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The app is a leading wholesale mobile marketplace forglobal trade. Buy products from suppliers around the world, allfrom the convenience of your mobile device. Buy & Pay withconfidence Alibaba Trade Assurance fully covers your purchases whensuppliers do not meet the product quality and delivery schedulespecified in the agreed contract. Customized products Suppliershave years of experience in customizing products, fulfilling thedemands from sellers on Amazon, eBay, wish, etsy, mercari, lazada,etc. Easy sourcing Browse millions of products from industry-widecategories. Post Request for Quotations (RFQs) and receive pricequotes quickly. Fast shipping Alibaba partners with major freightforwarders to provide sea, air & land shipping solutions withon time delivery , tracking information and fair pricing. PopularCategories covers a wide range of popular categoriesincluding hot and trending consumer products, also featuresindustrial and raw materials categories Product quality undercontrol Chose's Inspection Service, making sure ordersmeet the quality standards specified in your contract. Discount& Promotions Pick the best deals from factories offeringdiscounts and promotions. Stay in the loop Buyers on app can follow their favorite suppliers to stay up todate on new products and promotions. Languages & currenciessupported supports 16 popular languages and 140 morelocal currencies. Now you can use Alibaba Real-time Translator tocommunicate with sellers in mother tongue.
iTao lets you express yourself and makes sure you don’t miss out onthe latest hot trends. iTao is a community in which everyone canshare their shopping experiences and help each other out. WithiTao, you can get tips about finding those floral leggings you’vealways wanted or you could become a blogger who’s read by hundredsand thousands of followers.Here are just some of the things you cando with iTao:★ Get all the info! iTao provides a huge amount ofuseful information and reviews from customers and professionalbloggers.★ Communicate directly with buyers and bloggers.★ Uploadphotos. Add filters and edit your photos to your heart’s content. ★Participate in exciting promotions and contests with freegiveaways.★ Keep up to date with all the special offers.★ Learn tocreate amazing looks out of basic clothes in your wardrobe. ★Discover interesting products on sale by users in your city. Youcan also re-sell items you don’t need.A bit of iTao historyiTao waslaunched within the AliExpress platform a few years ago. Itsinitial purpose was to provide an opportunity to AliExpresscustomers to share feedback about cool (and not so cool) productsand help others choose high quality products amidst millions ofitems offered by AliExpress sellers. Over the years, iTao has growninto an independent platform where users share reviews, not onlyabout products bought from AliExpress, but also from other websitesaround the world. Users can also discuss interesting topics and buyor re-sell stuff to others within their city.
AliExpress - Smarter Shopping, Better Living
Always wanted to shop everything in one place, at one time? Boy,have we got just the right app for you! With thousands of brandsand millions of products at incredible prices, AliExpress is whatyou’d wanna have on your mobile phone. Whether it’s the latestfashion fad that broke the Internet last week, a new chaise loungefor the living room, weights for an intense body workout or thehottest tech toys in town, you can bet that AliExpress will berolling out an endless carousel of options. Every. Single. Day.What’s more, there’s nothing to feel guilty about when shopping onAliExpress as our flash deals, super deals, coupons and coins make‘em the best buys in town! In fact, you’re getting the bestproducts at the best prices in a swipe. As if that wasn’t enough,AliExpress guarantees unforgettable shopping experiences withthese: • Millions of trendy, unique products • Find what you wantquickly with our easy search tool • Constant coupon giveaways,discounts, flash & super deals • Free shipping on over 75% ofour products • Order management & automatic shipmentnotifications • Buyer Protection on all your purchases • Secureonline payments • Personalized feeds with products picked outspecially for you Language support We’re global, so is our app!Feel welcomed in the hood with our friendly multilingual supportteam that will answer your queries in English, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Italian, German, French,Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese andUkrainian. Currency support Our app currently supports eightdifferent currencies for payment (Euros, US Dollars, CanadianDollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Sterling,Russian Rubles and Swedish Krona), and six further currencies forbrowsing (Brazilian Real, Indian Rupee, Ukrainian Hryvnia,Indonesia Rupiah, Mexican Peso and Turkish Lira). We wanna know youbetter, so drop us a line! What are we doing right? Heck, if we’redoing something wrong, let us know! At AliExpress, your shoppingexperience is our priority so tell us how we can improve ourservices as well as our app. Start by tapping "More" then "AppSuggestion".
AliSuppliers Mobile App 9.6.10
The AliSuppliers app is a management and information tool forsuppliers on With it, suppliers can access trade andmarketing services to better engage and interact with potentialbuyers. Key features include: • A platform for easily managingtrade quotations, messages and orders from other countries • A pushnotification, SNS and mobile marketing management system • Adatabase for trade and e-commerce information • Online businessseminars for suppliers • Information on offline events Whether youare an importer, exporter, foreign trade company, wholesaler orindependent business, the AliSupplier app improves businessmanagement and streamlines consumer engagement. (Contact us) PCofficial website: Mobile phone official Supplier service hotline: 400-826-1688 Register withExporter: 400-600-2688 Onetouch service hotline: 400-655-2688
Alibaba Expo 1.0.1
"With Alibaba Expo, you can get pre-hand information about theexhibition, exhibitors and their products so that you can maximizeyour time and sourcing experience. Find Exhibitors: Exhibitorsincluded the company name of the exhibition, booth, so you can stayExhibitor NewsFind exhibits: Recommended a variety of goods, fastcheck product information by searching for and retrievingclassified;Communication: Built-in online communication tool, feelfree to contact exhibitors;"
Alibaba Master - Cleaner, Call Recorder & App lock 1.3.1
== Exclusive Valentine's Day offer ==== Make sweet sound LoveLetter & WIN big Prizes ==100% Free, Small size, No Ads. TOPsecurity protection with auto Call Recorder, App lock, junkcleaner, antivirus.keep your phone safe, fast and optimized, justlike new.Alibaba Master Highlights- Small file size- Free and Noads. - Auto Call recorder records both sides of calls clearly withadvanced noise reduction tech.- Record any sound; Send wishes tofriends with your unique voice card.- Lock private apps to secureyour privacy safe. - A fast virus scanner to protect your phonefrom viruses, malware and Trojans.- 3D touch Support : Quickshortcuts for Phone Booster and Call Recorder.Detailed Features ofAlibaba MasterApp LockLock Whatsapp, Facebook, Gallery, Messenger,SMS, Contacts, Incoming calls and settings. Lock any private appsto ensure your privacy safe.Lock banking apps, game apps to preventnaughty children messing up your phone. App lock protects yoursensitive apps from being peeped by snoopers. Call Recorder Bestfree automatic call recorder for help to refer back calls,eliminate misunderstandings or forgetting things. - Two recordingmodes (auto call recording and manual recording) are supported.-Records outgoing calls and incoming calls. Playback the recordingsanytime. Never miss any important parts of a call again.- Recordedcalls are automatically stored in the INBOX list. You can moverecording files to the IMPORTANT list by tapping the star icon nextto it.- Add notes to recorded files; Select multiple recordings,delete or share them to friends.- Choose between low and highrecording quality for different file sizes.- Import previouslyrecorded audio files from SD card. Voice RecorderBest recorder forsound recording with high quality.Record your meetings, personalnotes, speeches, lectures, songs.Record your own voice to make NewYear Wish Card with with voice recorder. Cleaner- Helps cleanresidual cache system files often left by uninstalled apps to freeup space.- Deeply clean your phone's junk files, ad junk, apk filesand memory cache.Antivirus- Scan the installed Apps, memory cardcontent and new Apps automatically.- Detect and remove virusmalware, spyware that can harm or slow down your device.PhoneBooster- Boost your phone to get it running faster and smoother.-Phone Booster allows you to efficiently utilize your phone's memoryand speed up your device.- Improve your phone's performance withjust one tap on Booster button.Batter Saver - Extend battery lifewith one tap- Improve battery time by disabling Wi-Fi, blue toothand Auto-Sync and Closing background battery draining apps.-Squeeze up to 20% more life from your battery.- Battery PowerCalculation: Tells how long battery will last, provides powerdraining details and optimization functionalities.Notes- The numberof saved calls is limited only by your device's memory.- Callrecording is not allowed by law in some countries, so some devicesmay not be able to support this feature.- To make sure that thecall recorder works well, please turn off Bluetooth whilerecording.If you have any questions or suggestions on how we couldmake our product better, feel free to contact us at:Email address:[email protected] Facebook: