Alpha Potato LLC Apps

Slap City 3000 0.1
Slap a city full of people! Slap them into buildings formoredestruction and fun!
Amazing Game Show
Quirky reality tv game shows brought to life!
Piercing Party
You own a piercing shop. Where you make money by puttingpiercingson people. Explore the experience of a piercing expert.Pierce theskin of different men and women and put gorgeouspiercings on themto make them happy.
Play hide and seek with humans (they are the worst, aren'tthey?).Duck under their hands and evade to send those humans on awildgoose chase!
Thief Thiefer Thiefest
You are a Thief! Along with other players! You will faceobstaclesin your way of stealing. Solve puzzles faster than youropponentsand be the THIEFEST!
Ghost Hunter 3D
Save the people from their haunted houses! Exorcise, Purify andSellghosts to become the most feared Exorcist of all time!
Scatter Arrow
In this game you can bounce your arrows to target and killmultipleenemies
How strong is your throwing game? Save the helpless little guysfromthe impending doom down the road- pick up and throw them tosafety!Become the hero you were always meant to be!
Tricky Run
Slow the horde chasing you with obstacles and run to the finish!
Bullet Hero
Shoot down enemies and their bullets, grow stronger eachlevel,conquer the battlefield!
Your road to destiny is packed with enemies. Slash them intohalves,deflect their bullets with your sword and make way togreatness. Butwatch out, don't take them lightly!
Hit Em Up
Hit em up is a first person shooting game where you getthesatisfaction of beating people up and blow them away.
Real Estate Master
Create lovely homes and decorate! Sell for profit!
Battle Ballet 0.47
Get your tutu out, wear your dancing shoes and get ready to kicksome butt as you Battle Ballet!
Age Run 3D 0.11
Drag and move on with your Life. In this race of life, use agetoyour advantage. Take Pills, Inject Life Potions to decreaseyourage to run with faster and younger legs. Tombstones increaseyourage, and with age comes the inevitable death. Watch out soyoudon't get too young- because then you'll go POOF! Best of Luck!
Car Dealer 3D
There are so many car dealers among us. But, you are special!Playthis game and find out how!
Hell Kitty 0.12
Take control of the adorable kitty from hell and create havoc!
Side Hero 0.21
Kick, Punch, Dodge, Unleash Super moves to maximize Damage innewSide Hero game! Watch out for different enemies, also watchyoursix! Good Luck!
Bullet Time!
Jump, Slide, Parkour your way through enemies; time tap tokill.Simple!