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ArcherySuccess is an archery scoring app with archery journal. Keepall your archery scores, arrow plots, notes and gear setups at yourfingertips. Used by Beginner to Competitive archers in 44countries! Track your training progress! Use app as an archerydiary for training activities and report arrow numbers, journalitems and scores to your coach. ArcherySuccess does ALL THIS andMORE! Tailored to track the training progress of an individualarcher ArcherySuccess will save you and your coach time. This istime you can use to shoot arrows! What do you get? •An archeryscorekeeper •Quick and easy arrow scoring and plotting (includingprecision plotting) •Skill level rating; Archer Skill calculatedfor select rounds •Arrow tagging and arrow group analysis •Over 380build in rounds types or create your own custom rounds from builtin •Set an arrow count goal then track and report your arrowvolumes •See personal best scores by bow setup and competitionlevel •The ability to add more detailed notes than you will everneed •Capture training information on the go •Compile, display oremail weekly progress reports with one tap •Coaches get uniformreports from all archers, easy to copy for further analysis. ...andmore! CURRENT BUILT IN ARCHERY ROUNDS • World Archery (Target,Indoor, Field), incl. Visually Impaired • Archery GB (Imperial,Metric, Indoor (including Worcester) & VI Burntwood) • UK: 252Personal Archery Challenge & UK Frostbite (3 and 6 arrow ends)• NASP Indoor, 3D • NFAA/IFAA Vegas International, Lake of theWoods, Field (Pro & Expert), Hunter (Pro) Indoor, Flint Bowman600, 800, 810, 900, Classic 600 Animal Marked 3D • ArcheryAustralia • IBO 3D • ASA 3D • IAA 3D • 3DAAA • Lancaster IndoorQualification and Match • Archery NZ Target and Indoor Or Buildyour own rounds based on built in rounds FIVE MAIN FEATURES 1.Progress Tab • Automatically compile a weekly progress report •Personal Best scorecard • Informative progress graphs, which showsarrow averages by setup, and by round shot • Graph and table ofarrow count vs weekly arrow count target by gear setup • View andemail weekly reports 2. Journal Tab • A searchable list of notesand all rounds shot • Add arrow count, and use as an arrow counter• Add notes; examples note types; Gear, Nutrition, Rest andRecuperation, Strength and Conditioning, SPT, etc • View and emailarchery rounds scored and distance plots • Quickly record summaryinformation for a round not scored in app • Journal entry updatesautomatically appear in the Progress Tab 3. Score Tab • Select andscore archery rounds, using a flexible scorecard • Create customrounds based on existing in app rounds • Score via color codedkeypad • Using Round Notes, select gear setup used for the round,change date and time of round, rename the round and add notes aboutthe round • Favorite setup assigned to the round by default • Roundscores updated in real-time throughout the app • Round Search andFilter feature, make finding a round easy • Switch to Plot scoringat any time 4. Plot Tab • Quick plotting: Simply tap the zoom-abletarget face to plot and score • Precision plotting: Touch and hold,then move cross hairs and lift finger to plot and score • Quicknavigation buttons: Center, zoom out, or switch to a target number• Arrow group indicator • Quickly undo button • Keep track of roundand end totals • Add notes and select gear setup used for the round• Navigate through ends 5. Gear Tab • Track gear setups (acombination of bow, arrows and sight settings) e.g. outdoor recurvebow, or indoor compound bow • Your favorite setup is first on thegear list and is used by default in rounds and notes • Enter andtrack sight settings for each setup If you are passionate aboutarchery, this is the archery app for you! Have a feature request oran app issue? Email More on