American College of Cardiology Foundation Apps

Anticoag Evaluator
The American College of Cardiology’s AnticoagEvaluator is an easyand fast way to assess stroke and bleeding risk and the benefitsand risks of antithrombotic therapy in patients with chronic atrialfibrillation.Features:• A combination risk calculator tool that uses CHADS2,CHA2DS2-VASc, and HAS-BLED• Users can enter patient characteristics at the point of care andget individualized annual risk of ischemic stroke andthromboembolism with concurrent annual risk of major bleed• Compare antithrombotic therapy options based on clinical trials(ACTIVE-A, RE-LY, ROCKET-AF, ARISTOTLE)This app is adapted from a web tool created by Peter Loewen,B.Sc.(Pharm), ACPR, Pharm.D., FCSHP and can be viewed at
ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus 4.1
The updated ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus uses up to date science anduser feedback to help a clinician and patient build a customizedrisk lowering plan by estimating and monitoring change in 10-yearASCVD risk. Use the app to: • Estimate a patient’s initial 10-yearASCVD risk using the pooled cohort equation • Receive anindividualized, risk-based, intervention approach • Project theimpact of specific interventions on a patient’s risk • Guideclinician-patient discussion around customizing an interventionplan • Update risk at follow-up based on a patient’s response totherapy using the Million Hearts Longitudinal model Advice from theapp is derived from the 2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the PrimaryPrevention of Cardiovascular Disease, the 2018 ACC/AHA et.alGuideline on the Management of Blood Cholesterol, the 2017 ACC/ Guideline on High Blood Pressure in Adults, the 2013 ACC/AHAGuideline on the Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk, and the 2016Million Hearts Longitudinal ASCVD Risk Assessment Tool user guide.The information and recommendations in this app are meant tosupport clinical decision making. They are not meant to representthe only or best course of care, or replace clinical judgment.Therapeutic options should be determined after discussion betweenthe patient and their care provider.
ACC Guideline Clinical App 3.0
Access the American College of Cardiology’s clinical guidelinerecommendations and use interactive tools such as risk scores,dosing calculators, and algorithms through the ACC’s GuidelineClinical App. The App also includes features such as customizablebookmarks, note-taking, and emailable pdfs. ACC’s Guideline App isfree to both members and nonmembers. This app is the ACC’s mobilehome for clinical guideline content and tools for clinicians caringfor patients with cardiovascular disease. Current guidelines in theApp include: • Atrial Fibrillation (AF) • Cardiovascular Risk (CVRisk) • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) • Cholesterol (Chol) •Device-Based Therapy (DBT) • Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Update(DAPT) • Heart Failure (HF)• High Blood Pressure (BP) • Lifestyle(Lstyle) • Non–ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes (NSTEMI) •Obesity • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)• PeripheralArtery Disease (PAD) • Perioperative Management for NoncardiacSurgery (Periop) • Stable Ischemic Heart Disease (SIHD) •ST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) • SupraventricularTachycardia (SVT)• Syncope • Valvular Heart Disease (VHD)•Ventricular Arrhythmias and the Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death(VA/SCD) Stay tuned for ongoing updates, more guideline content,and tools. Send feedback to the ACC directly from the AppInformation page or post a review in the App Store. Help us findnew and better ways to deliver guideline content to clinicians.
JACC Journals 7.3.1
JACC Journals The latest research and clinical practice updates incardiology are now at your fingertips with the JACC Journals app.Now available for android smartphones and tablets! • Stay aheadwith alerts when new issues are available and read Articles inPress throughout the month • Enjoy Open Access and Open ArchiveContent without having to login • Accessibility support to assistthe visually impaired • Interact with figures, tables, multimediaand supplementary content • Take notes, highlight articles andshare via email and social media • Personalize your experience withMy Reading List and save articles for offline reading About JACCJournals The ACC publishes highly influential journals in the areaof cardiovascular medicine. The current titles included are: •JACC: The Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The numberone cardiovascular journal worldwide, with an internationalreputation for excellence. • JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging. Providesreaders with a broad, balanced view of all aspects ofcardiovascular imaging. • JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions.Encompasses the entire field of interventional cardiovascularmedicine, including cardiac (coronary and non-coronary) peripheraland cerebrovascular interventions. • JACC: Heart Failure. Publishesthe most important findings on the pathophysiology, diagnosis,treatment, and care of heart failure patients. • JACC: ClinicalElectrophysiology. Encompasses all aspects of the epidemiology,pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.Access the JACC Journals by using your username and password forthe American College of Cardiology.
ACC Courses 1.2
The ACC course app provides access to coursematerials for ACC live events, conferences, and the Clinical FocusSessions at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd AnnualScientific Session. Content includes slide presentations, facultybios, twitter, the ability to directly ask moderators questions andmuch more.
ACC.15 eMeeting Planner 1.1
The ACC.15 eMeeting Planner app is theofficial app for the American College of Cardiology’s 64th AnnualScientific Session, taking place March 14 – 16, 2015 in San Diego,CA. Get instant access to sessions, exhibitors, maps and more!App features include:•Browse sessions by day, pathway, or practice focus•Search exhibitors by booth number, product/service category orspecialty area•Stay informed about hot issues, program changes and your upcomingsessions•Wifi connection is NOT required to access the program
ACC.14 eMeeting Planner 1.2
The ACC.14 eMeeting Planner app is theofficial app for the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd AnnualScientific Session, taking place March 29 – 31, 2014 in Washington,DC. Get instant access to sessions, exhibitors, maps and more!App features include:• Browse sessions by day, pathway, or practice focus• Search exhibitors by booth number, product/service category orspecialty area• Stay informed about hot issues, program changes and your upcomingsessions• Wifi connection is NOT required to access the program
AnticoagEvaluator 3.0
Make well-informed decisions on anti thrombotic therapy for yournon-valvular AF patients with the updated AnticoagEvaluator. Usethe app to: • Calculate a patient's renal function and risk ofischemic stroke, thromboembolism, and bleed • Review ACC/AHA/HRSGuideline-driven therapy guidance for stroke prevention • Generateindividualized risk for anti thrombotic therapy options based onindividual clinical trials. • Improve accurate use of DOACs withadjusted dosage based on prescribing information, fine-tuned forrenal and other patient characteristics. This app is based on SPARCTool, developed by Peter Loewen, ACPR, Pharm.D., FCSHP, which canbe viewed at
ACC.16 1.1
Make the most out of ACC.16 with instant access to sessions,abstracts, exhibitors, maps and more! Browse sessions by day,pathway or practice focus and build a personalized itinerary thatmeets your needs. Then seamlessly claim your credit or get yourcertificate of participation!Plus, access live streaming sessions,PDFs of the session slides (24 hours after each presentation),follow the latest news and see what’s happening on twitter — all inthe palm of your hand.
TAVR Risk Calculator 1.1
The STS/ACC TAVR In-Hospital Mortality Risk App assists cliniciansin determining the predicted in-hospital mortality risk of apatient who is considering TAVR as a treatment option for AVR.Clinicians can evaluate a patient’s mortality risk and compare itto the national average based on STS/ACC TVT Registry data.
ACC Advocacy Action 4.2
The ACC Advocacy App provides tools to engage and educate electedofficials on issues of importance to cardiovascular care. The appempowers activists to connect with Congress both during ACC’sLegislative Conference and every day through an interactivecongressional directory, timely talking points, and social mediaengagement tools.
Statin Intolerance 2.0.0
ACC’s Statin Intolerance App helps clinicians care for patientsreporting muscle symptoms while on a statin. • Answer questions toevaluate possible intolerance to a patient’s current statinprescription.• Follow steps to treat and manage a patient whoreports muscle symptoms on a statin.• Compare statincharacteristics and drug interactions to determine the bestcholesterol-lowering therapy for the patient.The recommendations inthis app are meant to support clinical decision making. They arenot meant to represent the only or best course of care, or replaceclinical judgment. Therapeutic options should be determined jointlyafter a clinical evaluation and discussion between the patient andtheir care provider. The app should not be used by patients toguide their own care. The information and recommendations in thisapp are derived from ACC/AHA’s 2013 Guideline on the Treatment ofBlood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk inAdults. It was developed as part of the American College ofCardiology’s “LDL: Address the Risk” Initiative and further refinedand vetted by physicians, physician assistants, nursepractitioners, pharmacists, and other relevant specialties; andthrough user testing in care settings with patients. Financialsupport for the app was generously provided by Amgen. All contentwas developed independently with no sponsor involvement.
ACC Connect 2.0
Available to members of the American CollegeofCardiology, ACC Connect delivers a convenient mobileapplicationwith several modules to help members connect, interactand engagewith their colleagues, peers and the College. ACC Connectallowsmembers to search the member directory, connect with peersandcolleagues, update their profile and get the latest ACCnews.Future releases will provide the ability to purchaseACCeducational products and courses.
ACC.17 1.2
Make the most out of ACC.17 with instant access to sessions,exhibitors, maps and more! Build a personalized itinerary thatmeets all your learning needs. • Browse sessions by day, pathway orpractice focus• Access live streaming sessions and slides • Searchfor and send messages to fellow attendees• Follow the latest newsand the @ACCcardioEd twitter feed • Seamlessly claim credit and MOCpointsAll from the palm of your hand!
DAPT Risk Calculator 1.5.0
The ACC DAPT Risk Calculator provides decision support forclinicians evaluating the continuation of DAPT therapy for patientsat least 12 months post-PCI procedure, and the risk/benefit ofcontinuing or discontinuing DAPT. The App provides a DAPT RiskScore as a numerical value between 0-9 and calculates the % of riskfor three end points: stent thrombosis/ myocardial infraction (MI),major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular event (MACCE), andbleeding.
LDL-C Manager 2.1
The ACC LDL-C Manager app provides 3-tools-in-1 to help cliniciansmanage a patient’s LDL-C from therapy initiation through treatmentcalibration with the goal of lowering ASCVD risk: — ASCVD RiskEstimator: Calculate pretreatment ASCVD risk and determineappropriateness of statin therapy for patient — LDL-C LoweringTherapy tool: Assess response to statin, and determine if othertherapies should be considered and in what order — StatinIntolerance tool: Evaluate patient for possible statin intolerance,and determine appropriate next steps The information andrecommendations in this App are not meant to represent the only orbest course of care, or replace clinical judgment. Therapeuticoptions should be determined after discussion between the patientand their care provider.
ICD-CRT Appropriate Use 1.0
The ICD/CRT Appropriate Use Criteria App provides decision anddocumentation support for clinicians assessing the suitability ofICD implantation and CRT. After selecting ICD or CRT as theintended therapy, clinicians will enter a patient’s LVEF and NYHAclass to:• Obtain an appropriate use rating for ICD/CRT• View thelikelihood of CMS coverage for the patient receiving an ICD•Produce a summary of patient inputs and advice for email.The Appaddresses those patient scenarios specifically covered in theACC/HRS/AHA et al. 2013 Appropriate Use Criteria for ICD and CRTdocument. Information in the App is intended to support clinicaldecision making and does not represent the only or the best courseof care, or replace clinical judgment. Therapeutic options shouldbe determined after discussion between the patient and their careprovider. The CMS ICD Coverage Decision included in thisApplication is for informational purposes only. User must contactCMS for appropriate qualifications. ACCF does not guarantee that auser might or might not expect coverage based on the responsesselected in the Application.Leave a comment in the app store orfill out the survey on the “About” page of this app to help ACCcontinue to improve its tools for clinicians.
CathPCI Risk Calculator 1.1
The ACC CathPCI Bleeding Risk Calculator App helps cliniciansassess the individualized patient risk of experiencing a bleedingevent associated with a PCI procedure. Clinicians can compareindividual patient risk to the national average based on data fromthe CathPCI Registry®. The app facilitates consistent riskassessment and communication between a clinician and patient aboutthe overall PCI procedure.
ManageAnticoag 2.0
ManageAnticoag helps clinicians navigate periprocedural planningand bleed management scenarios.A clinician can:o Enter patientdetails regarding bleed and stroke risk factors o Viewindividualized guidance for that patient on the advice screenoEmail a summary of the adviceThe app is derived from ACC’s ExpertConsensus Decision Pathways and does not replace clinicaljudgement. The healthcare provider is in control of all diagnosesand other clinical decisions.
CardioSmart Heart Explorer
The American College of Cardiology’s CardioSmart Heart Explorer appis designed to enhance the clinician/patient relationship at thepoint of care. Features: - With CardioSmart Heart Explorer, you canreview and discuss common heart problems and treatment options withyour patients and their caregivers. The app’s high-resolutioncardiac graphics and animation have been optimized for tablets andphones. - From the main menu, quickly explore the structure of ananimated 3-D beating heart by swiping up or down through 9 basiclayers of rotatable cardiac anatomy. Drag from left to right torotate each image from an anterior to posterior view. Double-tap toreturn each image to the anterior, beating, view. - Also from themain menu, additional layers of anterior and cross-sectionalcardiac views are readily available to swipe through to highlightnormal and pathological functions in easy-to-understand,high-resolution, 3-D and 2-D graphics. - Choose additional cardiacpatient education animations and interactive media from within themedia gallery. A scrollable list of helpful explanatory animationsand interactive displays are accessible via the media gallerybutton. Future versions of the app will allow customization of thislist through online downloads of additional media. - Access a “SendFeedback” link by clicking the bottom right info button.Disclaimer: THIS APP IS FOR EVALUATION ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE USEDFOR CLINICAL PURPOSES AND ALL SUPPORT IS PROVIDED ON AN AS-IS,AS-AVAILABLE BASIS.
Professional Data Portfolio 3.0.0
The Professional Data Portfolio helps physicians track theirclinical performance data and continuing education needed formaintenance of certification and licensure. Clinical performancedata aids participation in clinical practice improvement effortswhile also providing practice administrators a way to managephysicians’ quality improvement activities, submit evidence ofcompletion to various medical boards to maintain MOC and receivereimbursement through the CMS Merit-based Incentive System (MIPS).Continuing education is tracked through credit trackers. Using amember’s ACC transcript, the tracker will plot the credits/pointsearned against a clinicians certification and licensurerequirements. Key features include: • A mobile-friendly view ofNCDR clinical performance data to review and track ongoing qualityperformance. • Ability to create, track progress, and documentimplementation of self-guided clinical quality activities based onNCDR data. • Ability to submit clinical practice improvementactivities to medical specialty boards for MOC credit. • Ability tosubmit improvement activities to CMS’ MIPS program forreimbursement. • Create and track your continuing education creditsand/or maintenance of certification points needed for certificationand licensure.
ACC Education 1.03
The ACC Education App allows you to download select ACC educationalproducts, such as ACCSAP 9, to your mobile device so you can accessthem at any time, whether you have an internet connection or not.You can control how much space to use on your device by choosingwhich chapters/modules to download. Your answers to the questionswithin the product will automatically synch with the online versionof product as soon as you have Wi-Fi. The app itself is free, butmany of the products available within the app must be purchasedbefore you can access them.
ManageMR 1.2
ManageMR provides clinicians with personalized referral andtreatment advice for diagnosed mitral regurgitation patients byverifying the severity and etiology of the MR. • Enter patientparameters from an echo assessment. • Review customized advice on -Probable severity and etiology of a patient’s MR - Need forreferral - Feasibility of mitral valve repair vs. replacement forthe patient Content in this app is derived from the 2017 ACC ExpertConsensus Decision Pathway on the Management of MitralRegurgitation. The information and advice in this app are meant tosupport clinical decision making. They are not meant to representthe only or best course of care, or replace clinical judgment.Therapeutic options should be determined after discussion betweenthe patient and their care provider. ManageMR is part of theManageMR Toolkit supported by Founding Sponsor Abbott Vascular.
NCDR.18 Annual Conference 4.0.1
Make the most of NCDR.18 with instant access to sessions,exhibitors, maps, and more. Browse sessions by day and practicefocus to build a personalized itinerary that meets yourneeds.NCDR.18 is a highly energizing and inspirational event forhealthcare administrators, physicians, quality improvement andregistry professionals. More than 1,600 attendees will converge onMarch 7-9, 2018 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida toparticipate in general sessions presented by national qualityleaders discussing the role of registries within today’s evolvingnational quality improvement efforts, new quality payment programs,and public reporting.NCDR.18 also offers concurrent workshops thatprovide a deep-dive into using data to transform clinical practice,registry-specific information, challenging case studies, strategiesfor making quality measurement a priority in clinical settings, andhow to optimize data quality.The NCDR.18 app is a guide forattendees to develop a personalized session schedule, venueinformation, learn about faculty and exhibitors, and details abouteach session offering. NCDR.18 app users can also connect to socialmedia, obtain conference announcements, download handouts, andaccess local attractions.
ACC18 1.3
Make the most out of ACC.18 with instant access to the mostup-to-date information about the sessions, presenters, exhibitorsand more! Build a personalized itinerary that meets all yourlearning needs!• Browse sessions by day, pathway or practice focus•Get alerts with the latest updates and reminders of where you’resupposed to be• Ask the experts your burning questions andparticipate in polls with the integrated Audience Response System•Live Stream sessions and download session slides• Get the latestnews and follow #ACC18• Use Attendee Messenger to search for andsend messages to fellow attendees• Plus, after it’s all over,seamlessly claim credit and MOC points
TreatHF 1.1.0
TreatHF helps clinicians confirm which therapies are suggested fortheir symptomatic heart failure patients with reduced ejectionfraction (stage C HFrEF), and provides guidance on the use of eachtherapy. • Enter patient indications • Review individualized nextsteps for medical therapy • Email or print a summary of the nextsteps • Reference detailed information for - Initiation, titration,and monitoring of each medication - Guidance for optimizing youroverall medication strategy
ACC Connect 3.4.0
Available to members of the American College of Cardiology, ACCConnect delivers a convenient mobile application, allowing membersto search the member directory, connect and engage with peers andcolleagues, update their profile and get the latest ACC news.
ACC Quality Summit 4.1.0
Make the most of the inaugural ACC Quality Summit: NCDRandAccreditation Annual Sessions & Expo with instant accesstosessions, exhibitors, maps, and more. Browse sessions by dayandpractice focus to build a personalized itinerary that meetsyourneeds! The ACC Quality Summit is a highly energizingandinspirational event for healthcare administrators,nurses,physicians, quality improvement and registry professionals.Morethan 1,800 attendees will gather on March 13 – 15, 2019 attheHyatt Regency New Orleans in Louisiana to participate ingeneralsessions presented by national quality leaders discussingthe roleof registries and CV accreditation programs within today’sevolvingnational quality improvement efforts, new quality paymentplans,and public reporting. The ACC Quality Summit also offersconcurrentworkshops that provide a deep-dive into using data totransformclinical practice, registry-specific information,challenging casestudies, strategies for making quality measurementa priority inclinical settings, and how to optimize data quality.The ACCQuality Summit app is a guide for attendees to developapersonalized session schedule, venue information, learnaboutfaculty and exhibitors, and details about each sessionoffering.Summit app users can also connect to social media,obtainconference announcements, download handouts, and accesslocalattractions.
ACC.19 1.2
Make the most out of ACC.19 with instant access to themostup-to-date information about the sessions, presenters,exhibitorsand more! Build a personalized itinerary that meets allyourlearning needs! •         Browse sessionsby day, pathway or practice focus •       Get alerts with the latest updates and reminders of whereyou’resupposed to be •         Ask the expertsyourburning questions and participate in polls with theintegratedAudience Response System •        Live Streamsessions and download session slides •       Get the latest news and follow #ACC19 •       Use Attendee Messenger to search for and send messagesto fellowattendees •         Plus, after it’sall over,seamlessly claim credit and MOC points
ACC Member Hub 1.0.0
ACC Member Hub is a private community for members of theAmericanCollege of Cardiology. ACC Member Hub allows members toconnect onissues and topics personal and professional interest,collaborateon ACC initiatives, and seek and offer mentorship.Members mustonboard and create a Member Hub profile to participatein ACCMember Hub, with the added benefit of settingnotificationpreferences to your level of comfort. Member contactinformation isalways secured and is not shared in the Member Hub,with membersconnecting through the Hub’s secure messaging portal.