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AAP Red Book 1.3.3
The enhanced Red Book app is here! Silver Award Winner -- 2015Digital Health Awards! The AAP Red Book app, features upgradedsearch and browse for quick answers, and an updated design to alignwith the enhanced Red Book Online site. The new app also includesmore access to online features when your device is connected to theInternet and better capabilities to keep you on top of Red Bookupdates. Quickly access critical, current information fordiagnosis, treatment, and management of more than 200 infectiousdiseases, including drug dosing, immunization information andupdates. Digital exclusive: Red Book Visual Library images to aidin diagnosis, epidemiology, vectors, and carriers! CONTAINS: ●Complete content of the fully revised 31st edition (2018) of RedBook ● Fully searchable text ● Hundreds of images curated from theRed Book Visual Library for diagnosis and management MOBILE VERSIONFEATURES: ● In-context pop-up images ● Updates on news and errata ●Bookmark favorite and frequently used pages ACCESS KEY RESOURCES: ●Immunization Schedules ● Vaccine Status Table ● Influenza ResourcePage ***Application requires Red Book Online access via existingsubscription, access for AAP members, or relationship to asubscribing institution or practice.
American Academy of Pediatrics 1.7
★Access all the best AAP apps, websites,articles, tools, and resources from one centralized app.★ Stayconnected with the latest authoritative information from theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to provide the best care forchildren and adolescents. Log in at the My Account area to haveSingle Sign On access to all of your subscriptions and memberbenefit sites.FEATURES:● Convenient gallery of AAP web links.● Updates and messages from AAP when new information and apps areavailable● Drag icons into the Favorites row for quick access to theresources you use most often● Education materials and articlesSINGLE SIGN-ON ACCESS TO AAP SITES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS:●● Pediatric Care Online● Red Book Online● Patient Education Online● My AAP● Pediatrics and Pediatrics Weekly● Other AAP journalsLinks to all free and subscription-based AAP apps, websites, andarticles will appear on the app’s main screen, giving you directaccess to your free and subscription resources. Clicking a linkthat requires a purchase or subscription will take you to the appstore where you can purchase if desired.
AAP eBooks Reader 5.2.5
Access your American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) eBooks on the go,offline, or anytime. Your anytime, anywhere access to eBooks fromthe leading pediatric publisher, covering all areas of health carefor children. AAP eBooks can be searched, browsed, and read byprofessionals looking for best practices when diagnosing, treating,and managing clinical conditions; as well as parents and patientslooking for answers. FEATURES:● Access your AAP eBooks at any time,even offline● Rapidly search across the individual titles or theentire collection.● Full text, visuals, and data tables.BENEFITS:●Find proven clinical and parenting solutions faster● Spend lesstime researching vital reference information. ● Access to over 130books in the AAP eBook Store to purchase and add your pediatriccollection● Stay up-to-date via automatic access to new AAPeditions and titles as they appear.The American Academy ofPediatrics (AAP) is the leading pediatric publisher. With titles inboth print and electronic formats, covering all areas of healthcare for children, AAP Publications are among the most respectedand frequently referenced in the world. Throughout the lastquarter-century, AAP Publications have been impacting the practiceand clinical application of pediatric medicine worldwide.
AAP Patient Ed: Healthy Growth 1.3
Healthy Growth: Tips on Healthy Active Living for Parents withYoung Children can be used to create tailored patient informationon healthy eating and active living for young children and theirfamilies. Topics of interest include: • Breastfeeding •Bottle-feeding • Healthy Beverages • Starting Solid Foods • PickyEaters • Snack Time • Routines and Schedules • Physical Activity •Screen Time • Sleep As a healthcare provider, this app allows youand the parent to identify healthy active living topic areas thatare important to the family during a patient encounter. Alsoincluded is the option to add goal setting to motivate olderchildren to strive for 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 2 hoursof screen time or less, 1 hour of physical activity or more, and 0sugary beverages. The resulting personalized action strategies canbe printed or emailed directly to the parent. As a parent, this appallows you to get information on topics that are of most importanceto you and the generated action strategies are based on feedbackfrom parents just like you! Other features include: content forparents and providers in English and Spanish, tips for parents witha focus on early feeding and nutrition, infographics and othermultimedia assets, push notifications, and the ability forproviders to customize their profile and email tips andinfographics directly to parents. Intended for parents andhealthcare providers of children 5 years of age and younger.
Car Seat Check 1.0
2013 Web Health Award Winner: Bronze Award,Mobile Application: Tool/Resource (Small Mobile Device)Find what type of car seat is right for your child based on age,height, and weight. Sortable product guide, including prices andsize limits. Videos, photos, audio clips, safety tips, and otherinformation to ensure you are installing correctly. Connect toproduct recalls, locate an installation technician, and findanswers to safety questions for car seats and travel. Manufacturercontact information for children with special needs.
PediaGene: AAP Genetics Guide 1.9
PediaGene is a one-stop resource for a wealth of genetic screeninginformation, available in either patient encounter or referencecontext.Edited by Robert A. Saul, MD, FAAP, based on the AAP manualMedical Genetics in Primary Care, PediaGene is free to AAP Membersthrough July 1, 2014, thanks to the support of Friends of Children.Patient Care:• Track patients, including images• Record familyhistory and see areas of concern• See screening questions usingSCREEN and FGENES for family history and anomalies• Red flag alertsfor When to Refer• Link to American College of Medical Genetics’ACT sheets to understand newborn screening anomaliesQuickReference:• Key tables from the manual, including geneticconditions by ethnicity• Image gallery of genetic anomalies• Keyresources for referral and treatment
NRP App 2.1.2
Key tools and resources to help NRP providers and instructors learnthe changes for the new 7th edition and updated AAP/AHA guidance.Includes access to the Flow Diagram and the full 2015 AAP/AHANeonatal Guidelines for CPR & ECC. Also, contains videos todemonstrate Positive-Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Cadence and MR.SOPA ventilation corrective steps. Stay current with the NRPFacebook feed.
Healthy Children 1.9
★Powered by pediatricians, trusted byparents.★Get the peace of mind with health information from theexperts, the American Academy of Pediatrics’officialweb site for parents. Use quick tools to find apediatrician bylocation and ask a pediatrician to help you getquick answers andaccess. Includes issues of HealthyChildrenMagazine and content fromthe award-winning Web site covering avariety of health topics forall ages and stages of development.FEATURES:● Find a Pediatrician search tool● Ask the Pediatrician forum for your questions● Healthy Children Magazine● Videos, articles, and resourcesUP-TO-DATE INFORMATION:● Updates and messages from the AAP delivered directlytodevice● Access to newsletters● Updates on new information and available appsLinks to available AAP apps will appear on the app’s mainscreen,giving you direct access to your AAP apps. Clicking an iconfor anapp you don’t yet have will take you to the app store whereyou canpurchase if desired.
AAP Pediatric Care Online 1.3.3
** PLEASE NOTE: Application requires Pediatric Care Online accessvia paid subscription, access for pediatric residents, orrelationship to a subscribing institution or practice.** ** NEWusers interested in Pediatric Care Online, please ** Pediatric Care Online is a practicaland convenient resource integrating a full range of essentialpediatric-specific clinical information and premier patienteducation content. This innovative and dynamic tool includes awealth of point-of-care references, tools, videos, handouts, andmore. The Pediatric Care Online app enables you to download keyresources including the Point-of-Care Quick Reference, Red Book,Interactive Periodicity Schedule, and Pediatric Drug Lookup forfast, offline access. When connected to mobile data or WiFi, linkseamlessly to the other features and content on themobile-responsive site through the in-app browser. Content isupdated regularly, so you always have the latest evidence-basedrecommendations and tools. Pediatric Care Online now gives you MOREof the trusted answers you and your patients expect, with a greatercombination of content, including The trusted content of theoriginal Pediatric Care Online, The complete Red Book Online—thedefinitive source for pediatric infectious disease diagnosis andtreatment The exclusive Pediatric Patient Education library withmore than 350 pediatric-specific patient handouts—most in Englishand Spanish. Pediatric Care Online is packed with top resourcesPoint-of-Care Quick Reference—with more than 240 select topicstaken from the AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care outlined for quickand easy access. AAP Textbook of Pediatric Care—providing a wealthof expert guidance spanning every aspect of current clinicalpractice with more than 3,000 page of content. BrightFutures—complete with comprehensive health supervision guidelinesfor well-child visits AAP Policy—browse and search the latest AAPpolicy statements, clinical practice guidelines, and technicalreports. Common Pediatric Medical Procedures video series—featuringthe 13 Pediatric Procedural Skills required by the ACGME designedto leverage the power of video-based learning to provide physicianswith essential training on how to perform medical procedures in theoffice or hospital settings. Timely webinars and Pediatric CareUpdates—keeping you current and abreast of the latest informationand content. And the latest tools to help provide optimal patientcare. Pediatric Drug Lookup Antimicrobial Therapy Guide MedlineSearch Interactive Periodicity Schedule Algorithms and clinicalcalculators Visual libraries with more than 3,000 images Forms andtools to help screen, track, and record clinical information
Healthy Children Magazine 1.1
Get advice you can trust from the nation's leading child healthexperts! Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) andbacked by 66,000 AAP member physicians, each issue of HealthyChildren magazine is packed with important information for parentsof children of all ages. You'll find guidance on safety and injuryprevention; childhood illnesses and diseases; immunizationinformation; developmental milestones; nutrition and fitness;behavioral issues; and much more. Subscribe today and bring theadvice of 66,000 pediatricians with you wherever you go!
NRP Vitals 1.0
NRP VITALS was conceived and developed by members of theNRPsteering committee along with AAP staff to fill the need foraconvenient, on the fly, neonate patient monitor simulator.NRPVITALS allows users to enhance their low fidelitypediatricsimulations by displaying those vital signs most importantfor theresuscitation of a newborn on a tablet or smartphone.NRPinstructors can control heart rate, SpO2 and ECG waveformswithoutthe need for additional computer systems or expensivethird-partyapps. Additionally, NRP VITALS can be used as astandalone monitor,or be paired with another device via Bluetoothor Wi-Fi.
PEDS VITALS was conceived and developed alongside AmericanAcademyof Pediatrics (AAP) pediatricians and staff to fill the needfor aconvenient, on the fly, pediatric patient monitor simulator.PEDSVITALS allows users to enhance their low fidelitypediatricsimulations by displaying those vital signs most importantfor thecare of a pediatric patient with the ease of your tabletorsmartphone. PEDS VITALS can be used as a standalone monitororpaired via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with one device controllingtheaction, while the other device offers displays for yoursimulation.