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Samorost 3 Demo
Guide the space gnome through the entire first planet in this freedemo! Samorost 3 follows a curious space gnome who uses the powersof a magic flute to travel across the cosmos in search of itsmysterious origins. Visit nine unique and alien worlds teeming withcolorful challenges, creatures and surprises to discover, broughtto life with beautiful artwork, sound and music.
Amanita Design
CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure game. Join the hairy hero Chuchel andhis rival Kekel in their quest to retrieve the precious cherry andface numerous puzzles and challenges! The reward? Cheerfulsituational humor, wild music and sounds by the band DVA and dozensof hilarious gags that warm up even the coldest of souls. Pluscherries!
Machinarium Demo 2.6.9
Please make sure you are logged in to your Google Play Gamesaccountto transfer your progress into the full game. Machinariumis theaward-winning independent adventure game developed by themakers ofSamorost series, Botanicula and CHUCHEL. Help Josef therobot tosave his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black CapBrotherhoodgang. "Absolutely Fantastic" - TouchArcade 4/4 - USATODAY 4/4 -SlideToPlay 9/10 - Pocket Gamer Awards: - IGF,Excellence in VisualArt Award - Gamasutra, Best Indie Game Of TheYear -,Best Indie Game Of The Year
Samorost 2
Amanita Design
Jump back in time and experience the gnome's second cosmicadventurefor the first time on mobile in this new enhancedversion! Samorost2 tells a surreal story of a space gnome whosedog just gotkidnapped by mischievous aliens. Set out on a shortexpedition torescue the pup, deal with curious strangers and relaxto thesoothing music by Tomáš "Floex" Dvořák. The new and improvedversionbrings: - Enhanced graphics with full-screen support - Abunch ofgame design tweaks - Revamped save system (no more levelcodes!) -New zoom feature - Achievements
Machinarium 2.5.6
Amanita Design
Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventuregamedeveloped by the makers of Samorost series, Botanicula andCHUCHEL.Help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Berta kidnappedby theBlack Cap Brotherhood gang. "Absolutely Fantastic" -TouchArcade4/4 - USA TODAY 4/4 - SlideToPlay 9/10 - Pocket GamerAwards: -IGF, Excellence in Visual Art Award - Gamasutra, BestIndie Game OfThe Year -, Best Indie Game Of The Year
Amanita Design
Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey tosavethe last seed from their home tree which is infested byevilparasites. - Relaxed game perfect for hard core gamers,theirpartners, families and seniors. - More than 150 detailedlocationsto explore. - Hundreds of funny animations. - Incredibleamount ofhidden bonuses. - Award winning music by Dva.
Samorost 3
Amanita Design
Samorost 3 follows a curious space gnome who uses the powers ofamagic flute to travel across the cosmos in search of itsmysteriousorigins. Visit nine unique and alien worlds teeming withcolorfulchallenges, creatures and surprises to discover, brought tolifewith beautiful artwork, sound and music.
Samorost 1 1.12.8
Explore the beginnings of the Samorost series in the spacegnome’soriginal bite-sized adventure, formerly released in 2003.Now withremastered sounds, enhanced graphics and new music byFloex.