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Philosophy Notes 3.0
Philosophical NotesI met an Older Gentleman at my work. upon finding the products heneeded we had a long chat of life and his view along with his wordsof wisdom, that he has learned throughout his life. upon receivinghis notes that he sent me, i realized the meaning and how thesewords may touch another's life. also so having the skills at hand icreated this simple app to put this knowledge in the palm of yourhand.
Weight Reduction Hypnosis 3.0
In Trance It Hypnosis (Shawn Paulsen) Is aVery Popular Hypnotist for Comedy Shows and Hypnotherapy. WeightReduction Eating Hypnosis is Designed to help the user lose weightthrough hypnosis for more motivation and changes within the mind.also Download the In Trance It Hypnosis (Shawn Paulsen App! has been Used and Tested on Many Android Devices IncludingTablets!
All Points Computers 3.0
All Points Computers is an ogden utahbasedcompany, That provides data recovery, networking,servers,eCommerce, web design, android app design,andspyware/malware/virus removal. we also have an online store toviewproducts.
Day's Advanced Automotive 4.0
Day's Advanced Automotive was started in 2004.The basis of "Honest work, for an Honest price" Has spread likewildfire to the local community ever since they opened the doors.From replacing engines, transmissions, lube maintenance, tires,wheel alignment. Or simple diagnostic testing. This is the bestplace in town! The staff is highly trained for every service weoffer, they are all ASE Certified. We are the most trusted shop ittown, Call us! Let us give you an enjoyable experience that youwill remember. Our friendly staff will get the job done correctly,We also do it at a fair price.
Ataxia Telangiectasia 2.5
Ataxia-telangiectasia is a rare childhooddisease that affects the brain and other parts of the body.Ataxia refers to uncoordinated movements, such as walking.Telangiectasias are enlarged blood vessels (capillaries) just belowthe surface of the skin. Telangiectasias appear as tiny, red,spider-like veins.Causes, incidence, and risk factorsAtaxia-telangiectasia is inherited, which means it is passed downthrough families. It is an autosomal recessive trait. This meansthat both parents must provide a defective gene for the child tohave symptoms of the disorder.The disease results from defects in the ataxia telangiectasiamutated (ATM) gene. Defects in this gene can lead to abnormal celldeath in various places of the body, including the part of thebrain that helps coordinate movement.Boys and girls are equally affected.SymptomsDecreased coordination of movements (ataxia) in latechildhoodAtaxic gait (cerebellar ataxia)Jerky gaitUnsteadyDecreasing mental development, slows or stops after age 10 -12Delayed walkingDiscoloration of skin areas exposed to sunlightDiscoloration of skin (coffee-with-milk-colored spots)Enlarged blood vessels in skin of nose, ears, and inside of theelbow and kneeEnlarged blood vessels in the whites of the eyesJerky or abnormal eye movements (nystagmus) late in thediseasePremature graying of the hairSeizuresSensitivity to radiation, including medical x-raysSevere respiratory infections that keep coming back(recurring)Signs and testsTreatmentThere is no specific treatment for ataxia-telangiectasia. Treatmentis directed at specific symptoms.Support GroupsAtaxia Telangiectasia Children's Project - www.atcp.orgNational Ataxia Foundation (NAF) -
View Our Menu, Website, Facebook, Now youhaveOur Menu in the Palm of Your Hand. Now Call and Place yourorder,or come into one of Our Locations.
Utah 10 Codes 1.0
10 codes are used so the general public doesnot know what law enforcement/fire is talking about. these are alsoused nationwide
Self Esteem Hypnosis 3.0
In Trance It Hypnosis (Shawn Paulsen) Is aVery Popular Hypnotist for Comedy Shows and Hypnotherapy. SelfEsteem Hypnosis is Designed to help the user Build Self Esteemthrough hypnosis for more motivation and changes within the mind.also Download the In Trance It Hypnosis (Shawn Paulsen App! App has been Used and Tested on Many Android Devices IncludingTablets!
Smiles Portrait Studio 2.5
Welcome to Smiles Portrait Studio OgdenUtah.This App Provides GPS Navigation, Online Viewing of yourFamilyPictures or Portraits. Feel Free to Call Us and Schedule aPhotoSession, View Our Website and Much More.
Magnolia Tattoo 4.0
Welcome to Magnolia Tattoo Ogden Utah, ViewOurGallery, Like Us on FaceBook, Instagram, Call us! this givesyou GPSNavigation To Our Location, View Our Bio, Send us yourIdeas So wecan built your Custom Tattoo.
Young Apollo 4.0
Young Apollo is a Singer/Songwriter fromOgdenUtah, Download the app get Exclusive deals and info!
Providing service to people all over theworld,known as one of the "BEST Hypnotists World Wide" ShawnPaulsen CanHelp with many Hypnosis treatments for weight loss,stress, anxiety,sleep, depression, IBS, to quit smoking much more,he also performsin front of large crouds stadiums and fairsproviding humor to theaudience as he Hypnotizes A Group and Sets aComedic Atmosphere,Download the app! learn of Show and Tour Dates,Link to Sites, GPSNavigation and Listen to FREE Hypnosis Tracks orPurchase additionalApps From Shawn to help overcome things thatmay be distracting youfrom living your life.
Vape Technicians 2.5
Welcome to Vape Technicians! We are theleaderin Vapor. we our "On a Smoke-Less Mission". We offer abetteralternative to smoking Cigarettes, Cigars or Whatever theCase maybe. We Make Our Own Juice, More Flavorful to add to yourEnjoyment.We Offer the Finest E-Cig and Vapor Products Such asTanks, Tips,Batteries and so Much More. View Our Online Store orCome on in.You Must be 18 years of age to Purchase Products.
Fairbanks Family Dental 3.0
Welcome to Fairbanks Family Dental(Se Habla Español)professional care . quality service . personal attentionMission Statement:Fairbanks Family Dental provides professional dental careatan affordable, fair price with commitment to quality. Usingprovenmethods, technology, and materials, we offer excellenceinpreventive dentistry and patient care. We treat each patientwithpersonal attention. Our aim is to build long-termrelationshipsbetween our staff and patients and provide exceptionaldentalservices for the entire family.We offer professional dental care includinggeneral,preventative, restorative, and cosmetic needs for the wholefamily.We treat each patient with personal attention. Our aim is tobuildlong-term relationships between our staff and patients andprovideexceptional dental services.Services: Dental hygiene, Preventive dentistry,Non-surgicalperiodontal treatment, Composite fillingsBridges,Dentures andpartial dentures, Oral appliances for ObstructiveSleepApnea (billed through medical insurance), Fluoridetreatment,Athletic guards, Night guards, Free Infant Exams (agestwo andunder)Hours of Operation:Monday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PMWednesday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PMFriday 8:00 AM to 2:00 PMMake Your Appointment Today!
Sleepy Time 2.5
Sleepy Time is here to help you sooth yourbabyto sleep.Included are 5 tracks played along with a heartbeatto makeit as if your baby is right next to you, to Hear theheartbeat addedyou must have your device connected to a speakerwith bass.
Jeff Miller Farmers Agent 3.0
Jeffrey Miller Insurance AgencyAuto * Home * Life * HealthServing all of Utah's Insurance needs.As your new Farmers Agent This app will help you stay incontact,Report a Claim, Get a Quote, Gps Navigation, and MuchMore!Lets work together and Insure what matters most.