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Laser Pointer Simulator V-4.0
This free game is perfect for those who want a laser pointersimulator in their mobiles. The app allows you using 3 differentlaser pointers, each pointer fires 3 different halo colors: green,red and blue. If you are afraid of your children using a laserpointer then don't worry anymore, this laser pointer simulator iscompletely harmless to their eyes.This is just a game, which iscomposed by a laser pointer simulator and a minigame. The playerneeds collecting gems playing the minigame to unlock laserpointers.This laser pointer simulator is similar to any laserpointer in real life. Just press the button and the halo flows,release the finger and the halo stops. Easy, no doubt! As saidbefore, there are three laser pointers. One of them is ready to beused as you start up the app the first time. The other two must beunlocked, to learn how to unlock a laser pointer simulator, justclick on it and the instructions will pop up. To unlock any laserthe player needs gems. Gems can be obtained by passing levels inthe laser shooter game or by sharing in social networks.Above itwas mentioned that each laser pointer has 3 different halo colors.Besides, each halo has a different wavelength. You can note it inthe brightness and colors. Each laser and halo color is alsoassociated with a laser sound. Play with friends using thedifferent laser and colors and feel like you are in Star Wars. Theplayer can control the use of vibration while the laser isshooting.This free app has been tested on both smartphones andtablets and the results have been more than satisfactory. Justpress the button and let the laser light flows.This laser pointersimulator is a laser pointer full of options. We doubt there is abetter laser pointer free in the Google Play Store. We havedesigned every single pixel of this laser pointer simulator gratisto fit in any Android device, independently of its screensize.Characteristics by halo color and laser pointer:Red laserpointer: Green laser halo with extra light. Red laser light. Extrabright blue laser halo.Green laser pointer: Green laser light witha bright aura. Red light laser with a special center laserbrightness. Blue laser with light aureole.Blue laser pointer: Greenlaser halo with a center brightness light. Tiny red laser halo withwhitish center. Blue laser light center extra brilliant.Thispointer can be used as a laser for cats. Although the sound effectscan scare your pets rather than the bright laser lights. So wecould consider this pointer as a laser for pets.Some of these laserpointers has laser beams as powerful as a laser gun. Every pointerin this app has been completely designed by our design team fromscratch. The same with every laser beam. We plan to includesomething we call laser flash, so the flash light can be turnedon/off according to the laser pointer simulator. Laser cat isanother of the new features we have in our plan bucket, includingnew laser beams and sounds that can make your pet feel in anotherdimension. Another utility of this free app is to use as a lasergame to play laser wars. You can leave your kids with this laserfor phones without being worried about the harm that a physicallaser pointer could create in their eyes.Enjoy this laser free,with its awesome halos with brightness similar to a laser led andlaser neon.Tags: Laser, pointer, simulator, laser pointer.
Spiral: Optical Illusions 2
Optical illusions spiral is a fun game which can produce opticalillusions. The illusions shall make you see the objects around youdeformed in different shapes, depending on the illusion. Yourfriends and family shall also be amused once they try the app. Formaking the optical illusions spirals game more fun, the game SpiralShooter Game is included to allow you obtain new illusion effects.Pass levels on the Spiral Shooter Game in order to achieve thefinal goal of getting all the illusion effects.*** Disclaimer:Don’t use this app if you are sensible to stroboscopic images.Don’t allow another people using the app if you are not sure abouttheir stroboscopic images sensitiveness. ***How to useSelect oneillusion (initially only the uppermost one is available) then getready and keep your mobile device (phone or tablet) about 25 cm infront of your eyes, then follow the instructions stated on thegame, they will guide you on the process and shall provide tips onhow to improve the visual effect. Once the spiral visual effectstarts its movement a counter shall show on the center of thescreen the time remaining you should keep looking at the screen ofyour mobile device. 30 seconds is an amount of time which we havetested and works fine on the majority of devices we have usedduring the test time. During those 30 seconds you can focus ondifferent ways on the screen, any way you focus your eyes on itshall be fine to achieve the goal expected after the counterreaches zero. Once the time is over, then look at some objectaround you in a middle distance, then you should be able of seeingthe optical illusion effects. In case you haven’t achieved seeingthe effects, you can answer how was the result of your try in thegame, and extra tips shall be given in such a case.The SpiralShooter GameThis fun game is an awesome casual game which isincluded to match the theme of the game and give the chance ofunlocking new optical effects spirals. The goal is throwing the setof initial balls to the central circle, but be careful since if 2balls touch then you lose. The central circle rotates bothclockwise and counterclockwise, can change the direction at anytime and the speed shall vary. You have to find your own strategyin order of getting rid of all the balls given at the beginning ofeach level. Each level shall not contain a random move but shallkeep the same set of moves each time the user plays the same level.Some features of the game:100 levels. When some new visual effectsspirals are added, some more level might be added too.Single tapcontrols. Tap anywhere on the screen but on the central circle. Asyou tap on the screen a ball will be shot.Casual game style. Closethe game at any level you are playing. The last level unlockedshall be kept that way forever.Simple minimalist graphics. Simpleto don’t distract you from your real goal.Also remember that thegoal of passing levels on the game, besides getting fun playing it,is unlocking new visual illusions. Click on any locked visualillusion in order to get to know how many levels you need to passin order to obtain a new optical illusion available.We hope youenjoy the app. Keep in mind our disclaimer about stroboscopicimages sensitiveness.We appreciate any feedback that help usimprove the app. Your ideas are welcome. Ratings, reviews andemails are welcome too.
Super Run World One Action 1.0
Super Run World One Action a free platform game full of adventuresand action. Jungle, desert, caves, sky, water are some of thescenarios you have to face to pass 80 levels in 4 different worlds.Run and jump, shoot fireballs to defeat your enemies and avoid theobstacles. Show everybody that you can be the super hero of thegame.BackgroundOn the galaxy of the Platformers there is a oldclassic country in a small planet called Mini Earth, an advancedplanet emulator. This land is plenty of different landscapes, bluesky full of stars and one sun. It was a peaceful world until thehordes of insects arrived to conquer a new planet. These evilcreatures have kidnapped the family and friends of Jose, the mostfamous travel guide of all his kingdom. Help him to fight on theway to rescue his people and give back freedom to his world.TheGame★ Classic platform game that combines jumping and running gameplay. ★ The game inherited from the classic games, and alsodesigned many new game elements. Come and enjoy the challenginglevels, relive your childhood memories!————★ How to play ★————🎮Cross the obstacles: Tap jump button, long-press to jump higher.🎮Collect coins: Collect as more coins as you can to beat your ownrecord and be the best among your friends.🎮 Smash enemies: Tap tojump and stamp down on monsters, smash them all! Also shoot fireballs.🎮 Run: Keep pressed the run/shoot button to run faster.———★Game Features ★———🍄 4 worlds:Meadow、Forests、Deserts、Caves;and 2Castles per world.🍄 80 levels🍄 Many enemies: Hedgehog, Dragonfly,Gosht, Beetle,Bee,etc.🍄 Jump on the top of enemies to beat themdown.🍄 Break the bricks to collect power-up items.🍄 Get thepowerful items to be stronger, undefeatable and be able to throwthe fire balls.Your ratings and comments help us improve Super RunWorld One Action. We are here to listen to your ideas.
Super Crazy Screen Prank Electric Fire Tap Joke I 1
Super crazy screen broma eléctrica fuego toque broma I is a funprank app with 6 prank simulators: fire screen, electric shock,twister touch, elastic joke, impossible launcher and crazy tsunamihd. It is a bunch of entertainment apps along with a great game:Loop and Shoot puzzle game.The prank appsAll the prank apps arebased on single touch pranks. Wherever the user touches the screen,some special effect shall happen. Use your finger to test all theprank apps before making your friends believe your smart phone ortablet went crazy. You can make them think your Android device gota virus or a software fail or digital bug.2 joke screens areunlocked from the beginning: Total Fire Screen and PowerfulElectric Screen. Besides there are 4 more prank screens to beunlocked. Every locked prank screen costs 500 virtual coins, whichcan be obtained playing the Loop and Shoot game. Each level youpass, 10 virtual coins you get. If you get stuck in a level, noworries, we shall provide the chance of passing a level watching arewarded video. There are other ways to get virtual cash, they willbe explained in the corresponding paragraph.Free prank screensTotalFire Screen: Use your finger to burn every icon on the screen tillyou get a broken screen prank.Powerful Electric Screen: Yourtactile power shall be increased with several megawatts of power onthe simulation of a electric shock when touching the screen.Destroy every single element you find on the screen of your mobiledevice until you crack your screen.Locked prank screensTwisterTouch: There is tornado on your fingers. Just check it out byyourself touching the screen and seeing everything flyingaway.Elastic Plastic Joke: Never it is easy to touch an icon inthis prank app, but this time you will not know either they arerunning away of your taps or they are regretting and want to getback to your falling into a loop of craziness.Impossible launcher:The game is not over yet. The icons in this part will always keepdistance of your evil finger. It seems to be they are scared of anyalien that is not part of the internal word of your device. Unlockand check it out.HD Tsunami: The wave of the last screen prank is asecret that only the ones that have really curious will know. Youwant to know it? Follow the rules of the game to unlock all.Themini gameLoop and Shoot is a super fun game which will targettesting your patience and ability. The rules are easy: tap on thescreen to launch a ball to the center of the central circle. Theplayer will pass a level after launching all the initial balls.Sounds easy, right? But have into account that no ball can touchany ball, if touches, then game over. Some features of the game:Funand addictive1200 levelsSingle touch gameplayIncreasing difficultylevelA final boss every 10 levelsMany different modalities of gameduring the 1200 levelsGetting Virtual CoinsThere are several waysto get rewards:Watching rewarded videos: watch a rewarded videoadvertisement and get a rewarded of 10Pass a new level in the minigame: get the same amount that for watching rewarded videos forevery level you pass in the mini gameShare on your favourite socialnetwork: 200Download an app: a great reward for you: 500We hope youenjoy this funny cool free game!
2048 2048-1
2048 classic puzzle game free. A 2 plus 2 game. Become a superexpert, the best of your friends, of your city, your country or thewhole world. Solve the puzzle merging numbers, undo a move if youfeel you made a wrong swipe, start a new game at any moment if youthink you lose the track of your strategy. 2048 was a very populargame in 2014, it created a big bang boom in the apps stores. This2017’s version is based in the original classic game. The originalcolor, board and rules have been kept.The game rules2048 classicpuzzle game has a very basic rule system. In short, the user has toswipe the finger left, right, up or down to slide all the tiles ofthe 4x4 board on the direction the finger swipes. The game has notlevels, it is just a board and the goal is achieving the tile 2048.How to get this? Easy: when two tiles slides if they becomeadjacent they will merge in a new tile which number is the sum ofthe numbers of both original tiles. For example: 2 tiles of number2 shall create a new tile 4: 2 + 2 = 4, 4 + 4 = 8, 8 + 8 = 16, …,1024 + 1024 = 2048. As you see, learning how to play is simple, butfinding a good smart strategy who leads you to the final goal mightnot be that easy.The main featuresFollowing the classic game puzzle2048 these are the most attractive characteristics of this freegame:Set of color that allows the player playing long sessionsUndomove button implemented. Gives the chance of returning to paststates of the game move by moveBest score and current scorerankings. The best score stores the best of the scores of all thegames played. Perfect to compare your score with your friends orfamily members who also play this gameClean user interfaceAdfriendly implementationSimple one swipe game playSmooth slide andmerge effects* The advertisement friendly implementation is made toallow the player playing infinite games without showing anyinterstitial ads. Only a banner at the bottom of the screen shallbe shown in case that there is fill rate for your currentgeolocation and mobile device. Only a interstitial ad might beshown per session in case the player pushes the back button tofinish the session, in such a case a interstitial ad might beshown. If the user closes the interstitial ad and presses again theback button a exit-the-game modal window shall pop up. If you wantto avoid ads at all, press the home button of your Android deviceto finish the session.We hope you enjoy this classic game andbecome a master on it. Your opinion is importante to us, it helpsus improve our games and to know what the users think of ourproduct. Your ratings and comments are welcome.* This game has beendevelop making use of MIT licenses. We credit and thank to thegenerous developers that provide this MIT licensecode:
Bubble Shooter Animals 2017 bs1.0
Classic bubble shooter is an addictive game composed by 2 freegames: Classic Mode and Arcade Game. This is a variation of such agame, which we name “Free the animals”. We keep the basics of thebubble shooter game, but now the bubbles contains animals trappedinto them. It's a ancient puzzle and Match-Three game. Pop, matchand blast bubbles to save the animals locked up in the bubbles.Classic Bubble Shooter is a free game. Train your brain and get inon the puzzle game action as you shoot bubbles online, offline -anytime! No matter women, child, elderly, housewives, handsome man,pretty girls love Bubble Shooter.This brand new exciting bubbleshooting puzzle game is ready to be played on its amazing magicenvironment. The goal is to save all the trapped animals that werekidnapped and enclosed into special bubbles. Think your strategy,pop and burst the colorized bubbles to let them find the freedomagain. Train your brain freeing our little and cute friends whileyou play this awesome game shooting bubbles on this top bubbleshooting game. These free brain training games allows you to solvefun puzzles while you get lots of fun for free on more than 500challenging puzzles. Become a master and show your friends andfamily your burst bubbles skills on this puzzle games.2 GameModes:Classic Game Mode is a simple and fun mode to play BubbleShooter gamesMatch 3 bubbles of the same color to burst. Enjoyshooting bubbles in the classic game mode and get fun playing funfree games. Just tap on the screen wherever you want the bubble tobe launched to. Use the walls to make the bubbles bound and getyour final goal in a easy way.Arcade Game Mode with longer and morecomplicated levelsPlay Bubble Shooter’s Arcade game mode todiscover an addicting game and more challenging levels. This modereveals a more classic arcade games style, advance in a morelimited number of levels but more hard-to-pass and fun game levelsthat you will love.Retro game with new features:★ A lot ofChallenging Puzzles! More than 500!★ Play any time at any place!★The game is an off-line game, so No Network Required!★ To Kill theBoring Time!★ Super easy to pick up and play! Applicable to AnyAges!★ Match 3 meets bubble burst!★ Beautiful graphics and coolanimations, and sound effects!★ Free to download and play!★ Smoothand great operation of the game!★ 8 animal bubbles: turtle, cat,panda, owl, penguin, mouse, bear, pig★ Applies to Most AndroidDevices and Google Play Users!★ Applicable to Any Ages!★Colorblind! Every ball has a color and an animal, so no problemwith colorblind.Develop Your Brain and Exercise Your Fingers:★Bring relax and happy to you.★ Help you kill your boring time.★Help you train your brain and finger.Bubble Shooter is a very funnyand happy game. Play it with your family and friends! Download thisfree game and enjoy playing more than 500 challenging levels. Getrelaxation and happiness!
Laser Pointer Simulated 100 2 X Beams Red Blast 1
Laser pointer simulated 100 2 X beams red blast, a super fun appthat contains a laser pointer simulator. Let your kids play thelaser pointer simulated without worrying about the damage that areal laser pointer could cause in their eyes. Also enjoy the minigame included, which will allow the user getting coins to get newfeatures for the laser pointer.*** Disclaimer: This is just laserpointer simulated on the screen of your mobile device, phone ortablet. Don’t think this a real laser pointer, nor think that areal laser light will come out of your phone through the camera.***The first time you use this laser pointer simulator app, thereis a laser pointer that you can use from the very first moment.Instructions and recommendations about how to use the laser pointerare given in different parts of this free game. To make the laserray flowing, just tap on the laser pointer. Clicking repeated timeson it shall provide you with plenty of coins, which will help youunlock the strobe light feature. Initially the stroboscopic lightfeature is locked, but getting coins is one part of what the playerneeds in order to achieve unlocking this awesome feature. Thefaster you tap on the laser pointer, the more coins and bonus youget. Tap as fast as you can, or keep your finger on top of thelaser pointer during 20 seconds, that way, the player charges theenergy of the laser pointer to the maximum until a red blasthappens, simulating the screen of your mobile device getting brokenand simulating electric shocks wherever you tap on the screen ofyour phone or tablet. Click on the back button of your device tocontinue playing this free game.There are some other ways toincrease the number of coins, as for example: passing levels on themini game you can find as part of this game, sharing on socialnetworks, downloading more games or watching videos. All these waysto augment the rewards are found in several screens of the laserpointer simulated app.The mini game is essential in the laserpointer simulator game. The player needs to pass at least 35 levelsin order to get the super feature of the strobe light. So, justplaying the mini game is enough to achieve unlocking it. Everylevel the user passes, 10 free coins of reward to increase thecounter of coins. The mini game is so fun. The goal is to put allthe left squares on the imaginary circumference where the squaresthat rotate around the big central square are. Each time the usertaps on the screen, a small square is thrown against the centralsquare. Every level follows a pattern of movements, so if theplayer finds a difficult level, the best way to pass it ismemorizing the pattern of moves., so the small squares can bethrown in a wise way. Some features of the mini game:One tap gameplay. Just one tap is enough to throw a small square to the centralsquare.Minimalistic design. Simple and fun can go along together.Wehope you enjoy and get fun playing the laser pointer simulated 1002 X beams red blast. We would be happy to improve the laser pointersimulator app with your help and according to what the users wouldlike to have in the coming versions. We would appreciate yourfeedback through ratings, comments or emails.
Electric Screen Prank 2 - Jokes & Games Into 1 App 1.0
Electric screen prank 2 - jokes & games into 1 app. Thecombination of funny prank apps and cool games for free, providelots of fun to prank your friends, kids and family. Old and newfashion style form an app to enjoy great moments playing with. Boysand girls, and adults of any age will find a source ofentertainment making jokes and pranks while taking pleasure inplaying mini games as the ones included to get new features. Getthe most of this free game unlocking new options and pass levels toimprove the characteristics of this free prank app.*** Please, notethat this is only a free prank game. The electric shocks are justsimulated effects shown on your screen. No real electric simulatedeffect are created at all. ***The electric screen prank shockeffect simulatorThe first time the app is launched there is aelectric shock lightning available, blue color. After that, inorder to unlock other color options and the super feature of thestroboscopic flashlight, the user of this free game needs tocollect coins to get new colors and options. Play awesome gamesincluded and pass hundred of super fun levels, watch videos, shareon some of your favorite social networks or download free apps andgames. All this is awaiting to be enjoyed during the process ofunlocking all the amazing characteristics that this game canprovide. The electric screen simulator prank works on top of everyapp and on the main screen, it creates short random periods wherethe mobile can be used in a normal way, and other short periodswhere the electric screen comes up when the user touches thescreen. Permissions shall be asked for to make the app workscompletely.The platformer gameIncluded as part of this cool app, asuper game of jumps and platforms is ready to let you pass 80levels over 4 worlds, collect thousands of coins, defeat 8 finalboss monsters and get tons of fun. Jump, run, throw fire balls,find secret underground levels sliding down through pipes.Different landscapes as jungle, dessert, caves and castles full offantasy are the scenarios where the game is developed. Help the oldman who is the principal actor of the game story pass through allthe challenges and obstacles to reach the final goal.The shootinggame of animal bubblesHundred and hundred of levels are waiting forthe player who dares to face the challenging difficulties of themost hard-to-pass levels. The increasing difficulty allows you toimprove your skills level by level. Make the bubbles rebound on thewalls of the screen. Use the edges of the scene to reach the pointswhere direct shots cannot. More than 500 distinct amazingscenarios, cute animal bubbles and high levels of difficulty. Thegame play is as simple as the type of game defines it: one tap gameplay. Just tap on the point where you want to be the animal bubbleto be shot above the launch point and that is. Make 3 or more equalbubbles touch and voila, the group of animal balls falls down. So,one-tap and 3-match game into one. Every new level you pass, abunch of free coins the user gets.We hope you enjoy this mix ofprank app and mini games. We appreciate if you share with us anyfeedback that help us improve the game through ratings, comments oremails.