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Restore Image (Super Easy) 8.10
Image restoration!I want to return the erased images again!I haveerased the image in mistake!Why don't you try to use this app?Youmay be able to restore the erased photo and picture!*Billing in-appis only the function to delete ads!*You can use all the functionsin free!*There is no limit of the function at all even though youuse in free!A special featureSuper easy image data recovery!Neednot the knowledge!Need not the PC!Need not rooting!Need not Backupdata!You can restore found image certainly!You can also restorebefore installation image!You can restore the image from the Deviceor from the SD card!Corresponds to jpg and png!Free tool!How touse1. Select folder2. Select the images3. Tap the start button torestoreThat's all!Q & AQ. The image is small and rough.Therough image is what was saved as a small image for thumbnail byother app, and this app extract and restore.You can change thesetting not to display small images.Please use the “Enlarge &Correct Image” app when you want the small image to enlarge andcorrect.Q. What is the difference of the “image that can berestored” and the “image that can't be found”?The image that hadbeen saved for a long time is probably restored.The image that wasdeleted as soon as saved is likely notImage restoration!f youdeleted the cache or have a cleaner app which delete the cache, thedata which restore in original will be deleted. So there is fewimages which can be restored.Plagiarism are strictly prohibited!
らくらく英単語2000【英語学習クイズゲーム】 10.4
極限まで使いやすさを追及した、英単語学習アプリです。選択クイズ形式のシンプルな仕様となっています。中学~高校で学ぶ2000語以上の英単語を収録しています。☆こんな方にオススメ!・テストや受験の為に英語を勉強したい方・忘れてしまった英単語を復習したい方・これから英語を楽しく学びたい方・TOEICや英検の勉強をしたい方自己スコアを更新して、進歩を実感することを楽しんでください。【2種類のモード】・日⇒英(問題文が日本語)・英⇒日(問題文が英語)【3段階のレベル】・EASY(中1,中2)・NORMAL(中3,高1)・HARD(高2,高3)【よく間違える問題】アプリを使えば使うほど、あなたの苦手な問題を抽出し、苦手を克服できます!【毎日ノルマ】英語を勉強したいけどなかなか続けられない方への手助けをします。毎日指定した時間に通知がきます。通知を消すには正解数のノルマを達成しなければなりません。毎日続けるために無理のないノルマ設定をしましょう。【単語一覧】英単語の一覧を確認することができます。【スコアをSNSでつぶやく】友人とスコアを競い合うことができます。この他にも楽しいアプリを公開していますので、興味のある方はぜひご覧ください。AlpacaSoftの他のアプリ効果音はユウラボ8bitサウンド工房 様からお借りしています。
Image Date Editor 3.2
The date data of images"The photos that saved from SNS orchat","The images that restored by "Restore Image"","The photos andthe pictures that saved from the image editor app"You mind thosedate data, don't you?You might have a sense of discomfort when theimages sorted by date.This app solves the problem.CharacteristicSpecializing in date edit!- When you enter the date,you can check other date of images.- You can end the work speedilywithout useless operation.Input date with calendar system!- You caninput if you remember only day of the week like "lastFriday".Corresponding to JPG and PNG format!- This corresponds theextension other than JPG format.- This updates Exif information inthe case of JPG format.Free tool!- You can use all of the functionsin free without paying. How to use1. Select the image.2. Enter thedate.3. Tap the save button.Easy operation without useless!
Precision Ruler 1.2
At firstAlthough this app obtain the size information which is stored intheterminal, you need to adjust in the app initially if thesizeinformation is not accurate.All kinds of smartphone will become high-precision ruler appbyadjusting in the app.You can measure the length easily whenever by smartphonefromtoday.A special feature- All models are corresponded by adjusting!- High precision and correct!- Both ends are rulers and can measure!- At any time and easily with smartphone!
Enlarge & Correct Image 2.5
Enlarge & Correct ImageThe small image is made wider forcibly,so the image which is expanded become rough normally.However, thisapp uses advanced correction technology called Super-resolution,and it enables us to expand or reduce the size clearly.I recommendthis app for the images that restored by "Restore Image"". Aspecial featureScaling clearly with Super-resolution!Easyoperation!High image quality!Corresponds to jpg and png!Free tool!How to use1. Choose the image and choose size.2. Check the revisedimage and tap the save button.
Small Tools (Floating multi window app) 1.1.6
How convenience!This app adds a new function to the notificationbar and enables tool app to launcher any time!Moreover, you canstart the tool app while using other apps!You must surprise atconvenience.You must surprise at convenience.(Example 1) Check thecalculator or the capture site while playing the game.(Example 2)Photographing in a quiet store can be taken with a silent camerainconspicuously.(Example 3) Taking a note or calculating with acalculator while watching the website.(Example 4) You can take anote any time and check the notes in the notification area anytime.It is easy for beginners!It is easy because difficultoperations and settings are unnecessary.More over, operatinginstructions is explained with animation simply.All functions arefor free!This app shows ads only when it confirm the end of thetool in order to provide it for free.Since the ads does not appearduring operation, it does not disturb the operation.Still, forthose who want to hide ads, you can hide the ads by In-apppurchases.You can choose your favorite one.About sharingIf youintroduce the app, you do not need permission so please post itfreely.Please use icon images, screenshots etc. of the app freely.Iam glad if you can share it on site, SNS, magazines, TV programsetc.Come thank you.Small Tools (Floating multi windowapp)Multitasking dual screen segmentation