3 unique gamemodes and challenges- Each modes has different missions- Realisticcar world- Detailed modern vehicles- Absolutely free for all- Great& realistic physics- Power Steering & ABS breaking system.
Queen Jewels Treasure 1.0
The brand new Match 3 brain puzzle game. An amazingadventure is waiting for you.You are a teen corsair, your aim is tobecome a king or queen. Match up diamonds for make your dream cometrue, you would find real jewel treasures using temple quest map.Move the temple Jewels to match the same 3 piecesThis adventurousgame consists of different amazing episodes. In each temple jewelquest episode you have a treasure map. If you chase missions youwill find the queen’s treasure.The principle of this new game ismatch 3 jewels in row, in each level, you have different list ofgoals that need to be chase.Collect queen jewels treasures, competeand become a real pirate!Queen Jewels treasure Game features:• Kingor Queen to Challenge jewel mash .• Adventurous Gameplay isincredibly amazing in freeze• intuitive and easy to play• Hdstunning Graphic and effects are stimulating and entertaining.•Modern winter theme with the game graphic and style.• game supportsboth new and old phones and tablets.
Dawai 0.0.1
Dawai is targets all the users willingtosearch drugs based on brand name or chemical name. The resultdoesnot only represent brand or chemical but its manufacturer,price,drug form and its packing. This application will help allthose whoknow the brand name and willing to know the chemicalcomposition ofsearched brand and vice versa.
Pharmdex 1.2.1
Pharmdex serves as an alternative to pharmacology directory,pharmaceutical representative and an online pharmacy knowledgebase. This app is aimed at students, healthcare professionals andpharmaceutical industry.With our regularly updating database, westrive to provide our users with up to date knowledge of drugs andtheir different features. Though this is not an alternative to textbook and is not supposed to be used like one, we have certifieddoctors looking after the database and editing and changingoutdated entries. Our aim is to provide our users with quickestaccess to pharmacology nomenclature so that they never go blank intheir daily work.