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Run Run Super V
Run. Ride. Volt In!Be a hero and defend the world from the vile Emperor Negatron! Runthrough the city, get on your vehicle, and use your super robot tostop Negatron’s monsters from taking over the world!*Featured on TouchArcade's hot new action games listGame Features:★ Action-packed runner - Run through the city with simple tapcontrols. Collect power-ups and use weapons to defeat Negatron’srobot minions!★ Super fun vehicle mode - Fly through the skies with the vehiclepower-up! Collect bonus coins and blast through flying enemies witheasy “tap-and-hold to fly, release to descend” controls★ Epic robot boss battles - Your vehicles volt in to form a superrobot! Customize your robot’s attacks (from arm rockets to ablazing sword!) and use them in real-time battles against giantmonsters★ Level up for battle! - Run to level up and unlock new gear androbot battles! Lots of cool characters, items, and vehicles tocollect and upgrade*This game is currently available in English, Portuguese (Brazil),Spanish, French, Russian, Thai, Korean, Japanese and SimplifiedChinese.Additional permissions:- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - This permission is used for saving adsthat we serve in exchange for in game items like extra lives, gemsand coins. Allowing this permission makes it easy to serve ads andhelps you manage data consumption.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - This permission goes with the above, andis only used to show ads already saved on your storage.- GET_ACCOUNTS - This permission is needed by google cloudmessaging to allow us to send you notifications for the game.Like Run Run Super V on Facebook! Altitude Games for more updates! up for our newsletter at http://www.altitude-games.comHaving problems? Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you! Youcan reach us at: superv@altitude-games.comBy Altitude Games
Zodiac POP! Bubble Shooter 1.4.0
Bubble shooter game that tells you yourdaily horoscope!* One of the highest rated bubble shooter games on Google Play!*Bubble shooter game meets astrology in this new, cute and addictivepuzzle game! Join Zoe and her Jelly friend and find out your dailyhoroscope and lucky numbers and play dozens of fun and challenginglevels!Shoot bubbles in space to help Zoe and her jelly friends save thezodiac signs and beat the odds! In return, she'll read the starsand predict your future! It’s a fun bubble shooter game and dailyhoroscope reader in one. You can also check yours and your friend’szodiac compatibility to find your match!Choose your zodiac sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces andstart playing now!POP BUBBLES• Pop bubbles while you explore the galaxy together with Zoe inthis cute and colourful bubble shooter game.• Burst bubbles with space bombs, burn through difficult levelswith comets, and collect hundreds of stars!• Free all the zodiac signs: Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces andfind out what is written in your stars!• Play hundreds of fun and challenging levels and collect manyawesome rewards!DAILY HOROSCOPE* The only bubble shooter puzzle game and daily horoscope readerin one! *• Pop bubbles and get your daily horoscope and your zodiac signfuture for FREE every day!• Horoscopes will unlock as you progress through the galaxy andearn stars.• Complete dozens of exciting quests and awesome levels to discoveryour lucky numbers!• Match, pop and burst bubbles with Zoe and her jelly pals to getyour future read from the stars!• Get readings for all zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer,Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius andPisces.CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDS• Match with your friends on Facebook!• Pop bubbles to complete levels and then select a friend to seewhat the stars have to say about the two of you!• Connect to your friends with Facebook to find out what theirsigns are and your zodiac compatibility!• Play on different devices - log in with Facebook to save yourprogress across all devicesBubble shooter puzzle game for everyone! Join Zoe and her jellypals and learn what the future holds for you!Bubble popping action out of this world! Play Zodiac POP!now!★ Developer's notes ★• Currently available in English, French, Spanish and Germanlanguages and will be localized in other languages soon.• Zodiac Pop! requires Android version of 5.0 or higher, and aninternet connection or mobile data toplay. For the best game play experience, at least 1GB of RAM isrequired.Zodiac Pop! Game Guide: Zodiac Pop! on Facebook! Altitude Games for more updates! up for our newsletter and get more updates on Zoe and herjelly pals at http://www.altitude-games.comHaving problems? Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you! Youcan reach us at:zodiacpop@altitude-games.comBy Altitude Games
Holy Ship! Pirate Action
Ahoy, mateys! As the new captain of a pirate ship, you willfacecountless enemies and fearsome sea creatures waiting for youatevery turn. Are you up to the challenge of becoming thegreatestpirate of all time? EASY TO PLAY Let your crew fightautomaticallyor step in to use your ship’s special attacks withjust one tap!Each time you set sail, there’ll be lots of goldwaiting for you!ENEMIES ARE WAITING Evil bosses and their crew arewaiting todestroy your ship and steal your gold! Watch out forinfamouspirates like Ned Shark, Krispy Kraken, and Scorpydoo. Goodluck outthere... you’ll need it. PICK YOUR CREW Loyal crew lendtheirskills and special attacks to help defeat enemies faster.Choosebetween the trigger happy pig Nas T. Bacon, the intimidatingdogSolomon Bark, and many more. CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHIP Defeat enemiestotake their gear! Legendary sails, cannons, and hulls are outthere,waiting to be found. Share your ship and show your friendshow goodpirate life can be! UNLEASH YOUR FURY! Choose whichpowerful skillsto equip and when to use them. Will you choose theTwin Big Cannonto rip enemy ships to shreds, or the GoldenMaelstrom to sink yourenemies to the bottom of the sea? Mix andmatch so many skills tosuit your playstyle! WHAT ARE YOU WAITINGFOR? The challenges ofthe open sea are never ending. More enemies,bosses, and treasureare waiting for you in new regions all over theworld. Download andplay Holy Ship! today for an action-packedadventure! Like HolyShip! on Facebook! FollowAltitude Games formoreupdates! up for our newsletter at Havingproblems? Got a suggestion?We’d love to hear from you! You canreach us By Altitude Games
Dream Defense 1.8.200
The night seems endless and full of terrors… Who will saveRobinfrom her evil nightmares, if not her faithful and fierceteddybear? Are you able to protect your friend from bad dreamsandmonsters in this addictive action-shooter game? Can yousurviveuntil sunrise? Play as a brave, gun-slinging toy bear anddefendRobin from scary and sinister creatures that wait silently inthedead of the night, only to attack as soon as she falls asleep.Witha wide range of awesome weapons, upgrades, and power-ups atyourdisposal, use simple touch controls to shoot, bombard, blast,andfreeze the enemy swarms. Challenge yourself to multiplelevels,build toy defenses and defeat the evil bosses! Prepareyourself forendless waves of sinister creatures and creepy monstersand doeverything you can to prevent the nightmares from comingtrue!Please note: Dream Defense is free to play with the optiontounlock items with in-app purchases. • A BRAVE BEAR NEVER SLEEPS–Tap the screen to shoot monsters and save your friend! Only thetoybear knows what dangers lurk in the dark. From sunset tosunriseenemies swarm Robin’s room, so stay alert and watch out fortheevil bosses! • A SMART BEAR ALWAYS HAS A STRATEGY -Fromfire-spewing clowns to giant ghouls, there’s no telling whatcreepyand spooky enemies Robin will dream of next. Find yourenemy’sweakness and pick your arsenal wisely. Choose your bestdefensestrategy and defeat all the creepy demons! • A RESOURCEFULBEAR ISALWAYS PREPARED – Equip yourself with several excitingweapons!Attack the nightmare demons with bb and poison guns, peppersprays,darts and many, many more! Bombard your enemies withexplosives orfreeze them with ice-cream! Fortify Robin’s bed withall sorts ofawesome toy defenses. Build pencil barricades to keepnightmaresaway, or equip laser lamps that shoot monsters from afar.• AWARRIOR BEAR HAS THE BEST GEAR - Unlock new items at the storebycompleting levels and shooting new enemies. Upgrade weapons andusepower-ups to be even more powerful. Put your toy defense upandultimately save your best friend from the evil monsters thatlurkin the shadows. Survive the night and don’t let Robin’snightmarescome true! Play the ultimate shooter game Dream Defensenow forFREE! ★ Developer's notes ★ • Currently available inFrench,German, Italian, Spanish, Thai and Simplified Chinese. •DreamDefense requires an online connection or mobile data to play •Needtips to help you get started on the game? Read ourofficialbeginner'sguide:•Help us make the game better! Leave your comments and suggestionsinour feedback form here: Your opinionmatters!• Dream Defense requires Android version of 5.0 or higher,and aninternet connection or mobile data to play. For the bestgameplayexperience, at least 1GB of RAM is required. Like DreamDefense onFacebook! FollowAltitudeGames for moreupdates! up for our newsletter at Havingproblems? Got a suggestion?We’d love to hear from you! You canreach us By Altitude Games