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Amber Weather&Radar Free 4.7.0
Amber Weather is your personal weather station providing currentweather for today and daily & hourly weather forecasts based onyour current location or any location in the world. Amber Weatherdoes not only offer real-time forecasts but also comes withdifferent features for you to customize the weather as you want.The app features the following: -Get current weather and weatherforecasts for any location in the world (The app is translated intoover 30 languages for you to easily use it) -Detailed weatherreport: current temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity,visibility, atmospheric pressure, air quality index (AQI), dewpoint and UV index. -Hourly forecasts, 7 days forecasts and longrange weather forecasts -Climate overview: to check monthly H/Ltemperature in a year -In-advanced severe weather for todayalerts,like heavy raining & Typhoon -Warmly outdoor sports tipsbased on real-time Air Quality -Offer daytime & Moon Phasegraphics, help you know weather better -Send you with brief weathertips in the morning before work, and in the evening before sleep-Save your favorite locations to quickly get forecasts -Currentweather for today notification -Over 90 home screen widgets indifferent sizes and themes (try-before-you-buy-service available)-Refreshing Material Design-based UI -Optimized for tabletsFeedback If you have any advice or suggestions, please send yourfeedback to Your feedback will be fullyappreciated. We are looking forward to improving our product withyour help.
Block Ads in Amber Widgets 1.0
The BEST Ad Blocker (block both Ads and Push Notifications) forweather widgets supported by Amber Weather is here ready for you!With this Ad Blocker, you can have a better ad-free weatherservice. Please keep in mind that this ad blocker is only work withclock & weather widgets supported by Amber Weather. Features ofandroid clock and weather widgets offered by Amber Weather: ·Theseandroid widgets can display the current time, date, basic oradvanced weather information, daily or hourly forecast, batterylevel, Internet connection status, available storage information,next alarm, next calendar event, week number, battery level andmore ` Detailed current weather forecast display that includeslocation time, sunrise and sunset, humidity, pressure, chance ofrain, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind direction and speed,current condition, temperature, high and low temperatures for theday ` Beautiful weather backgrounds according to the currentweather condition and day or night ` Resize widgets to any size. ·Hourly / Daily Weather forecast: including weather prediction, thehigh / low temperature, rainfall, wind, etc. All these data aredetailed in daily or even hourly. · Weather Alerts: Informing thereal-time weather alerts and weather warnings. · Air Quality Index(AQI): Present air quality index for 20,000 locations worldwide,with which you can better plan their routines outdoors. · TimeUnites Setting: You can reset the temperature unit (Fahrenheit /Celsius), time format (12h / 24h), update interval of time, theunit of wind speed, pressure unit, etc. · Precipitation Forecast:Tell bring an umbrella with you before it rains. · Quick Action:Click the widget screen, then you can go to the detailed weatherforecast or store customization. · Many different widget skins tochoose from. · World Weather: Support of different weatherproviders that gives you more accurate weather forecast for yourlocation. · Multiple Language Support: English weather forecast,中文天气预报,中文天氣氣象預報, français prévisions météorologiques,DeutscheWettervorhersage, italiano previsioni del tempo, 日语 天気予報, 한국어 일기예보, português  previsão do tempo, русский прогноз погоды, Español pronóstico del tiempo, Bahasa Indonesia  Prakiraan Cuaca,Ukranian прогноз погоди, ไทย พยากรณ์อากาศ, Tiếng Việt dự báo thờitiết, Arabic النشرة الجوية, etc. 3 The exceptional characteristicsof those best Android clock and weather widget: · Accurate LocalWeather Forecast widgets that provide professional and accurateweather service to 20,000 locations thousands worldwide. ·Convenient Simple, clean and easy-to-use user interface.Conveniently to check the weather without opening an application. ·Customized Offer a widget store with various themes for you tocustomize/personalize your home screen. Besides, real-time weatherreflecting weather report is available here as well. Such greatweather app and weather widgets, wouldn't it be better if withoutany ads? To have a better experience with it, try this ad blockerfor android prank right now! Stay in touch If you would like tohelp with the translation and localization, please write
Amber Weather Pro 1.1
Amber Weather Elite is your best personalweather channel providing current weather for today and daily &hourly weather forecasts based on your current location or anylocation in the world. Amber Weather Elite does not only offerreal-time forecasts but also comes with different features for youto customize the weather as you want.The weather app features the following:-Get current weather and weather forecasts for any location in theworld.EX: Chicago weather, London weather, Shanghai weather,Tokyoweather,and so on. (The app is translated into over 30 languagesfor you to easily use it)-Detailed weather report: temperature(Fahrenheit/ Centigrade), windspeed and direction, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure,air quality index (AQI), dew point and UV index.-Hourly forecasts, 7 days forecasts and long range weatherforecasts-Climate overview: to check monthly H/L temperature in a year-Set personalized live weather alerts,like heavyraining&Typhoon-Warmly outdoor sports tips based on real-time Air Quality. Tellyou the local health information for your area, and the suitabilityfor different kinds of outdoor activities.-Offer daytime & Moon Phase graphics, and sunrise & sunsettime help you know weather better-Send you with brief weather tips in the morning before work, andin the evening before sleep-Save your favorite locations to quickly get forecasts-Current weather for today notification-Over 90 home screen widgets in different sizes and themes(try-before-you-buy-service available)-Refreshing Material Design-based UI-Optimized for tabletsInstall this weather app,let it be your work,travel’s goodhelper!FeedbackIf you have any advice or suggestions, please send your feedback Your feedback will be fully appreciated.We are looking forward to improving our product with yourhelp.You can also like us on Facebook to send your great ideas:
Ad Blocker Plug-in for Launcher 1.2
The BEST Adblock Plug-in is coming! Totally no ads and nopops-up,enjoy pure apps. This Ad-Blocker is used to block ads inAceLauncher. Stay in touch If you would like to help withthetranslation and localization, please
Local Weather Pro
This clock and weather app with widget is here waiting for you!This widgetis a full featured, completely customizable digitalclock and weather forecast widget. With it, you can get clock andweather information conveniently It provides accurate local weatherinformation like highest/lowest temperature and current weatherconditions. Features of this weather widget ⛅This daily weather appcan display current temperature, daily and hourly forecasts,sunrise and sunset time, humidity, wind speed, air pressure and UVindex ⛅Live weather background wallpaper ⛅Severe Weather Alerts:Informing the real-time weather alerts and weather warnings. Rain,storm thunder and lightning alerts will be received as weathernotifications. ⛅ Precipitation Forecast, tells you when will be anumbrella weather. ☀️ Many beautiful weather skins live widgets tochoose from. ⛅ World Weather App: It’s not only a weather detectorfor your own location, but also a global weather tracker that youcan search world weather and temperature. ☀️ Multiple LanguageSupport: weather forecast,天气预报,天氣氣象預報, prévisions météorologiques,Wettervorhersage, previsioni del tempo, 天気予報, 일기 예보, previsão dotempo,прогноз погоды, pronóstico del tiempo, Cuaca,прогноз погоди,พยากรณ์อากาศ, dự báo thời tiết, النشرة الجوية, etc. ⚡ Notice: ⚡This weather widget only support basic weather feature. If you wantmore features like extended weather forecast, simple moon phasecalendar, moonrise & moonset, AQI etc, please upgrate to ourAmber Weather Elite (our Weather App Pro). We believe our weatherapp pro version will become your weather tracker and personalweather station. Stay in touch If you have any problem about proversion, Including but not limited to functional issues, ads arenot removed properly, positioning is not accurate, and so on. Yourexclusive customer service agent is at your
VIP for Amber Widgets 1.5
The BEST VIP Plug-in for Amber Widgets is coming! Please keepinmind that : 1. this VIP Plug-in can't work alone. It has toworkwith weather apps. 2. When buy this plug-in, restart yourweatherapp and all ads will disappear. - Full refund (100% moneybackguarantee) if app does not work as described. We recommendthisweatherapp: buy VIP, All the weather widgets provided by WeatherWidgetTheme Dev Team will be free and there will be no ads. Suchgreatweather app and weather widgets, wouldn't it be better ifwithoutany ads and pops-up, 500+ Fantastic Widgets Free to Use? Tohave abetter experience with it, try this VIP for amber weatherright now!Stay in touch If you have any problem about plug-in,Including butnot limited to functional issues, ads are not removedproperly,positioning is not accurate, and so on. Your exclusivecustomerservice agent is at your service:
Widgets Unlocker Plug-in for Amber Widgets 1.3
Please note that: the plug-in not design for Amber Weather orAmberWeather & Radar Free. It designed for our independentAmberWidget apps. You can download one and enjoy theservices: buy the plug-in, All the weather widgets provided byWeatherWidget Theme Dev Team will be free . The BEST WidgetsUnlockerPlug-in for Amber Widgets is coming! Please keep in mindthat: 1.This Widgets Unlocker Plug-in can't work alone. It has towork withweather apps. 2. If this plug-in isn't work, restart yourweatherapp and retry. - Full refund (100% money back guarantee) ifapp doesnot work as described Such great weather app and weatherwidgets,wouldn't it be better if 500+ Fantastic Widgets Free toUse? To havea better experience with it, try this Widgets UnlockerPlug-in forandroid right now! Stay in touch If you have anyproblem aboutplug-in, Including but not limited to functionalissues, ads are notremoved properly, positioning is not accurate,and so on. Yourexclusive customer service agent is at