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Access your American Express® account from virtually anywhere withthe American Express® App. Take advantage of what your U.S.Personal, Small Business, and Corporate accounts have to offer:Track spending and rewards, find offers, pay your bill, add yourCard to your mobile wallet, and enjoy features available only inthe app. Touch ID and Face ID login (on supported devices) givesyou quick access to features so you can get the most out of yourMembership. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SPENDING Track recent purchaseswith a timeline of your activity, and sort your charges by amountand date. Easily see your payment status and pay your bill fromvirtually anywhere. Turn on AutoPay to pay your bill automaticallyfrom your bank account each month. Check your spending power tofind out if your purchase(s) will be approved*. For Basic CardMembers: filter transactions to see spending and subtotals for eachCard on your account. FIND AMEX OFFERS Discover offers from placesyou shop, dine, travel, and more, and add offers to your Card withjust a few taps. Explore a map of nearby offers and getpersonalized alerts. ENJOY PEACE OF MIND WITH REAL-TIME ALERTS Turnon purchase alerts to be notified when your Card is charged so youcan stay on top of daily spending and unexpected charges. Receiveinstant fraud alerts if suspicious activity is detected, and verifycharges with just a few taps so you can get right back to usingyour Card. To help prevent fraud activity, you can also freeze orunfreeze your Card to limit purchases if it is misplaced, withoutclosing your account completely. Set up Card payment alerts as ahelpful reminder when your payment is due, and confirmations whenpayments are received. Enjoy the convenience of electronic billingstatements, and you can set up alerts to tell you when yourstatement’s ready. EXPLORE REWARDS AND BENEFITS Check your rewardsbalance and find ways to use Membership Rewards® points - from giftcards to credits on your statement.** For eligible Card Members:refer a friend and earn rewards when friends and family get anAmerican Express Card through your referral. For Platinum Card® ,Centurion®, and Hilton Honors Members: find an airport lounge onthe go. Locate nearby lounges and plan for an upcoming trip bysearching the 1,000+ lounges across the globe Plus, Platinum andCenturion Members can seamlessly access Platinum Concierge, Travelor your Customer Care Professionals through the app. *Approvalbased on account status at time of request ** Terms and Conditionsfor the Membership Rewards® program apply. or call 1-800-AXP-EARN (297-3276) formore information. Participating partners and available rewards aresubject to change without notice. The value of Membership Rewardspoints varies according to how you choose to use them. To learnmore, go to App and app featuresare available only for eligible Card accounts in the United States.American Express® Prepaid Cards and cards issued by non-AmericanExpress issuers are not eligible. To log in, Card Members must havean American Express user ID and password or create one in the app.All access to and use of this app is subject to and governed by theAmerican Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Service andPrivacy Statement The American Express® App supports devices thatare operating on Android 6.0 and later. To access your accountinformation please visit
Amex for Tablet 4.4.3
Amex for Tablet is a fast and secure way to manage your commonfinancial tasks all in one place. With content specificallyformatted for the Android tablet experience, staying connected justgot easier.Monitor Your Account ActivitiesSearch or filter your statements to find exactly what you arelooking for. Review charges in detail, use interactive charts for abreakdown of your spending categories and download yourstatements.Pay Bill at Your ConvenienceUse the App to pay or schedule future payments.Stay Up to Date with Rewards & OffersGet quick access to a summary of your loyalty program balances orview offers selected for you. Eligible Cardmembers can track anduse Membership Rewards® points to shop for gift cards and over 5million products.Stay SecureLog in securely with the same User ID and Password you use and app features are available only for eligible Card accountsin the United States.Android is a trademark of Google Inc.All access to and use of this App is subject to and governed bythe American Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Serviceand Privacy Statement.
Amex Canada
See what’s in the latest update of the official American Express®App: FEATURES: • Get quick access to your Account with fingerprintlogin on eligible Android devices • Register your eligible Card foroffers with one click so you get rewarded at the places you like toshop, dine, travel, and more1. • Select, view and change your PIN •Book hotels, flights and more with American Express Travel in theapp. Plus, see and search for nearby airport lounges, and receivenotifications for available airport lounges when you travel(available for eligible Cards). • Apply for an Additional Cardthrough the app (if eligible)2 • Receive notifications forpurchases made with your Card3 as well as payment reminders,balance update and statement ready alerts • Redeem points forstatement credits on eligible purchases with Use Points forPurchases 4 • Access up to 6 months of statements, manage multipleCard Accounts and pay your bill5 By installing the American ExpressApp, you agree to the American Express Service Agreement andconsent to receiving offers and to the installation of the AmericanExpress App and any updates or upgrades, including for performance,functionality and security purposes. You can uninstall the App atany time. In some cases, you may modify certain marketingpreferences through your online account or by calling us at thenumber on the back of your Card. Amex Bank of Canada, P.O. Box3204, Station “F”, Toronto, ON, M1W 3W7, Allaccess to and use of this App subject to and governed by End UserLicense Agreement, Online Terms & Conditions, and OnlinePrivacy Statement. View Website ( Online PrivacyStatement ( Online Terms &Conditions( • Already registered for Online Services? Download now!• Not registered for Online Services? Register at in the app. • This app is only available for American ExpressCanadian Cardmembers. ®: Used by Amex Bank of Canada under licensefrom American Express. Android, Google Play and Google Pay aretrademarks of Google Inc. 1. Eligible cards will vary by offer andare subject to change. Offers are subject to terms and conditionsand full program terms. 2. Account must be in good standing. Anadditional card is a supplementary card. Supplementary Cardmembersmust be at least 13 years old. Maximum of 9 supplementary cards peraccount. 3. By turning on purchase notifications, you will receivea notification when there is purchase activity on your Card. Forfull Terms & Conditions visit 4. Available oneligible cards. Redeem Membership Rewards points for a statementcredit towards an eligible purchase charged to an eligible card.Conditions apply. For full Terms & Conditions For full Membership Rewards® Program Terms &Conditions, visit or contact us at the numberlisted on the back of your Card. 5. Restrictions and limitationsapply.
Amex India
The official American Express® App for Android® is an excitinginnovation, making it easy to manage your Card Account on the go.Whether you want to make a payment or view a recent transaction,you can now do all this and more whenever you want, wherever yougo. Simplify life with the American Express App for Android®,available for all versions. FEATURES • Get quick access to yourAccount with fingerprint log in  • Log in securely with thesame User ID and Password you use on • Stayup to date by activating notifications like spend tracking, paymentdue reminders, weekly balance alerts & more • View your recenttransactions, including pending charges • View and downloadstatements in PDF format up to 6 months • View your Rewards balance(if enrolled) and browse through reward milestones • Redeem yourpoints for a credit against a transaction on your Account • Checkyour balance and make bill payments on-the-go • Refer AmericanExpress to friends and be rewarded. • Make Bharat QR code basedpayments with Amex Pay using the App • Option to register youronline account ELIGIBILITY - Already registered for AmericanExpress Online Services and you have a valid User ID and Password?Yes, you’re eligible! Just download!  - Not registered forOnline Services? Not eligible just yet, but you’re only a clickaway. Register at and then download the App.The American Express® Mobile App is a free service for AmericanExpress Cardmembers. Standard ISP and data charges may apply fordownloading and using the mobile app. Available to India Cardsonly. Mobile banking terms and conditions apply. All access to anduse of this App subject to and governed by End User LicenseAgreement, Online Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement andPersonal Information Collection Statement.
Amex United Kingdom
The official American Express® Mobile App for Android™ allows youto access your Account from anywhere. Track spending and rewards,find offers, pay your bill, and enjoy features only available inthe Amex App. Log in securely with the same User ID and Passwordyou use on Fingerprint login on supporteddevices now available. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SPENDING • Check yourbalance, pending transactions, and access past PDF statements* •See your payment status, pay your bill or set up/edit a DirectDebit • Raise a dispute if you don’t recognise a charge and we’llwork with you to resolve it as quickly as possible • Activate yourCard for Amex Pay in the Amex App, then simply unlock, tap and pay^• Check your spending power. Enter an amount for an expectedpurchase and you’ll see if it’ll be approved. PEACE OF MIND WITHREAL-TIME ALERTS* • Turn on purchase alerts to be notified whenyour Card is charged • Never miss a payment with payment duereminders • Manage all your notifications in the Account tabEXPLORE REWARDS AND BENEFITS • View your Rewards activity includingbalance, bonuses, points transferred and redeemed • Use points topay back eligible purchases via a credit on your Account* • Seepersonalised recommendations for other ways to use your points •Refer a friend and earn rewards when friends and family get anAmerican Express Card • Book your next trip with American ExpressTravel For Platinum and Centurion Cardmembers only: • Locate thenearest airport lounge or enable notifications and we’ll tell youwhere they are. • Make and manage dining reservations and receiverecommendations for your next dining experience DELIGHT IN SAVINGSWITH AMEX OFFERS* • Discover offers from places you shop, dine,travel and more, and easily add offers to your Card • Explore a mapof nearby offers • Get Amex Offers notifications so you don’tforget to use your savings. We use your personal information topresent offers that we think will be most relevant to you. ELIGIBLECARDS The Amex App is only for Personal Cards, Small BusinessCards, and Corporate Cards issued directly from American Express inthe UK. *Amex Offers, Pay with Points, Push Notifications, FriendsReferral and pending transactions are currently not available forAmerican Express Corporate Cardmembers. ^ for full Terms and Conditions. Allaccess to and use of this App is subject to and governed byAmerican Express’ End User License Agreement, Website Rules andRegulations and Privacy Statement. Images are for illustrationpurposes only.
Streamline your business expense process with the complimentarySpend Manager Mobile App. The Spend Manager℠ Mobile App, availablewith all Business Cards and Corporate Cards from American Express,helps you manage and track your Card expenses by allowing you toadd receipt images or notes to your transactions. For BusinessCards, you can also oversee employee spending and set alerts orlimits on employee cards. MANAGE RECEIPTS WHILE YOU’RE ON THE GO:1. Snap Take a photo of your receipt using the Spend Manager MobileApp and match it to a transaction on your Business Card or yourCorporate Card. 2. Attach It’s easy to organize your expenses byattaching receipt images and adding notes to your transactions. 3.Manage Your receipt images, notes and transaction details will bestored together in one place, your American Express online account.If you have a Business Card from American Express, and you areenrolled in Connect to QuickBooks, you can tag your transactions inSpend Manager with your Intuit QuickBooks® categories and send themto your QuickBooks account. To learn more about Spend Manager andConnect to QuickBooks, Spend Manager℠ is afeature of American Express Business and Corporate Cards. AmericanExpress is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy ofreceipts displayed. Receipts will be stored until the earliest ofthe following: (1) seven years from the end of the year that thereceipt was uploaded or (2) the date that your online account isclosed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, American Express may deleteor purge receipts for any reason in its sole discretion, with orwithout notice. The Spend Manager℠ Mobile App is only availablewith American Express Business and Corporate Cards. Not allfunctionality is available with Corporate Cards. The Spend Manager℠Mobile App is available on Google Play™. Google Play is a trademarkof Google Inc. For the full terms and conditions applicable toAdditional Cards Spending Limits, go All access to and use ofthe Spend Manager Mobile App is subject to and governed by theAmerican Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Service andPrivacy Statement.
Amex UNSTAGED – Taylor Swift 1.2.0
Step inside a cinematic interactive musicalexperience starring Taylor Swift. Choose where you go, who youfollow and what you explore in a stunning house filled withcharacters, objects and scenes.Shot with groundbreaking 360° cameras and scored with a richaudio soundtrack based on Taylor’s single ‘Blank Space’ from hernew album 1989, the experience is an immersive journey withintertwined storylines, multiple rooms and dozens of hiddeninteractive features waiting to be unlocked and explored.The app also features the original ‘Blank Space’ music video,1989 album purchase details and tour ticketing information. You canalso explore exclusive behind the scenes footage from the TaylorSwift shoot, as well as the archive of Amex UNSTAGED live eventsand films with other top artists.The American Express UNSTAGED app is intended for ages 13+.
Amex México
Nuestra pasión es que disfrutes del mejor Servicio, por ellodiseñamos Amex App (antes Amex to Go), una aplicación conherramientas para el manejo de La Tarjeta American Express y susbeneficios. En ella encontrarás funcionalidades para: - Activar yregistrar La Tarjeta American Express en Servicios en Línea.-Iniciar sesión haciendo uso de tu huella digital para Android -Consultar tu saldo, transacciones recientes y ahora tu Estado deCuenta - Realizar el pago de La Tarjeta American Express fácilmente- Recomendar amigos para que adquieran La Tarjeta - Revisar elhistorial de puntos del Programa de Lealtad en tu Tarjeta AmericanExpress - Configurar el Servicio de Notificaciones - Activar yrecibir Notificaciones por cada Compra aprobada que realices -Diferir parte del Saldo de tu Tarjeta de Servicio con PagosDiferidos -Buscar una Sala de Espera disponible The AmericanExpress Global Lounge Collection SM. Disponible únicamente paraTarjetahabientes de The Centurion Card y The Platinum Card.-Solicitar una Tarjeta Suplementaria desde la aplicación Para haceruso de la aplicación ingresa con tu usuario y contraseña deServicios en Línea. Si aún no te has registradoístrate desde tu computadora o desde laaplicación Amex App (antes Amex to Go). La aplicación está diseñadapara los Tarjetahabientes básicos y suplementarios de todas lasTarjetas de Crédito y Servicio de American Express. El acceso y usode esta aplicación está sujeto al Contrato de licenciacorrespondiente el cual debes aceptar. Requiere: Android 4.1 osuperior Our passion is that you enjoy the best service, that's whywe designed Amex App (formerly Amex to Go), an application withtools for handling the American Express Card and its benefits. Init you will find functionalities for: - Activate and register TheAmerican Express Card in Online Services. - Start session usingyour fingerprint for Android - Check your balance, recenttransactions and now your Account Statement - Make the payment ofThe American Express Card easily - Recommend friends to acquire TheCard - Check the history of Loyalty Program points on your AmericanExpress Card - Configure the Notification Service - Activate andreceive Notifications for each approved Purchase that you make -Defer part of the Balance of your Service Card with DeferredPayments -Find a waiting room available The American Express GlobalLounge Collection SM. Available only to Cardholders of TheCenturion Card and The Platinum Card. -Request a Supplementary Cardfrom the application To make use of the application enter with yourusername and password of Online Services. If you have not yetregistered visit from your computeror from the Amex App (formerly Amex to Go). The application isdesigned for basic and supplementary Cardholders of all AmericanExpress Credit and Service Cards. The access and use of thisapplication is subject to the corresponding License Agreement whichyou must accept. Requires: Android 4.1 or higher
Amex UNSTAGED: Taylor Swift 1.2.0
Step inside acinematicinteractivemusicalexperience starring Taylor Swift. Choosewhereyou go, whoyoufollow and what you explore in a stunninghousefilledwithcharacters, objects and scenes.Shot with groundbreaking 360° cameras and scored witharichaudiosoundtrack based on Taylor’s single ‘Blank Space’fromhernew album1989, the experience is an immersivejourneywithintertwinedstorylines, multiple rooms and dozensofhiddeninteractive featureswaiting to be unlocked andexplored.The app also features the original ‘Blank Space’musicvideo,1989album purchase details and tour ticketinginformation.You canalsoexplore exclusive behind the scenes footagefrom theTaylorSwiftshoot, as well as the archive of Amex UNSTAGEDliveeventsand filmswith other top artists.The American Express UNSTAGED app is intended for ages 13+.
L’App American Express® pour AndroidTM vous permet de gérer votrecompte-carte quand vous le souhaitez et où que vous soyez.Retrouvez à tout moment et en un clin d’œil votre solde, vosopérations, votre relevé ou vos offres du moment. Obtenez lemontant et la date de votre prochain prélèvement ou encoreparamètrez vos notifications pour faciliter le suivi de votrecompte. Simplifiez-vous la vie avec l’App Amex ! FONCTIONNALITES :• Accédez à votre compte : profitez d’une connexion sécurisée, enutilisant le même code utilisateur et le même mot de passe que • Programmez des notifications vous informant del’actualité de votre compte en temps-réel • Activez votre nouvellecarte et créez les identifiants de votre espace client. • Grâce àvotre lecteur d’empreintes, connectez-vous à votre application enutilisant votre empreinte digitale sans avoir à saisir votre mot depasse • Consultez vos opérations récentes et celles des 6 derniersmois. • Retrouvez vos opérations en attente : les achats que vousvenez d’effectuer avec votre carte ou les montants pré-autorisésqui n’apparaissent pas encore dans le solde de votre compte-carte.• Consultez le solde de vos points Membership Rewards® (si vousêtes adhérent). • Utilisez vos points Membership Rewards® pourrégler tout ou partie de vos dépenses effectuées avec votre carteAmerican Express (si vous êtes adhérent). • Si vous détenez uneCarte AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS, consultez les derniersMiles acquis avec votre carte. • Retrouvez vos offres du moment(non disponible pour les cartes Corporate). • Consultez ettéléchargez vos 6 derniers relevés PDF. • Parrainez vos proches enun clic grâce à votre lien de parrainage personnel (non disponiblepour les cartes Corporate). • Gérez votre code confidentiel dansl’App • Avec la Carte Platinum American Express® et la CarteCenturion d’American Express®, retrouvez votre espace dédié. CARTESCONCERNÉES : L’Application AndroidTM d’American Express concerneles Cartes pour les Particuliers, les Cartes professionnelles/TPEet les Cartes Corporate, émises par American Express en France.Cette application est réservée aux titulaires American Express. Sivous n’êtes pas encore titulaire, rendez-vous AndroidTM est une marque déposée de GoogleInc. Tout accès et utilisation de cette application sont soumis auxMentions Légales (Contrat de Licence d’Utilisateurs, A proposd’American Express, Les marques déposées, Règles du site Internet,Confidentialité/Protection des données). The American Express® Appfor AndroidTM lets you manage your card account whenever andwherever you want. Find at any time and at a glance your balance,your operations, your statement or your offers of the moment. Getthe amount and date of your next withdrawal or set yournotifications to help track your account. Simplify your life withthe Amex App! FUNCTIONALITIES: • Access your account: enjoy asecure connection, using the same user code and the same passwordas on • Schedule notifications informing you ofyour real-time account news • Activate your new card and create theidentifiers of your customer area. • With your fingerprint reader,sign in to your application using your fingerprint without havingto enter your password • Check your recent transactions and thoseof the last 6 months. • Find your pending transactions: purchasesyou have made with your card or pre-authorized amounts that do notyet appear in your card account balance. • View the balance of yourMembership Rewards® points (if you are a member). • Use yourMembership Rewards® points to pay for all or part of your AmericanExpress card spending (if you are a member). • If you hold an AIRFRANCE KLM - AMERICAN EXPRESS Card, check the latest Miles acquiredwith your card. • Find your current offers (not available forCorporate cards). • View and download your last 6 PDF statements. •Sponsor your loved ones in one click with your personal referrallink (not available for Corporate Cards). • Manage your PIN in theApp • With the American Express® Platinum Card and the AmericanExpress® Centurion Card, find your dedicated space. CARDSCONCERNED: The AmericanTM AndroidTM Application is for PersonalCards, Business / TPE Cards and Corporate Cards issued by AmericanExpress in France. This app is for American Express owners only. Ifyou are not yet registered, visit is a trademark of Google Inc. All access and use of thisapplication are subject to the Legal Notice (User LicenseAgreement, About American Express, Trademarks, Website Policies,Privacy / Data Protection).
Con l’applicazione di American Express per Android® potrai accedereal tuo conto Carta ovunque tu sia. Potrai verificare le ultimespese effettuate con la tua Carta, controllare il saldo,visualizzare offerte più rilevanti per te con Amex Offers* ed altroancora. Rendi più semplice la gestione del tuo conto Carta grazieall’App di American Express per Android®. CARATTERISTICHE Conl’applicazione ufficiale di American Express puoi: • Attivare latua Carta American Express e registrare il tuo conto al ServizioOnline American Express • Effettuare l’accesso con lo stesso userID e la stessa Password che usi per l’area protetta del • Controllare tutti i tuoi conti Carta ovunquetu sia • Tenere sotto controllo il saldo e i movimenti effettuaticon Carta, incluse le transazioni non ancora contabilizzate •Verificare il saldo dei punti Membership Rewards® (se sei iscrittoal Club Membership Rewards)** • Utilizzare i punti MembershipRewards® per richiedere Voucher Shop With Points con cui ridurre,fino ad azzerare, il saldo del tuo conto Carta*** • Puoi ottenere escaricare in PDF i tuoi estratti conto degli ultimi 6 mesi •Visualizzare le offerte di Amex Offers* • Presentare Carta AmericanExpress agli amici e premiarti!**** • Effettuare l’accesso conImpronta digitale Tieni la tua App sempre aggiornata per usufruiredegli ultimi servizi disponibili.. REQUISITI • Questa applicazioneè disponibile solo per i Titolari di Carta American Express emesseda American Express Italia. *Amex Offers non disponibile per CarteCorporate. ** Regolamento completo del Club e dell’Operazione aPremi Membership Rewards su ***Condizionidell'iniziativa su****L’iniziativa non è al momento disponibile per tutte le CarteAmex. Per info consulta il Regolamento dell’iniziativa Tutti gli accessi ed utilizzi di questaapplicazione sono soggetti e disciplinati dal Contratto di licenza,dalle Regole e Normative per i Siti Web e dalla Dichiarazione diriservatezza. Le immagini hanno solo uno scopo illustrativo.
Amex Deutschland
Nehmen Sie Ihr American Express® Konto überall mit hin: Mit derAmex App haben Sie Ihre Transaktionen, Karten & Punkte sowiemit Amex Offers alle aktuellen Angebote immer bequem und inEchtzeit im Blick. Außerdem können Sie ganz einfach über die AppIhre nächste Reise buchen oder direkt aus der App Freunde werbenund attraktive Prämien sichern oder Zusatzkarten beantragen.Aktivieren Sie Ihre American Express Karte und behalten Sie dieÜbersicht über Ihre Kontobewegungen, Kontodaten, MembershipRewards®, PAYBACK Punkte und noch vieles mehr. FUNKTIONEN •Transaktionsübersicht: Kontrolle über Ihre Ausgaben und jederzeitalle Transaktionen in Echtzeit einsehen. • Offers: Profitieren Sievon Nachlässen und Gutschriften oder auch zusätzlichen Punkten.Einfach das gewünschte Angebot direkt in der App auswählen,aktivieren und beim nächsten Einkauf ganz automatisch sparen. •Membership Rewards®: Aktueller Punktestand, eingelöste Punkte undvieles mehr. (Teilnahme am Bonusprogramm Membership Rewardsvorausgesetzt) • Mit Punkten zahlen: Mit einem Schritt Umsätze mitPunkten bezahlen und die Abrechnungssumme reduzieren. (Teilnahme amBonusprogramm Membership Rewards vorausgesetzt) • Reisen onlinebuchen: Einfach Ihre Flüge, Mietwagen und Hotels buchen. •Umsatzübersicht und Online-Abrechnung: Umsätze, sortiert nachAbbuchungen und Gutschriften, der letzten sechs Monate einsehen undIhre Online-Abrechnung im PDF-Format herunterladen. • Zusatzkartebeantragen: Teilen Sie die Vorteile Ihrer Mitgliedschaft. • Freundewerben: Direkt aus der App Freunde werben und attraktive Prämiensichern. • Einfacher Login: Mit Fingerprint-Scan schnell undeinfach einloggen. (unterstütze Geräte vorrausgesetzt) • Karteaktivieren: Scannen und aktivieren Sie Ihre American ExpressKarten. • Verwaltung: Mehrere Kartenkonten in einer App verwalten.Weitere Funktionen folgen mit den nächsten Versionen.TEILNAHMEBERECHTIGUNG • Die App ist für private American Express®Karten und Corporate Cards, die von American Express Europe S.A.(Germany branch), Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main ausgestelltwurden. • Die App ist nur für Karten, die in Deutschlandausgestellt wurden, nutzbar. • Die Verfügbarkeit der Funktionen istproduktabhängig. Alle Zugriffe und die Nutzung dieser Appunterliegen der Endnutzer-Lizenzvereinbarung, den Regeln undBestimmungen der Website sowie der Online-Datenschutzerklärung.Take your American Express® account with you everywhere: With theAmex app, you always have your transactions, maps & points andAmex offers all current offers in view in a comfortable andreal-time view. In addition, you can easily book your next trip viathe app or advertise friends directly from the app and secureattractive bonuses or apply for additional cards. Activate yourAmerican Express card and keep track of your account transactions,account information, Membership Rewards®, PAYBACK points and muchmore. FEATURES • Transaction Summary: Control your spend and viewall transactions in real time at any time. • Offers: Benefit fromdiscounts and credits or additional points. Simply select thedesired offer directly in the app, activate it and saveautomatically on the next purchase. • Membership Rewards®: currentscores, redeemed points and much more. (Participation in theMembership Rewards bonus program is required) • Pay with points:Pay for points with one step and reduce the billing amount.(Participation in the Membership Rewards bonus program is required)• Book Travel Online: Simply book your flights, car rentals andhotels. • Sales Summary and Online Billing: View sales by invoiceand credit for the past six months and download your online billingin PDF format. • Apply for an additional card: Share the benefitsof your membership. • Advertise friends: Promote friends directlyfrom the app and secure attractive bonuses. • Easy Login: Log inquickly and easily with Fingerprint Scan. (supported devicesrequired) • Activate card: Scan and activate your American Expresscards. • Management: Manage multiple card accounts in one app.Further functions will follow with the next versions. ELIGIBILITY •The app is for private American Express® cards and corporate cardsissued by American Express Europe S.A. (Germany branch), branchFrankfurt am Main were issued. • The app can only be used for cardsissued in Germany. • The availability of functions isproduct-dependent. All access and use of this app is subject to theEnd-User License Agreement, Website Rules and Regulations, andOnline Privacy Statement.
Amex Australia
The official American Express® Mobile App for Android™ gives youaccess with a touch to Membership benefits. Keeping track of yourspending and rewards, finding offers, paying your bill, and earningpoints. Find many more features that are available in the App.FEATURES Access • Use your existing logindetails or Register for American Express Online Services via theAmerican Express App • Get quick access to your Account withFingerprint login Your Card and Account: • Activate your Card andset-up your PIN • Pay your bill^ • If you hold multiple Cards youcan add, remove and manage all of them Rewards/Membership*: •Track, view and use your points • Earn Points playing LocalChampion •Refer American Express to your friends Offers* • ExploreAmex Offers for savings Service and Security • Check your balanceand access past PDF statements and pending transactions • Checkyour spending power to find out if your purchase(s) can beapproved. Only available for Consumer and Small Business ChargeCard Members. • Find places that accept American Express • Receivereal time alerts and reminders for offers and payment – just gointo your settings, and allow notifications on the Amex App Don’twant to use the Amex Mobile App? You can continue to use our siteat from any device. Not registered forOnline Services? Register for Online Services or select “New to Amex?” at thebottom of the login screen of the Amex App. ELIGIBILITY This App isonly available for Card Members who hold an American Express Cardissued by American Express Australia Limited. ^David Jones AmericanExpress Card Members are unable to pay their bill through the AmexApp and are not eligible for Local Champion and Pay with Points.*If you are an American Express Corporate Card Member or anAmerican Express Business Card Member affiliated with a wholesalepartner, you are not eligible for Pay with Points, Amex Offers,Friends Referral, Local Champion, Places, and push notifications.Local Champion eligibility and Terms and Conditions are availableat All access to and use ofthis App is subject to and governed by American Express’ End UserLicense Agreement, Website Rules & Regulations and PrivacyStatement which can be found if you log into the App > Account> Legal & Privacy > End User License Agreement. Androidand Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. The Android robot isreproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google andused according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0Attribution License.
Amex Japan
アメリカン・エキスプレスが提供するカード会員様向けの公式アプリ、「アメリカン・エキスプレス・サービス・アプリ」。お持ちの端末からお好きなときにカードのご利用状況やポイント数をご確認いただけます。 ------------------ 主な機能------------------  カードのご利用状況のご確認保有されているすべてのアメリカン・エキスプレスのカードご利用金額およびご請求金額をご確認いただけます。  ご利用代金明細書(PDF)PDFにてご利用代金明細書がご確認いただけます。  ポイント情報のご確認保有ポイント数やポイント加算履歴、キャンペーンの情報などをご確認いただけます。  指紋認証でログイン対応端末をご利用の場合、指紋認証によるログインがご利用いただけます。 安全かつスマートにアプリをご利用いただけます。 ポイントでお支払い カードご利用後のお支払い代金として、アメリカン・エキスプレスのポイント・プログラム「メンバーシップ・リワード®」のポイントを充当いただけます。  プッシュ通知機能 カードご利用金額等のお知らせを、タイムリーにプッシュ通知でお知らせします。 新規会員ご紹介プログラム より多くのポイントが貯まる新規会員ご紹介プログラムをワンタッチで簡単にご利用いただけます。 キャンペーン情報の確認、事前エントリー(アメックス・オファー)現在実施中の登録制のキャンペーンをワンクリックで登録いただけます。キャンペーンの登録が完了しているか、登録状況もご確認いただけます。------------------ 注意事項 ------------------※本アプリのご利用は、アメリカン・エキスプレスが日本円建てで発行するカードが対象となります。※アメリカン・エキスプレスの「オンライン・サービス」にご登録済みのカード会員様は、同じユーザーIDとパスワードで本アプリをご利用いただけます。ユーザーIDとパスワードを未登録の方は、本アプリをダウンロード後、ログイン画面の「ユーザーID・パスワードを未登録の方」よりお手続きください。※本アプリのダウンロードおよびご利用については、「アメリカン・エキスプレス・サービス・アプリ利用許諾契約」に基づき提供されます。The American Express Service App is the official app forcardholders offered by American Express. You can check the cardusage status and the number of points at any time from yourterminal. -------------------- Main function --------------------確認 Check card usage You can check the amount of all AmericanExpress cards used and the amount charged. 利用 Charge statement(PDF) You can check the usage price statement in PDF.  Confirmpoint information You can check the number of points held, pointaddition history, information of the campaign, etc. ロ グ イ ン Loginwith fingerprint authentication When using a compatible terminal,login by fingerprint authentication is available. You can use theapp safely and smartly. 支 払 い Pay with points You can use AmericanExpress's point program "Membership Rewards®" points as paymentafter using the card. プ ッ シ ュ Push notification function We willnotify you of the amount of card use, etc. in a timely pushnotification.  New member introduction program The new memberintroduction program that earns more points can be easily used withone touch. 確認 Confirmation of campaign information, pre-entry (AMEXoffer) You can register a registration campaign currently inprogress with one click. You can also check if your campaign hasbeen registered or not. -------------------- Notes-------------------- ※ Use of this application is for cards issuedby American Express in Japanese Yen. ※ Card members who areregistered with American Express's "Online Service" can use thisapplication with the same user ID and password. If you have notregistered your user ID and password, please download from thisapplication and follow the procedure from "User ID and password notregistered" on the login screen. ※ About downloading and the use ofthis application, it is offered based on "American Express serviceapplication license agreement".
Med American Express® App för Android® bär du alltid med dig dittkonto. Se dina Membership Rewards®-poäng, ditt saldo och genomfördatransaktioner samt reserverade transaktioner, allt när du är påsprång! Nu även med fingeravtrycksinloggning för snabbare access!Gör livet lättare med American Express App för Android. FUNKTIONER• Få snabb tillgång till ditt konto med fingeravtrycksinloggningeller logga in med samma användarnamn och lösenord som du använderpå • Tillgång till och möjlighet att hanteraflera kortkonton • Visa dina senaste korttransaktioner och dinkontobalans • Se ditt saldo och nyligen genomförda transaktionersamt reserverade transaktioner • Nu kan du aktivera ditt kort ochskapa inloggning för ditt konto direkt i appen • Se dina MembershipRewards-poäng (om du är ansluten till MembershipRewards-programmet) Det är fler funktioner på väg. Håll utkik efteruppdateringar. TILLGÅNG • Redan skapat inloggning och har ettgiltigt användarnamn och lösenord? Ja, då är det bara att ladda nerappen! • Inte skapat inloggning? Då gör du det enkelt direkt iappen när du har laddat ner den. Denna app är endast tillgängligför personliga American Express-kort som utfärdats i Sverige avAmerican Express Europe S.A. All tillgång till och användning avdenna App är föremål för och styrs av licensavtalet förslutanvändare, Regler för webbplatsen och Sekretesspolicyn. Withthe American Express® App for Android® you always carry youraccount with you. See your Membership Rewards® points, yourbalance, and completed transactions, as well as reservedtransactions, all on the go! Now even with fingerprint login forfaster access! Make life easier with the American Express App forAndroid. FEATURES • Get quick access to your fingerprint loginaccount or log in with the same username and password you use • Access to and ability to manage multiple cardaccounts • View your latest card transactions and your accountbalance • View your balance and recent transactions as well asreserved transactions • Now you can activate your card and createlogin for your account directly in the app • View your MembershipRewards Points (if you are a member of the Membership Rewardsprogram) There are more features on the way. Look for updates.AVAILABILITY • Already created login and has a valid user name andpassword? Yes, then just download the app! • Not created login?Then you easily make it directly in the app after you havedownloaded it. This app is only available for personal AmericanExpress cards issued in Sweden by American Express Europe S.A. Allaccess to and use of this App is subject to and governed by the EndUser License Agreement, Site Rules and Privacy Policy.
Amex Hong Kong
The American Express App for Android on any supported mobile deviceor operating system (an “Authorised Device or OS”) lets youcarry your account everywhere, anytime. View and manage your Cardtransactions, account balance, account details, and do a lot more,all on the move! Simplify life with the American Express App forAndroid. FEATURES  • View your recent Card transactionsincluding pending transactions and pay your bill • View yourRewards points balance and use points to pay back your purchasesvia a statement credit if you’re enrolled in the Membership Rewardsprogram • Log in securely with the same User ID and Password youuse on • Access and manage multiple Cardaccounts •Refer American Express Cards to your friends and berewarded ELIGIBILITY  • Already registered for AmericanExpress Online Services and you have a valid User ID and Password?Yes, you’re eligible! Just download!  • Not registered forOnline Services? Not eligible just yet, but you’re only a clickaway. Register at • This App isonly available for personal American Express® Cards and CorporateCards issued in Hong Kong by American Express International Inc.Android is a trademark of Google Inc. All access to and use of thisApp is subject to and governed by End User License Agreement,Website Rules & Regulations and Online Privacy Statement.
Amex Singapore
The official American Express Mobile App for Android® allows you tokeep track of your account, view rewards and log in with the touchof a finger on supported Android device. With an easy-to-usepersonalized activity timeline, it brings the latest transactioninformation, targeted marketing and advertising offers via AmexOffers and recommendations into a single view. FEATURES • Pay yourown way with Amex Pay: Tap to pay when you activate mobilecontactless payments for Android. Or simple scan Amex-accepting QRCodes to pay. (Coming soon!). • Switch on Purchase Alerts in theAmex App to keep track of your spending in real time. • Get quickaccess to your account with fingerprint login • Log in securelywith the same User ID and Password you use • Activate your new American Express Cardthrough using your email or phone number registered with AmericanExpress • Manage your account, including multiple Card Accounts •Check your balance, access past PDF statements and pendingtransactions • View your Rewards points balance and use points topay back eligible purchases from credit on your account* (if you’reenrolled in the Membership Rewards program) • Amex Offers* -Discover offers from places you shop, dine, travel and more, andadd offers to your Card with just a few taps. Explore a map ofnearby offers and get personalized alerts so you don’t miss out onsavings. • Refer American Express to friends and be rewarded withBonus Points*. *If you are an American Express Corporate CardMember, you are not eligible for Pay with Points, Amex Offers,Friends Referral and Places. Don’t like the Amex Mobile App? Youcan continue to use our site at from anydevice. ELIGIBILITY • This App is only available for holders ofAmerican Express personal and Corporate Cards in Singapore issuedby American Express International Inc, who are already registeredfor American Express Online Services and have a valid User ID andPassword. • Not registered for Online Services? Register for OnlineServices at Then download the App.• If your American Express® Card has been issued by your bank,we’re sorry, but you are not eligible to use the Amex Mobile App.Android is a trademark of Google LLC. All access to and use of thisApp is subject to and governed by End User License Agreement,Website Rules & Regulations and Online Privacy Statement.
Amex Serve
HOW IT WORKS:• Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to youraccount• View your transaction history• View information about your transactions by clicking on anindividual transactionFEATURES:• Locate MoneyPass® ATMs• Set money aside with Reserve• Send money to your Subaccounts and see their transactionhistoryADD MONEY:• Add checks with your mobile phone• Add money to your Account from your bank account or debitcard• Find cash reload locations near you on the goMANAGE MONEY:• Access your Direct Deposit information• Pay BillsTRUSTED BENEFITS:• Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shoppingand moreWhat is American Express Serve?Serve is a Full Service Prepaid Debit Account from American Expresswith no credit check, no minimum balance, and no hidden fees. Youcan use your American Express Serve Card in stores, online and atATMs worldwide. With an Account, you can direct deposit yourpaycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and haveaccess to 24/7 customer service.Visit us at for more information, including our FeeChart.
American Express Music 2.0.3
With OUTSIDE IN, American Express Music brings you inside thecreative mind of Justin Timberlake as only possible through MixedReality. In this first-of-its-kind experience, watch Justin come tolife in your living room and explore the immersive world of hissong "Breeze off the Pond" through spatial audio. You'll also beable to shop exclusive Man of the Woods merch with your AmericanExpress Card in AR.Take advantage of the app's additional featuresto discover the full catalog of American Express Music content,featuring some of your favorite artists as well as up-and-comingacts.TIPS FOR THE BEST OUTSIDE IN EXPERIENCE:– Android 7+ isrequired for augmented reality functionality. Samsung S8, SamsungS8 Edge are recommended; Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Google Pixel2/Pixel 2 XL, Samsung S9 support coming soon. The app may run onother devices, but stability, design and layout may be different. -Find a brightly lit space, and make sure you have room to move.-Point your device toward the floor and move it around in a slow,circular motion to bring the AR scene to life. Patterns or rugswill help your camera detect the floor, which lets the experienceknow where you're standing.
EXPERT CARE Mobile App 1.2.1
The EXPERT CARE Mobile App is an extension to the current EXPERTCARE solution and is designed to facilitate and expeditecommunications between the travel manager or security officer andthe traveler with the main objectives of bringing the traveler homesafe, keeping them productive and satisfied, and minimizing theunexpected costs of travel changes.Convenient Communication: EXPERTCARE Mobile App provides convenient multi direction communicationbetween travel managers and their travelers. A one-or 2-waycommunication allowing both travelers and travel manager orsecurity officer to send and receive instant messages via commonlyused SMS or email channels.Emergency Click-to-Call: EXPERT CAREMobile App features a click-to-call function that gives thetraveler immediate access to the travel manager or security officervia a pre-determined company security number.Fitting Compatibility:EXPERT CARE Mobile App is published in four languages and availablein multiple countries free of charge. It is also compatible withthe latest commonly used mobile devices.Real-time Locating: Withreal-time tracking, EXPERT CARE Mobile App facilitates the trackingand location of the traveler based on their GPS location. Travelmanagers and security officers can effectively locate andcommunicate relevant information to ensure proper duty of care tothe traveler.***Note, in order to successfully register to use thisapp, your company must be an American Express Global BusinessTravel customer that has subscribed to the EXPERT CARE Travel RiskManagement solution.
Bekijk en beheer uw American Express® account - thuis en onderweg.Omschrijving: Met de vernieuwde American Express® App heeft ualtijd en overal toegang tot uw account. Bekijk uw transacties, uwaccountgegevens, uw Membership Rewards puntensaldo en meer, of u nuthuis bent of onderweg. Het wordt een stuk makkelijker met de AmexApp. EIGENSCHAPPEN • Bekijk uw saldo, recente transacties endownload PDF rekeningoverzichten. • Log in met uw vingerafdruk ofmet de inloggegevens die u ook gebruikt op •Check uw Membership Rewards® puntensaldo en gebruik uw punten om uwaankopen geheel of gedeeltelijk te betalen, direct vanuit de App(als u deelneemt aan het Membership Rewards® programma,uitgezonderd Corporate Cards). American Express gaat door met hetontwikkelen van deze app. Kijk dus regelmatig of er updates zijn.WIE KAN DE APP GEBRUIKEN? • Maakt u al gebruik van een onlineaccount? Dan kunt u de Amex App meteen downloaden en gebruiken. Login met de inloggegevens die u ook gebruikt op •Nog geen online account? Maak deze dan aan, direct vanuit hetbeginscherm in de app. • Deze app is alleen beschikbaar voorAmerican Express Cards die zijn uitgegeven in Nederland. Alletoegang tot en gebruik van deze app is onderhevig aan de AmericanExpress Eindgebruikers licentieovereenkomst, Website Regels enVoorschriften en Privacy Verklaring. View and manage your AmericanExpress® account - at home and on the go. Description: With therenewed American Express® App you have access to your accountanytime and anywhere. View your transactions, your account details,your Membership Rewards points balance and more, whether you are athome or on the road. It gets a lot easier with the Amex App.PROPERTIES • View your balance, recent transactions and downloadPDF account statements. • Log in with your fingerprint or with thelogin details that you also use on • Check yourMembership Rewards® points balance and use your points to pay foryour purchases in full or in part, directly from the App (if youparticipate in the Membership Rewards® program, except CorporateCards). American Express continues to develop this app. So checkregularly for updates. WHO CAN USE THE APP? • Do you already use anonline account? Then you can immediately download and use the AmexApp. Log in with the login details that you also use • No online account yet? Then create itdirectly from the home screen in the app. • This app is onlyavailable for American Express Cards that have been issued in theNetherlands. All access to and use of this app is subject to theAmerican Express End User License Agreement, Website Rules andRegulations and Privacy Statement.
Acceda desde su teléfono móvil a su Cuenta con la aplicaciónoficial de American Express y regístrese con su huella dactilar.Compruebe sus movimientos recientes, saldo y puntos acumuladosdesde cualquier lugar, incluyendo los cargos pendientes y, si estáregistrado en el programa Membership Rewards®, pague las compras yarealizadas con puntos Membership Rewards. Características: • Accedacon mayor rapidez a su Cuenta con su huella dactilar • Active suTarjeta y cree su usuario y contraseña para los Servicios Online deAmerican Express • Compruebe sus movimientos recientes y saldo,incluyendo los cargos pendientes • Consulte su saldo de puntos,revise sus últimos movimientos y, pague las compras ya realizadascon puntos Membership Rewards (disponible para Titularesregistrados en el programa Membership Rewards) • Presente a unamigo y gane miles de puntos • Descargue los Estados de Cuenta delos últimos seis meses en formato PDF Requisitos: • Tener acceso alos Servicios Online, que puede solicitar en esta App. El usuario yla contraseña para acceder a los Servicios Online son los mismospara acceder a Amex España y a • El uso de AmexEspaña está limitado a Titulares de Tarjetas Personales, TarjetasBusiness y Tarjetas Corporate emitidas directamente por AmericanExpress Europe, S.A. en el territorio español. Todos los accesos yusos de esta aplicación están sujetos al Contrato de Licencia deUsuario Final, términos y condiciones de uso online, y ladeclaración de privacidad. Access from your mobile phone to yourAccount with the official American Express application and registerwith your fingerprint. Check your recent movements, balance andaccumulated points from anywhere, including pending charges and, ifyou are registered in the Membership Rewards® program, pay forpurchases already made with Membership Rewards points. Features: •Access your Account more quickly with your fingerprint • Activateyour Card and create your username and password for the AmericanExpress Online Services • Check your recent movements and balance,including pending charges • Check your points balance, review yourlatest moves and, pay for purchases already made with MembershipRewards points (available for Members registered in the MembershipRewards program) • Introduce a friend and earn thousands of points• Download the Statements of the last six months in PDF formatRequirements: • Have access to Online Services, which you canrequest in this App. The user and password to access the OnlineServices are the same to access Amex Spain and •The use of Amex España is limited to Holders of Personal Cards,Business Cards and Corporate Cards issued directly by AmericanExpress Europe, S.A. in the Spanish territory. All accesses anduses of this application are subject to the End User LicenseAgreement, terms and conditions of online use, and the privacystatement.
Amex New Zealand
The official American Express Mobile App for Android™ gives youaccess with a touch to Membership benefits. Keep track of yourspending and view the points balance. Find many more features thatare available in the App. FEATURES Access • Quick access withFingerprint login Your Card and Account: • If you hold multipleCards you can manage all of them Rewards: • View the points balanceDon’t want to use the Amex Mobile App? You can continue to use oursite at from any device. ELIGIBILITY ThisApp is only available for American Express New Zealand Card Memberswho hold Cards issued by American Express International (NZ) • Notregistered for Online Services? Register for Online Services All access to and use of this Appis subject to and governed by American Express’ End User LicenseAgreement, Website Rules & Regulations and Privacy Statement.American Express’ End User License Agreement can be accessed byselecting the Legal & Privacy option in the Account section ofthe App. The Privacy Statement can be found at
AMEX4YOU 4.1.0
AMEX4YOU is an application that will provide you with a warmwelcome and help you get acquainted with American Express. You willlearn about: • Our products and services by taking the AMEXChallenge • Our work environment • The benefits of joining us •Directions to your nearby American Express Center • The AMEXService Center through our virtual tour
Amex Österreich
BESCHREIBUNG Mit der offiziellen American Express® App fürAndroid®, nehmen Sie Ihr Kartenkonto überall mit hin. Erhalten Sieeinen Überblick über Ihren Kontostand, lösen Sie Ihre MembershipRewards® Punkte ein und noch vieles mehr, alles von unterwegseinsehbar. FUNKTIONEN • Melden Sie sich einfach mit IhrenOnline-Konto-Zugangsdaten an, die Sie auch verwenden. • Melden Sie sichschnell und einfach auch mit der Fingerprint Anmeldung an(unterstützte Geräte vorausgesetzt). • Sie können jetzt über IhreApp Ihre Karte scannen, aktivieren und sich für dasOnline-Kartenkonto anmelden. • Behalten Sie jederzeit den Überblicküber Ihre Ausgaben und verwalten Sie mehrere Kartenkonten in einerApp. • Überprüfen Sie Ihren aktuellen Kontostand sowie getätigteund ausstehende Transaktionen. • Sehen Sie bequem Ihren aktuellenMembership Rewards Punktestand ein und zahlen Sie IhreTransaktionen online und nachträglich mit Ihren Punkten (Teilnahmeam Bonusprogramm Membership Rewards® vorausgesetzt). • Laden SieIhre aktuelle sowie vergangene Rechnungen (bis zu 6 Monate) imPDF-Format herunter. TEILNAHMEBERECHTIGUNG • Sie sindteilnahmeberechtigt, wenn Sie sich bereits für die AmericanExpress® Online-Services registriert haben und über einen gültigenBenutzernamen und ein Kennwort verfügen. Laden Sie die App einfachherunter. • Sollten Sie sich noch nicht für die American Express®Online-Services registriert haben, sind Sie nur einen Klick davonentfernt. Registrieren Sie sich erst und laden Sie dann die Appherunter. • Die App ist nur für private und Corporate AmericanExpress® Karten, die von American Express Europe S.A. - Austrianbranch, Niederlassung Wien ausgestellt wurden, verfügbar. • Die Appist nur für Karten, die in Österreich ausgestellt wurden, nutzbar.• Die Verfügbarkeit der Funktionen ist produktabhängig. AlleZugriffe und die Nutzung dieser App unterliegen derEndnutzer-Lizenzvereinbarung, den Regeln und Bestimmungen derWebsite sowie der Online-Datenschutzerklärung. DESCRIPTION With theofficial American Express® app for Android®, take your card accountwith you everywhere. Get an overview of your account balance, earnyour Membership Rewards® points and much more, all on the go.FEATURES • Simply log in with your online account credentials,which you can also use at •Log in quickly and easily with fingerprint logon (supported devicesrequired). • You can now use your app to scan your card, activateit, and sign up for the online card account. • Keep track of yourspend at all times and manage multiple card accounts in one app. •Check your current balance and transactions made and pending. •Easily view your current Membership Rewards score and pay for yourtransactions online and at a later date with your points(Membership Rewards® bonus program required). • Download yourcurrent and past invoices (up to 6 months) in PDF format.ELIGIBILITY • You are eligible if you have already registered forthe American Express® Online Services and have a valid username andpassword. Just download the app. • If you have not yet registeredfor the American Express® Online Services, you are just a clickaway. First register on andthen download the app. • The app is only for private and corporateAmerican Express® cards issued by American Express Europe S.A. -Austrian branch, Vienna branch were issued. • The app can only beused for cards issued in Austria. • The availability of functionsis product-dependent. All access and use of this app is subject tothe End-User License Agreement, Website Rules and Regulations, andOnline Privacy Statement.
Amex Suomi
American Express® Android®-sovelluksella pidät korttitilisi ainamukanasi. Voit katsoa tilitapahtumiasi, tarkastaa MembershipRewards® -pisteesi ja paljon muuta, missä ja milloin vain!Tuetuissa laitteissa pääset sormenjälkitunnistuksen ansiostahelposti ja nopeasti käsiksi toimintoihin, joten saat parhaanhyödyn jäsenyydestäsi. Helpota elämääsi American ExpressinAndroid-sovelluksella! TOIMINNOT • Nopea pääsy tilitietoihinkirjautumalla sormenjäljellä tai samoilla tunnuksilla, joita käytätosoitteessa • Mahdollisuus lisätä ja käyttääuseita korttitilejä. • Katso ajankohtainen saldo ja tarkasteleviimeaikaisia sekä tulevia tilitapahtumia. • Katso MembershipRewards® -pisteet (jos tilisi on liitetty Membership Rewards®-ohjelmaan). Tulossa on vielä muitakin ominaisuuksia. Pidä silmälläpäivityksiä. PÄÄSY TILILLE • Oletko jo luonut itsellesionline-tilin ja sinulla on voimassaoleva käyttäjätunnus jasalasana? Lataa sitten vain sovellus! • Eikö sinulla olekäyttäjätunnuksia? Olet vain parin klikkauksen päässä. Rekisteröidyosoitteessa ja lataa sitten sovellus. Tämäsovellus on käytettävissä vain Suomessa myönnetyillä AmericanExpress -yksityiskorteilla, joiden myöntäjä on American ExpressEurope, S.A. (Suomen sivuliike). Sovellukseen pääsyä ja sen käyttöärajoittavat loppukäyttäjän lisenssisopimus, verkkosivustonkäyttöehdot ja tietosuojakäytäntö. With American Express® Android®,you always keep your card account with you. You can view youraccount transactions, check your Membership Rewards® points andmore, anytime, anywhere! With supported devices, you can accessyour functions easily and quickly with Fingerprint Authentication,so you can get the most out of your membership. Make your lifeeasier with the American Express Android app! FUNCTIONS • Quickaccess to account information by logging in with the fingerprint orthe same ID that you use at • Ability to addand use multiple card accounts. • View your current balance andview recent and future account transactions. • View MembershipRewards® Points (if your account is linked to Membership Rewards®).There are still other features coming. Keep an eye on updates.ACCESS TO THE ACCOUNT • Have you already created an online accountfor yourself and have a valid username and password? Then justdownload the app! • Don't have usernames? You are just a couple ofclicks away. Sign up at and then download theapp. This app is only available for American Express private cardsissued in Finland by American Express Europe, S.A. (Finnishbranch). Access to and use of the application is restricted by theEnd User License Agreement, the Terms of Use of the Website, andthe Privacy Policy.
American Express Móvil
La aplicación American Express Móvil es un buscador de beneficiosdonde podrá conocer todas las ofertas, promociones y novedades queLa Tarjeta de American Express ofrece. Algunas de lasFuncionalidades son: • Sección de destacados y novedades diarias. •Búsqueda de beneficios por categorías. • Acceso directo paracanjear sus puntos Membership Rewards. • Posibilidad de compartirtodos los beneficios. • Geolocalización de los beneficiosdisponibles. • Sistema de navegación que facilita el acceso a lainformación. Además, puede acceder en todo momento a la informaciónde su Cuenta American Express: • Consultar saldos, transacciones ypagos. • Detalle de consumos diarios. • Fechas de cierre yvencimiento. Tarjetas La aplicación móvil de American Expressmuestra los beneficios válidos para las Tarjetas Personalesemitidas y administradas por American Express Argentina S.A.Algunas de las Tarjetas que aplican son las siguientes: -Centurionfrom American Express -The Platinum Card -The Gold Card -The GreenCard -The Platinum Credit Card -The Gold Credit Card -The PlatinumCredit Card Aerolineas Plus El acceso y el uso de la aplicaciónestán sujetos a los términos de privacidad y confidencialidad, alcontrato de licencia de uso y a los términos y condiciones delservicio. American Express Mobile application is a search enginewhere you can meet benefit all offers, promotions and news that theAmerican Express card offers. Some of the features are: • Sectionhighlights and daily news. • Search by category benefits. •Shortcut to redeem Membership Rewards points. • Ability to shareall benefits. • Geolocation of benefits available. • Navigationsystem that facilitates access to information. In addition, you canaccess at all times to the information from your American ExpressAccount: • Check balances, transactions and payments. • Detail ofdaily consumption. • Closing dates and maturity. Cards The mobileapplication American Express shows the valid benefits for Cardsissued and administered by American Express Argentina S.A. Some ofthe cards that apply are: 'Centurion from American Express -ThePlatinum Card -The Gold Card -The Green Card -The Platinum CreditCard -The Gold Credit Card -The Aerolineas Plus Platinum CreditCard Access to and use of the application are subject to the termsof privacy and confidentiality, the license agreement and the termsand conditions of service.
American Express OPEN Forum®
The OPEN Forum mobile app from AmericanExpress is a networking tool for helps business owners to connectwith each other and discover great events.Relationships are what build your business, but it can be tough toprioritize making new connections. OPEN Forum helps you sparkconversations with people in your industry and find other businessowners within a specific specialty.The OPEN Forum app enables you to get out there and connect. Makethe most of events you’re already going to by finding otherattendees in advance and planning out who you want to meet.Create a profile that reflects you and your businessDiscover relevant events and connect with other attendeesFind connections based on industry, location, or specialtiesKickstart new relationships with one-on-one chats
American Express: Music 204
With OUTSIDE IN, American Express Music brings you inside thecreative mind of Justin Timberlake as only possible through MixedReality. In this first-of-its-kind experience, watch Justin come tolife in your living room and explore the immersive world of hissong "Breeze off the Pond" through spatial audio. You'll also beable to shop exclusive Man of the Woods merch with your AmericanExpress Card in AR. Take advantage of the app's additional featuresto discover the full catalog of American Express Music content,featuring some of your favorite artists as well as up-and-comingacts. TIPS FOR THE BEST OUTSIDE IN EXPERIENCE: – Android 7+ isrequired for augmented reality functionality. Samsung S8, SamsungS8 Edge are recommended; Google Pixel/Pixel XL, Google Pixel2/Pixel 2 XL, Samsung S9 support coming soon. The app may run onother devices, but stability, design and layout may be different. -Find a brightly lit space, and make sure you have room to move. -Point your device toward the floor and move it around in a slow,circular motion to bring the AR scene to life. Patterns or rugswill help your camera detect the floor, which lets the experienceknow where you're standing.
Amex Taiwan
美國運通「行動帳戶APP」(Amex TW)讓您於手機可設定您的單一或多個美國運通卡帳戶,透過APP您可掌握美國運通卡的消費,讓您隨時安全便利地查閱最新帳戶結餘、交易紀錄與累積的會員酬賓積分。立即下載體驗美國運通「行動帳戶APP」!快捷線上管理您的帳戶,享受更簡便、更直覺的數位生活。註:若您為新用戶欲使用APP,請先至台灣美國運通官網申請建立您的美國運通卡「線上服務」用戶,即可以您的「線上服務」用戶資訊繼續登入使用APP。此APP僅適用於台灣美國運通公司發行之美國運通卡(含企業卡)用戶。American Express Mobile Account App (Amex TW) allows you to set upyour single or multiple American Express card accounts on yourmobile phone. With the app, you can control the consumption ofAmerican Express, so that you can check the latest account balancesafely and conveniently at any time. Transaction history andaccumulated member reward points. Download the American ExpressMobile Account App now! Manage your account online and enjoy asimpler, more intuitive digital life. Note: If you want to use theapp for new users, please go to Taiwan American Express to apply for the establishment ofyour American Express Online Service user, that is, you cancontinue your online service user information. Sign in to use theapp. This app is only available to American Express (includingcorporate cards) users issued by American Express.
Amex Merchant AU 1.1.0
Access your American Express® Merchant Account from virtuallyanywhere with the Amex Merchant app. Easily view a snapshot of youraccount so that you can spend more time in the moments that matterfor your business. Fingerprint login (on supported devices) givesyou quick access to features so you can get the most out of yourMerchant account. PAYMENTS See when you get paid with recentpending and posted settlement details for all of your Amexaccepting locations. View and download payment transaction activityanytime, including E-Statements and E-Invoices (if applicable). Appand app features are only available for Amex accepting Merchants inAustralia, New Zealand and the Caribbean*. To login, users musthave an American Express online Merchant Account user ID andpassword or create one by clicking the “Register Now” link on thelogin screen of the app. All access to and use of this app issubject to Privacy Statement and governed by End User LicenseAgreement and Terms of Service. ONLINE ACCOUNT REGISTRATION Youwill need an Online Merchant Account to use the Amex Merchant app.If you don’t have one, simply tap the ‘Register now’ link on thelog-in screen to complete registration in a few simple steps. Toget started, you will need your Merchant Account number shown onyour statements. ¬¬ American Express Australia Limited 12 ShelleyStreet, NSW Sydney 2000 (ABN 92 108 952 085). (or for NZ: AmericanExpress International (NZ), Inc. Incorporated in Delaware, USA.Principal Place of Business in New Zealand, 600 Great South Road,Ellerslie, Auckland 1051.) ® Registered trademark of AmericanExpress Company. © 2018 American Express Company. All rightsreserved. *Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados,Bermuda, Bolivia, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands,Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica,Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Saint Barthélemy, SaintKitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Sint Maarten, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos
Amex Go 1.4.0
Now you can pay for business purchases on-the-go —without having toborrow your boss’s Card or use your own money and wait forreimbursement. Download the Amex® Go app to receive a Virtual Cardfrom your employer. Use it for all business purchases that shouldbe paid from your company’s corporate account. USE THE APP TO: •Pay for on-the-go purchases either in another app, online, or overthe phone such as food delivery or ride-hailing • Easily tracktransaction details and monitor your Card balance • Activate yourphysical Card HOW TO USE THE CARD: Pay for business purchasesanywhere American Express® is accepted—up to the amount authorizedand within policy. (Contact your Program Administrator for businessexpense policies.) Use within the dates listed under the “CardInfo” tab, as any transactions outside this timeframe—ortransactions exceeding the remaining balance—will be declined. GETCARD DETAILS Use the “Card Info” tab to locate the Card’s BillingZip Code, Expiration Date and Security Code as needed for onlineand in-app purchases. GET STARTED When your Program Administratorinvites you to American Express Go™, you’ll receive two emails inyour inbox—a welcome email with instructions on how to download theapp, and a separate email containing your enrollment code toregister. NOTE In order to register and use the American Express Goapp, your company must be an American Express Go customer and musthave issued you a Virtual Card. (If your company is not an AmericanExpress Go customer, please ask your company's travel manager toget in touch with his/her American Express Account Manager). 1.3.2
CARATTERISTICHE • Qui American Express ti offre un'ampiaselezionedi esercizi commerciali in cui la Carta è la benvenuta,suddivisiper differenti categorie merceologiche. Ogni ricercapuòrestituirti un massimo di 50 esercizi commerciali convenzionati.•L'applicazione identifica la tua posizione attraversoildispositivo GPS. A dispositivo spento dovrai inveceinseriremanualmente una zona geografica di interesse per effettuareunaricerca. • Aprendo l'applicazione e cliccando sul pulsante"Cerca"darai il via alla ricerca per scoprire gli esercizicommerciali piùvicini al tuo punto localizzato in cui la Carta èbenvenuta. Seinvece desideri effettuare una ricerca in unaspecifica area diinteresse clicca sul pulsante "luogo" e inseriscil'area di tuointeresse. • Utilizza invece la ricerca per"categoria" o per"parola chiave" se desideri affinare la tuaricerca. • Ogni ricercati restituisce una lista di esercizivisualizzabili anche su mappainterattiva. Cliccando sui puntatoricolorati potrai scoprire leinformazioni di GoogleMaps per ogniesercizio commerciale.Cliccando invece sul pulsante "listaesercizi" potrai visualizzarnela lista completa. • Non servono userID e Password per utilizzarequesta applicazione. • Alcun datopersonale degli utenti verràrichiesto e storato in questaapplicazione; ciò implica che lalocalizzazione non permette dirisalire all'identità degliinteressati, neppure indirettamente. •La lista degli esercizicommerciali che accettano Carta AmericanExpress è aggiornatatrimestralmente. • L'applicazione permetteanche di segnalare unEsercizio Commerciale che non accetta CartaAmerican Express. Bastaaccedere all'area menù e cliccare sulla voce"Segnala EsercizioCommerciale" e compilare il form. Mantieni la tuaApp sempreaggiornata così sarai sempre a conoscenza deinumerosissimi postiin cui Carta American Express è la benvenuta. Lalista è incontinuo aumento. Inoltre, avrai anche la possibilità disegnalaregli Esercizi che non accettano la Carta. Semplice, praticaedutile: Qui American Express è l'applicazione che ti permettedifare acquisti senza rinunciare ai benefici American Express.Tuttigli accessi ed utilizzi di questa App sono soggetti edisciplinatidal Contratto di Licenza, dalle Regole e Normative peri Siti Web edalla Dichiarazione di Riservatezza. FEATURES • HereAmericanExpress offers you a wide selection of shops where the Cardiswelcome, divided into different product categories. Each searchcanreturn a maximum of 50 affiliated shops. • Theapplicationidentifies your position through the GPS device. Withthe deviceturned off, you will have to manually enter ageographical area of​​interest to perform a search. • By openingthe application andclicking on the "Search" button you will startthe search to findout which shops are closest to your localizedpoint where the Cardis welcome. If instead you want to search in aspecific area of​​interest click on the "place" button and enterthe area of ​​yourinterest. • Instead, use the search for"category" or "keyword" ifyou want to refine your search. • Eachsearch returns you a list ofexercises that can also be viewed on aninteractive map. Byclicking on the colored pointers you will beable to discover theinformation of GoogleMaps for each business. Byclicking on the"exercise list" button, you can view the completelist. • No userID and password are required to use thisapplication. • No personaldata of users will be requested andstored in this application;this implies that localization does notallow us to trace theidentity of the interested parties, evenindirectly. • The list ofbusinesses that accept American ExpressCard is updated quarterly.• The application also allows you toreport a Commercial Operationthat does not accept American ExpressCard. Just access the menuarea and click on the "Report CommercialActivity" and fill in theform. Keep your App always up to date soyou will always be awareof the many places where Carta AmericanExpress is welcome. Thelist is constantly increasing. In addition,you will also have theopportunity to report the Exercises that donot accept the Card.Simple, practical and useful: Here AmericanExpress is theapplication that allows you to make purchases withoutrenouncingAmerican Express benefits. All access and use of this Apparesubject to and governed by the License Agreement, the RulesandRegulations for the Websites and the Statement ofConfidentiality.