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Gravity wars: Black hole 1.13
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Have you ever created heavenly bodies? And here it is done inonetouch!Great, now you can fill the vast expanses of space -new,pouring light into infinity, stars!Would you like to launch asatellite into orbit?Take it higher - run a small star into theorbit of the giant, and it will be beautifulThe circling around,demonstrating the beauty of gravity and leaving behindsoft flamingtail.Impressive? - But you can do much more!Create wholeconstellations, expand the boundaries of your possessions, feelyourselfcreator of the universe and meet face to face with hisrival inexciting, spectacular, universal scales of battle!Use thestars as weapons, run through the objects of the opponent, lightupouter space by colossal explosions from giantsupermassivecollisions and finally, create the worstuniverse weapon - a blackhole! No heavenly body canto resist her incomprehensible gravity.Traveling by territoryopponent, it will effectively absorbeverything in its path, notleaving no chance of preservation,leaving nothing butof darkness.Do you want to see all this in 3D?Elementary!The strategy is simple:- There is only one resource -energy. It is needed to create gamingobjects.- The main object is agiant star. To produce energy,You need to launch a small star intothe orbit of the giant. More stars - moreproduced energy.- The moregiant stars in a player, the more energy they costspace objects.-If a player loses all the giant stars, he loses. Giant canbeDestroy or shelling with small stars, or by absorbing a blackhole.- Several giants form constellations - this is the protectiveperimeter of the player's territory. Only the object can passthrough the perimeter. Foreign objects, except for a black hole,are destroyed.- Also, you can get energy for destruction or forabsorptionobject. If you destroy the small star in the firstseconds, after itcreation - then it will give more energy. This iseffective when interceptedattack opponent.There are two singleplayer modes:- Rating game - is presented in the form of a set oflevels for passing.The effectiveness of each level is summarized inthe overall rating andis entered in the general table ofrecords.-Training battle - a game in normal mode against computerswhere you canchoose the size of the map and the complexity of theAI.There is multiplayer:- Quick game - game in normal mode, withautomatic searchopponent.The number of wins of the player is summedup and entered in the general table of records- "Leaders of theArena".- other modes of network game in development.*** Competewith friends, improve tactics, plunge into a pleasanta cosmicatmosphere! 1.24
Altair Games is a new exciting dynamic arcade in the io style, withuser-friendly controls and a pleasant space atmosphere!The goal ofthe game is to pump as high as possible, keeping the position on anequal footing with the enemy, whose forces immediately grow withevery minute.- Attack enemies- Raise the level- Pump skills- Defendor avoid attacks- Become a leader