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Sports Tracker is not only one of the best fitness apps around,it’s the original sports app. For over a decade, Sports Tracker hashelped millions of fitness fans around the world get inspiredthrough exercise, and it can help you too -- whether it’s running,cycling, walking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or other sportsactivities that power your passion. Track your training usingpowerful GPS and maps, analyze everything from calories burned toaverage speed and altitude, and monitor your progress as you worktowards your fitness goals. Best of all, you don’t have to go italone! Sports Tracker is the social sports tracking application andservice that started it all. Powerful social features let you shareyour workout progress and photos with friends and followers,motivating you to stay on track with your training. FANTASTICFEATURES TO GET YOU FIT Sports Tracker for Android comes withpowerful social features in addition to award-winning GPS trackingcapabilities, making it the most feature-packed, easy to usefitness app available: - Track and analyze your workoutperformances - Monitor your fitness progress - Record data in yourWorkout Diary for progress analysis and back it up on SportsTracker’s online service - Track calories burned, average trainingand cycling speed, running pace, altitude and more - Use GPS maps,time and distance calculators - Get voice feedback during training- Follow friends who inspire and motivate you and see theirprogress on your social feed - Encourage friends by commenting andliking their updates, right from your home screen - Share yourprogress, photos, workouts, favorite running and cycling maps andmore with friends on Sports Tracker, Facebook, and Twitter - Prefera private workout? No problem! There’s no pressure to share.EXPLORE NEW ROUTES ON FASCINATING HEATMAPS -Explore and find newroutes anywhere you are -Choose your favourite map type (terrain,satellite or hybrid) -Plan your route beforehand and adjustdistance to match your fitness level -Easily save your favoriteroutes to run, hike, MTB or bike in any area -Follow your route inthe app to stay on track -Analyze your route-specific performancewith the “On this route” feature -Find Heatmaps for your sporttype: trail running maps, Mountain Bike routes, most common trailsin national parks or a new exactly 10K road run in yourneighborhood -See the local’s favourite routes when traveling anddiscover hidden treasures you wouldn’t find in a travel guide HEARTRATE MONITORING Take your training to the next level with theSports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor – available separatelyat FREE ONLINE SERVICE ATWWW.SPORTS-TRACKER.COM Sports Tracker is the most powerful socialsports tracking solution available for Android when used with thefull-featured online service at The freeonline service offers automatic workout backup, detailed maps andanalysis views, friends' workouts and lots more. Ready to have fungetting fit so that you can be your personal best? Download SportsTracker today and join the world’s first and the best social sportsapp community. Here's the solution how to continue if trackinghappens to stop while working out:
Suunto 4.10.1
Enable your active life with Suunto app. Suunto app is nowcompatible with all mobile-connected Suunto devices! Suunto 9,Suunto 3 Fitness and Suunto Spartan are joined in Suunto app byAmbit3, Traverse, Traverse Alpha as well as D5, EON Steel and EONCore Dive computers, all of which are now compatible with Suuntoapp. Welcome all! KEY HIGHLIGHTS View key training, activity andsleep summaries Stay connected with notifications Customize whatyou want to see on your watch during training and adventures(create your own sport modes) Activity-specific heatmaps in Suuntoapp show you where the most popular routes are, all around theworld. Discover and plan your new favorite routes in your home cityor while you’re traveling somewhere new. Sync them directly to yourwatch and GO! (Suunto 9 and Suunto Spartan) For Suunto 3 Fitness,see your speed and distance as well as your track in the map byusing the Suunto app to enable ‘connected’ GPS from your phone. GETTHE BASICS Suunto app keeps you on top of life and your sports.Keep track of key activity details in your workout summaries andtrends in your activity, daily steps, calories and sleep. Stayconnected with notifications from your mobile phone. For Suunto 3Fitness, see your speed and distance as well as your track in themap by using the Suunto app to enable ‘connected’ GPS from yourphone. ADVENTURE ON THE GO When you are going for run or ride andwant to change the data you see your watch during training, you cancustomize it directly on Suunto app and it will updateautomatically to your watch. Whether you be in a new city or just anew trail, you can plan your new favourite route with Suunto app,sync it to your watch, and Go! (Suunto 9 and Suunto Spartan). STAYMOTIVATED The Suunto community is a vibrant and diverse group,sharing inspiring stories and experiences every day. Follow andconnect with friends, and encourage others in your feed with likesand comments. There is always help in Suunto app to get the mostout of your experience with your new Suunto watch, from tips andtutorials to how-to videos, and more. SHARE AND CONNECT HOW YOUWANT You can now customize your social sharing. Select whether youwant to share distance, calories, speed, pace, duration, heartrate, ascent, even max speed! Its up to you! You can also sync youractivities to Strava, and we will be adding more sport and partnerservices soon! Learn more about Suunto and our heritage deeplyrooted in exploration and adventure since 1936. suunto.comContinued use of GPS running in the background can dramaticallydecrease battery life