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Tanki Online - PvP tank shooter 2.255.0-28270-g769a3c0
Play Tanki Online — a legendary, quick PvP 3D action game, nowavailable on Android mobile devices! Crush enemies in PvPbattles,solo or in team battles. Use a wide range of weapons andarmor, and use helper-drones and power-ups for maximum deadliness!Features: - Fast pvp fights — play with friends in team battles of8v8 or in intense solo battles! - Lots of customization options — 7hulls, 13 turrets and 50+ other ways to build a tank that will fityour unique playing style! - Upgrades — each tank element isupgradable. Create the ultimate battle machine! - Loads of gamelevels — 30 maps to master, each presenting different tacticalchallenges. - Cosmetic elements — cool skins and a huge variety ofpaints (including animated ones) for your tank to stand out! -Unique physics system — the game uses a customized physics enginethat allows for amazing stunts (how about parkour with tanks?) -Ranking battles — Play with friends and against enemies, and proveyourself in ranking battles. The game is highly optimized and showshigh FPS even on the most affordable smartphones and tablets. TankiOnline Mobile — a free game, with optional in-game purchases forreal money. Download and jump into thrilling tank team battles andfast pvp fights. Let the adrenaline hit begin! Website: Technical support: help@tankionline.comFacebook: Youtube: Instagram:
King Hardcore - pvp shooter 51500
PvP Team Battles — Last One Standing! Craft weapons includingmachine guns, shotguns, rifles, pistols and more. There are loadsto choose from! Pick a teammate and dive into frantic 5-7minbattles with up to 50 real players. Tear down your enemy with smarttactics or just blow everything up. Anything goes! Simple andintuitive controls. Just run and shoot. An adrenaline rush straightto the head. Last man standing. Be the final survivor of thishurricane of destruction. Play solo or in a team. Gather yourfriends, gear up and join the party! PVP fights with friends arealways loads of fun. Action packed matches. Join frantic 5-7minmatches of pure adrenaline. Please note that King Hardcore is freeto download and play, but may contain optional in-game items thatcan be purchased for real money. Facebook: Discord:
Days After - zombie survival simulator 0.0.7
Days After — a survival shooter where the majority of humanity hasbeen wiped out by a zombie invasion. Those who survived, haveescaped civilization and taken refuge in the wilderness. Survive inharsh conditions and collect resources to craft equipment andtools. Construct weapons and build your base. Fight off wildanimals and zombies. You'll never have a moment of peace. If youwant to live, you will need to carve your way to salvation. Pick upsurvivor diaries, explore dozens of diverse locations in anabandoned, plagued world. The trip will be challenging. In thissurvival simulator, you will have to deal with hunger, thirst,unforgiving conditions and a mysterious virus. Tackle quests, raidsand bandit outposts to uncover the story of the infection that ledto the apocalypse. The closer you get to civilization's ruins, themore zombies will attack you. Missions will become harder, but therewards will be bigger. You'll find rare resources, powerfulweapons and most importantly, more information about this world.Fight through hordes of zombies and live to tell the tale in thisepic survival game.