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Wagashi no Railgun 1.0
An Augmented Reality app, which was madeduringthe GlobalGameJam 2014.( Feed the rabbit to produce enough baby bunnies. Repeat.Winthe game.Gameplay: Place the Augmented Reality Target on a flatsurface,then start the game. The Gameplay will be on an AR stage.Tilt yourmobile device in the direction you want the rabbit towalk. A reddot will appear on the surface of the stage and therabbit willfollow it.Gameplay Elements:Rabbit : Your CharacterBaby Bunnies : Collect enough to win the gameCream Puffs : Small delights. Eat them to fill up your healthbarand produce baby bunnies.Sakura Mochis : Don't tackle them, they will damage andstunyou.Matcha Cookies : They don't hurt you, but block your path. Pushthemout of the way.Baumkuchen : These circular pieces of cake will roll over anddamageyou.Jelly Monster : He doesn't hurt you, but eats the baby bunnies.Pushcookies in his way to block him.Augmented Reality: To enjoy this game, you need a printedouttarget image, which you can place on a flat surface. Werecommendprinting it in A4 to ensure a comfortable play stagesize.Find the target to play the game under: