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Galaxian 1.0
This remake of the 1979 arcade classic willentertain gamers old and young alike. This fixed-style shooter putsyou in the control of a spaceship that must fend off descendingenemies that come at you from every which way. One of the mostpopular games of all time, Galaxian is as much fun today as it wasover thirty years ago.
Reindeer Games 1.0
Rudolph the Reindeer loves to playReindeer Games on Christmas Day!Ever since he guided Santa's sleigh,the reindeer have always let him play.Santa has never been more pleasedto throw his magic rings with ease.The children laugh and dance and sing,while the rings glow and swing and do magic things.How to Play:Drag Rudolph toward the rings with your finger.Lift your finger off Rudolph to make him jump.Try to help him jump through the rings!
iCentipede Androidipede 1.0
The Androidipede moves on its many legsthrough your garden. You must destroy it while avoiding the othercritters: fleas and spiders. You may move around using anaccelerometer or joystick option.When you have eliminated all the Androidpedes on your currentlevel, more Androidpedes appear on the next level --and they'refaster!Can you keep up with the Androidpede? Enjoy all the colors!Its a very close copy of the classic arcade game Centipede. Onlythat pesky centipede resembles android guys. Its pretty clever andlots of fun. See how many levels you can accomplish. Look for thecool surprises. There are a few. If you notice them, let usknow.
SeaWolf 1.0
It is the middle of a World War and battlesare being waged all over the planet, including in the depths of thesea.In SeaWolf, you are the commander of a submarine tasked withdisrupting the enemy war effort. Your mission is simple: you mustdestroy as much enemy equipment as possible without beingdestroyed.Do not let enemy ships escape because they are all carryingcargo that will help the enemy war effort. If you let any shipsescape, the enemy will have more weapons to attack you, and theirNavy will get better armed! The longer you survive, the more shipsthe enemy will send!Destroy the enemy and slip back into the waves with SeaWolf!
I Can Quit: Smoking 1.0
Have trouble quitting a bad habit? I CanQuit!™ will send you or your loved ones encouraging messages tohelp them get through this tough time. Don't let it effect youreveryday life.I Can Quit!™ will send you or your loved ones encouragingmessages.Thinking about quitting smoking? You’ve seen the truth ads andyou know it’s the right step towards a healthier lifestyle.But you’re not alone! Did you know that smokers trying to quitwere twice as likely to continue cessation when supportive textmessages were continuously sent? I Can Quit!™ can be your supportthrough this tough time.
Shark Nite Scuba 1.0
How far can you make it in shark-infestedwaters with nothing but a tank of air? Test your survival skillswith Shark Nite 3D Scuba!Get the air canisters as you make your way through the deadlywaters, avoiding nature's most primeval predator: the great whiteshark!Will you get eaten or run out of air? Most importantly, can youlast longer than your friends?
Hockey Hat Trick 1.0
You are the goaltender. Catch as many fallinghats and squid, but avoid the metal stars.Catch a rooster - get a life.The rare sombrero is worth 10 MILLION POINTS!!!Get a high score and have fun!
Battle Ship Game 1.0
A mysterious army is trying to take overyourocean path ways. Unfortunately for them, you are alreadyoccupyingthose waters as the commander of the most highlyadvancedbattleship in the world.It is up to you to guard the ocean from wave after wave ofseaand air attacks.Can you defend your battleship?You sunk my Battleship!
Shut Out Shoot Out 1.0
Coach looks at you and gives you the nod:It’stime. You grab your hockey stick, hop the boards to the ice,andhave a feeling that this may be your defining moment as anNHLplayer.It is game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals, you are thehometeam, the score is tied at a double shutout, overtime isalmostover, and the other team has pulled the goalie leaving anopen net.You now must Shoot Out and break the Shutout to win.You receive the puck in your zone and have to shoot pucks inamoving net through the other team’s defense. Act fast, shoothard,find the net, score as many times as you can and get thehighestscore.He shoots, HE SCORES!!!
Mia 2.0
The app was intentionally designed to besimpleand easy to navigate, with the information we need only twotapsaway. Important insurance information should always be at thereadywithout having to shuffle through stacks of cards or prodyourmemory for those membership digits, expiration dates, andotherhard-to-memorize numbers or information.
Gnomes On a Fence Holiday 1.0
‘Twas the night before Christmas andallthrough the house, not a creature was stirring... not even...What was that noise coming from the garden?It looks like those pesky gnomes are at it again! It doesn’tmakeany logical sense, but they’ve all come to life and starteddancingand playing on top of the fence! This will not do!Time to sling snowballs at them until they stop breaking thelawsof physics! You only have 60 seconds before they stop dancingontheir own, so you better hurry!Is this really happening? Maybe you just had too mucheggnog…
Contraction Timer 1.0
Easily time labor contractions. Ahandyone-button interface to start and stop the timer, it alsolists theduration and spacing of the last contraction, the lasttime ofcontraction. The app times contractions from the start ofone tothe start of the next, as recommended by childbirth coaches.Email your list of contractions to yourself or your birthingteamto monitor progress or document the event.The app remembers all data and whether you were in the middleofa contraction or not between launches, so you can jump backandforth between this and your favorite game or another apptodistract you during and between contractions.
Lumberjack 1.0
Chop down the Trees! Get paid!Lumberjack is a hand-eye coordination timing game in whichyoumust time the wind speed and chops just right.You are the Lumberjack! The forest is the only thing thatisstopping a freeway and strip mall from being built. Time tosharpenthat axe and cut down the primeval forest as fast as youpossiblycan!Touch the screen to chop the trees down. Tapping the screenwhenthe ball is in the middle of the red power bar will give youthestrongest chop. But be careful! If you chop too fast, you willgettired!Watch out for the weather! Pay attention to what directionthewind is blowing when you make your final chop, or you mightgetcrushed by the falling tree! The weather gets worse and worseinthe higher levels as Mother Nature gets angrier, sopayattention!Can you clear the forest before Mother Nature gets the bestofyou?
Get the Groundhogs 1.0
This is a remake of the classicWhack-A-Molegame-- with a twist!The skunks rule the land of Sykesville, but their territoryisquickly being invaded by groundhogs! Those stupid groundhogsarealways trying to be the center of attention. After all,theyalready get their own holiday, and the citizens ofPunxsutawneylove them.But the groundhogs want more, and have declared war ontheskunks. It’s up to you to help fight them off and getbackSykesville for the skunks!Your mission is to hit as many groundhog invaders as you can.Themore groundhogs you hit, the harder the levels get. And try nottoget distracted by all the skunks coming out of hiding to seewhatall the commotion is about! If you accidentally hit them, itwillinterfere with your goal of ridding the city of thosepeskygroundhogs forever.And the groundhogs aren’t your only targets. The birdshavejoined in and are trying to invade too! Hit them to getbonuspoints!Can you put a stop to the invasion and reclaim Sykesville fortheskunks?
Nerdipede 3.0
The Nerdipede moves on its many legsthroughyour school room. You must destroy it while avoiding theotherobstacles: falling apples and bullies. You may move aroundusing anaccelerometer or joystick option.When you have eliminated all the Nerdipedes on yourcurrentlevel, more Nerdipedes appear on the next level-- andthey'refaster! Don’t let all the colors distract you!Can you keep up?
Final Four Freaky Foul Shot 1.0
Just in time for the Final FourTournament.Settle all your disputes and make your marke with FreakyFoul Shotfor the Final Four.Do you love basketball and arcade games? Then this is thegamefor you!This arcade-style basketball shooting game is fun for allages.You have one minute to shoot as many baskets as you can. Onlyit’snot as easy as you think!This modern translation of the classic basketball game featuresanet that moves side to side, up and down, and diagonally. If yougeta high score, it will be automatically recorded so that youcanimpress all of your friends and determine who the Freaky FoulShotChampion really is!
Ninja Catch 1.0
Help the little ninja catch falling snakesandoctopi, but avoid the ninja stars!If you catch the scorpion, you get 10,000,000 points!!!
Crack The Glowsticks 1.0
An interactive glow stick experience withjustthe touch of a finger and a twist of the wrist!Simply pick your color or style of glow stick from the menu,andthen press the Glow button to be instantly rewarded withabrand-new glow stick! Shake to mix the fluorescent fluid forabrighter glow.Use it in the dark or to bring spark to any party!
No Doubt! This Trip is Bananas 1.0
Get ready to go bananas!Bobo has done it again! He ate all the bananas in hisvillage,and now has to bring back as many bananas as he can beforehe canreturn home. Help Bobo collect all of the falling bananasbeforehis village kicks him out for good.But, be careful.! Bobo's village is allergic to coconuts, andifhe collects the falling coconuts he will lose a life. If Bobolosesa life, help him find oranges that will give him an extralife.Monkey see, monkey do, right?
Jacks Tic-Tac-Toe Game 1.1
Jack loves Tic Tac Toe! But playing byyourselfgets boring right?Jack has decided to be the computer and play against you. Youtryto beat jack in a classic game of Tic Tac Toe.If Jack is too difficult you can change his brain power downandlet victory be yours!Don't let Jack beat you in Tic Tac Toe!
Super Droid Mine Sweeper 1.0
This is the classic Microsoft MineSweeperlogicgame—but with droids! This game has kept more people fromgettingtheir work done than any other game in the history of thePC.(Except for maybe Hearts!, LOL)Select a square from the grid to sweep and the computerwillreveal what is under it. But watch out for droids!Squares that are near a droid will display the number ofadjacentdroids. The first square does not contain a droid, butfrom there onout it’s up to you to use your brilliant powers ofdeduction tosolve the puzzle.Try not to get mesmerized by the swirling water!
Gnomes On a Fence! 2.0
It's a battle between the gnomes and thefrogsin Gnomes On A Fence!In this game, you'll face off against a boisterous generationofgnomes that are causing trouble in your garden. Meanwhile,thefrogs in your pond have taken it upon themselves to teachthosecheeky gnomes a lesson!Knock the gnomes off the fence by making the frogs jump intheirdirection. Some gnomes are peskier than others, and you'llgetextra points if you hit the gnomes that are mooning you.Can you protect your garden from the onslaught oftroublesomegnomes?
Mustache Booth! 2.0
Do you suffer from mustache envy? Are yousadbecause you can’t grow one of your own yet? With the MustacheBoothapp, anybody can have a mustache! Get that perfect handlebarorcurly ‘stache going on your Smartphone, as Mustache Booth givesyouthe ability to have the ideal mustache in seconds!Mustache Booth allows you to take a picture of yourself,yourdog, your mom, or anything else you want and add a uniquemustacheto it. Choose from many different styles and colors to getthatperfect facial hair look going. You can resize, rotate, andmovethem around all you want, so have fun and get creative! Youcanthen share your awesome new stache with the world viaInstagram,Facebook, Twitter, Google+, text message, or email.
Zombie Slasher Los Angeles 3.0
The zombies have descended upon LosAngeles,California. Can you retake Los Angeles from the hordes ofzombies?Arm yourself to the teeth with your AA-12 shotgun, MAC-10, andamachete to spray, hack, and slash those zombies to smithereens!Putsome karate or kung fu moves on them and take care ofbizness!Fast-paced action will have you nervous for your life asthezombies get closer and closer, looking to eat your brains.Become the Zombie Slasher Hero! Do you have the guts?Zombie Slasher (tm) LA is a favorite for all ages, from thosewhogrew up with classic arcade action games to kids. The zombiefunnever dies!
Quick Draw Wild West 1.0
Are you the fastest gun in the West? Checkyourreaction time and get the bad guys with Quick Draw for yourAndroiddevice.Being a cowboy has never been more thrilling.You have been chosen by your fellow townspeople to protectthemfrom Sheriff Bisbee and his crew. Be the fastest to move onthroughBisbee’s crew until you're the last man standing. Choose abad guyfrom one of the wanted posters, and then get your triggerfingerready! Once you see one of Bisbee’s guys move, shoot them asfastas you can!If you get shot you have to restart the game. Be sure to bethefastest -- your town is counting on you, Quick Draw Cowboy!
Shark Bite! 1.0
Live the dream of being at the top of thefoodchain in Shark B/Nite.In this game you are a great white shark, and your goal is toeatas many people as possible to maintain your fiercereputation.The housing market is cutthroat at Beach City--for everytouristyou eat, two more tourists will show up to stake a claim onthetimeshare left vacant by your last meal.But the buffet can't last forever. Once people realize thatthereis a deadly shark in the water with them, then they will allleave,so you only get 60 seconds to eat as many people as youcan.Can you maintain your spot as nature’s most deadlypredator?Steer your shark by tilting your screen and find out!Bon Appétit!