Alter-Ego Apps

Space Mission 2
Space Mission - a colorful and exciting arcadegame. Are you ready to conquer the depths of space?Because of the accident at the interstellar space ship,astronauts are in trouble - you are their last hope of salvation!Remember, oxygen and fuel are running out - plan your movement inspace, but do not delay!You will encounter many dangers - black holes, gravity of planets,asteroids, space dust and stars may destroy your ship in a matterof seconds. Are you courageous enough to complete allmissions?Your Space Mission has begun!Features:-30 Unique and original levels (New levels - in futureupdates!)-Colorful, beautiful 3D graphics - Feel plowing expanses of theuniverse!-System of in-game achievements - can you get them all?-Original atmospheric soundtrack.
Fomich Rescue 1.4
During spring fishing season, Russianfisherman Fomich gets in trouble: he is flushed away in the oceanon a floating iceberg. Now he must survive as long as possible,waiting for the rescue team arrival... Is he strong enough?You must keep balance on a floating iceberg, meanwhile localcitizens - bears and penguins - will make some difficulties to you.★Feed the penguins;★Kick them off the iceberg;★Don't freeze!★Be aware of predators;★Original soundtrack;★Beautiful graphics and animations;★In-game upgrades - improve your chances to survive!★Challenge your friends!It's the first project of our small team. Long live Fomich!:)