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Dog Assistant Life - Activity Log + Potty Training
Welcome to Dog Assistant Life! Dog Assistant Life is anenhancedversion of our current best selling app Dog Assistant. Itis yoursolution to staying on top of your dog’s daily activities,leadingto a more organized life for both dog and owner. DogAssistant Lifeallows you and your pack to stay updated on what yourdog is up to,whether sleeping, walking, peeing, pooping, oranything else youwish to track. Features such as our Activity Log,Reminders, andChat function coupled with our newly added MedicationandVaccination tracker, Pattern Charts, Journal, Weight Tracker,andeasily exportable data will allow family, friends, and dogwalkersto work together to manage your dog’s day to dayactivities.FEATURES • Add family, friends, and dog walkers to yourdog’s packto work together • All members of your pack get notifiedof yourdog’s activities, allowing for efficient planning • Log yourdog’sdaily activities and see patterns over time • Use ourPatternCharts to identify trends • Keep track of medicationsandvaccinations • Journal your dog's adventures and upload photostoshare with your pack • Track your dog’s weight • Easilyswitchbetween multiple dogs • Chat with your pack • Createcustomreminders for important dog events • Share your dog’s databyexporting it as a CSV Dog Assistant Life’s goal is to makethelives of all dogs happier. And happy dogs mean a happierworld!———————————————————— PrivacyPolicy: Terms andConditions: