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Surah Jinn 1.3
Surat al Jinn is the 72 surah of the Holy Quran with 28 verses. Thename as well as the topic of this chapter is jinn. Similar toangels, the Jinn are spiritual beings invisible to the naked humaneye. You can listen the complete Surah in the beautiful voice ofQari Sadaqat Ali. This app has Play and Phase button with Seek barthat show the timing of the Surah during playing. It is free appyou can also play it without internet on your device onceinstalled.
Surah Yaseen 1.2
Surah Yaseen is called the Heart of the Quran, it is one of themost reverend Surah of Quran and Muslims all over the worldmemorize it, recite it, and listen to its recitation with greatrespect and sanctity. There is a reason behind the greater prestigeof Surah Yaseen as it is mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) inHis various hadiths entailing numerous benefits of its recitation.The lines below discuss the major benefits of reciting SurahYaseen. You can download this beautiful App free for your Androiddevices and listen the recitation in the voice of Qari Sadaqat Alieven without internet connection. Features of Apps: - Free Apps. -Listen without internet. - Play and Pause button. - Seek bar formoving forward and backward. - Clear Voice.
Auto Azan Alarm 2.6.5
This App (Auto Azan Alarm) or Prayer Times is a free App for anyAndroid device develop by AlijSoftSolution. The main purpose ofthis App (Auto Azan Alarm) is to show Salaat times according toyour exact location and alarmed it, so the core function of App isaccessing exact location for calculating Salaat times, without thiscore function, App will not perform according to their mainpurpose. So for that App will use user device location for twopurpose, first is for calculating exact time of Salaat according touser current location, and second is for Qibla direction. This Appwill use device location provided by GPS (Fine location, becauseit’s provides better and accurate locations), without accessingexact location, App will not show exact time of Salaat according toyour location because the timing of Salaat is different on eachlocation, so accessing of Fine location is mandatory for this App.The App should never request location permissions from users forthe sole purpose of advertising or analytics. It consists of simpleinterface with lot of features, first of all it will detect yourlocation auto and calculate the prayers timing according to yourarea. You have an option to select location manually. Second mainfeature is an option of Asr Prayer Juristic Setting, there are twooption, one is Shafii and second one is Hanfi, there is a littlebit difference of timing of Asr Prayer, so select the option whichone is best suit you. Third feature is an option of High LatitudeSetting, Azan times adjust according to your area latitude, inhigher latitudes area times may be incorrect. During summer months,One seventh method produces Fajr time later than Angle basedmethod, other option is Mid Night. In this App you have an optionto chose time format, two option is their, one is 12hrs and secondone is 24hrs. By default Azan is playing during prayers time, whereuser have an option to play any ring tune in their device and alsoplay random ring tune. Their is an option of acceding volume, whichwill play azan or ring tune initially with slow volume and increasevolume slowly every ten second to gently wake you up. App has anoption of Ramzan Alarm, you can select the timing before Suhoor oriftar to notify you with alarm. e.g before or after sahri or iftari15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hrs. It is a user friendlyand simple Application so every one can batter understand iteasily. So Please use it and pray Namaz and don't forget to sharewith your friends.
Surah Fatiha 1.1
It is a MP3 Audio Recite of Surah Fatiha, First Surah of Holy Quranrecite in beautiful voice by Qari Sadaqat Ali. With best and clearsound quality, you can also play it without internet by just oneclick, It is totally free app specially made for all androiddevices. Features: - Totally free app for all android devices. -Crystal clear voice. - Also play without internet. - Play and pausebutton. - Seek-bar option which help you to move playing timeforward and backward.
Unit Converter Smart Tools 1.1.4
Unit converter plus is a free Android Application with simpleuserinterface, anyone can use it easily. We cover lots of Units inthisapp, we categories the units into Eight Major types,suchas:General, Mechanics, Computer, Electronics, Heat,Sound,Radiology, Ohm's Law Calculator and Other Units.Detail Unitsandits sub units are as fallow:Length: Inches Feet YardsMillimetersCentimeters Meters Kilometers MilesWeight: Ton (metric)KilogramHectogram Gram Milligram Carat Grain PoundAvoirdupoisVolume: cubicmeter cubic decimeter cubic centimeterliter deciliter centilitermilliliter fluid ounce fluid ounce cubicinch cubic feet cubic yardgallon(UK) gallon(US) petroleum barrelpint(UK) fluid pint(US) drypint(US)Temperature: Celsius (°C)Fahrenheit (°F) Kelvin (K)Reaumur Newton RankineDistance: kilometermeter decimetercentimeter millimeter mile inch foot yard nauticalmileSpeed:kilometer per hour meter per second miles per hour knotmacAngle:Degree ° grad Angular mil Minute of arc Radian SecondofarcRadiation:coulomb/kilogram millicoulomb/kilogramroentgenmilliroentgen parker repData Byte: bit nibble bytecharacter wordkilobyte megabyte gigabyte terabyte petabyteexabyteArea: squarekilometer square meter square decimeter squarecentimeter squaremillimeter hectare are centiare square mile squareinch square yardsquare foot rood acre square nautical mileEnergy:Joule KilojouleCalorie Kilocalorie Watt-hour Kilowatt-hour Britishthermal unitTherm americain Foot-PoundThermalConductivitywatt/meter/Kwatt/centimeter/°C kilowatt/meter/Kcalorie(IT)/second/centimeter/°C calorie (th)/second/centimeter/°CBtu(IT) inch/second/foot²/°F Btu(th)inch/second/foot²/°FRadioactivity:becquerelkilobecquerelmegabecquerel millibecquerel curierutherfordFrequency: microhertzmillihertz hectohertz hertzkilohertz megahertz gigahertz terahertzpetahertz exahertzPressure:pascal millipascal micropascalkilopascal Bar Millibar Pounds persquare inch kilopound per squareinch Atmosphere torrTime:millennium century decade year(common)year(leap) year(sidereal)year(Julian) year(tropical) month weekday hour minute secondmillisecond microsecond nanosecondPower:watt kilowatt megawattgigawatt terawatt deciwatt centiwattmilliwatt microwatt nanowatthorsepower (metric) horsepower(electric) MBH Btu (IT)/hourTorque:newton meter newton centimeternewton millimeter kilonewton meterdyne meter dyne centimeter dynemillimeter ounce-force footpound-force footDensity:kilogram/cubicmeter kilogram/cubiccentimeter gram/cubic meter gram/cubiccentimeter kilogram/litergram/liter centigram/litermilligram/liter pound/gallon (US)ounce/gallon (US) grain/gallon(US)Sound Level: bel decibelneperCapacitance: farad microfaradnanofarad picofaradInductance:henry kilohenry millihenrymicrohenry nanohenry picohenryResistance:Ohm Volt per ampere (V/A)Milliohm Microohm Kiloohm MegaohmNumberSystem: binary octaldecimal hexadecimalIf you want to more units inthis app, feel freeto email us
Surah Baqarah 1.1
Surah Baqarah is a free Android App for all Android Phonesanddevices, you can listen the tilawat of surah with beautifulvoiceof Qari Sadaqat Ali. This Surah is complete in MP3 Audioformatwhich you can listen also without internet with best qualityandclear sound.
Fast Charger Plus 1.1
Fast Charger Plus is a free Android application, the main purposeofthis app is to charge your device fastly without any damagingyourdevice, its not means it will put some extra power tochargefast.This App boost your battery charging speed by about 30 -40%.The concept behind that is to reduce your device resourceswhilestarting fast charging, means this app will disable all yourusedresources for example turn off wifi, bluetooth, reducescreenbrightness etc, so that your device used very low powerbecause ofdisable of resources and charged fast. that is the ideato chargefast with this app. When you plunged in the device forcharging,the app will automatically started, then you click "StartFastCharging Button" to begin the charging process faster.Applicationswill kill all apps running in the background andconsumes batteryservices such as wifi connection, 3G, Bluetooth,auto-sync,brightness level, screen timeout etc so will cause fastercharging.
Age Calculator Plus 1.2
Age Calculator Plus is a free Android Apps that calculate youragefrom date of birth. You will simply select the date of birthfromeasy access calander and application will automaticallycalculateyour age. Age is calculated in term of: No of Years, No ofMonths,And No of Days. This App is also tell you your remainingMonths andDays for your next birthday. It will also show someextrainformation about your age such as: Number of Weeks, HoursandMinutes of your life that you spend. Age Calculator Plus isdevelopby AlijDeveloper.
Show Battery Info 1.2
When you connect your device with charger, it will show youcompletecharging information on your screen, such as: chargingstate of yourdevice with animation, charging percentage, yourdevice batterytemperature, installed battery type, power sourcethat connected tocharge the device, battery health, and much moreinfo you get whenyour device connected to charging. some of phoneor device that notsupport this app just because of that yourdevice does not supportthat kind of measurements, so please don'tgive wrong ratting forthat reasons.
Surah At Tur 1.1
Surah at Tur is recited by Qari Sadaqat Ali with hisbeautifulvoice. Surah At Tur is the 52 sura of Holy Quran, it has49 Ayats.You can listen this Quran Surah even without internet, itis aaudio app for all Android devices and mobiles and it'stotallyfree. Just and share with your friends.
Surah An Nisa 1.0
Surah An Nisa is the 4th Surah of Holy Quran, and you canlistenthis beautiful Surah in voice of Qari Sadaqat Ali. It is afreeAndroid application and you can listen this Surah evenwithoutinternet on your device. This Application is developbyAlijDeveloper.
Surah Al Anam - 6th Surah of Holy Quran 1.0
Surah Al Anamis a free Android App for all Android Phonesanddevices, you can listen the tilawat of surah with beautifulvoiceof Qari Syed Sadaqat Ali. This Surah is complete in MP3Audioformat which you can listen also without internet with bestqualityand clear sound