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Ziqaq is a project that aims to create areliable source of information about the Old City of Jerusalem inboth Arabic and English through an easy to use application.The project has the power to attract young people’s attentionwith the goal of raising the awareness of relevant stakeholdersincluding youth about the daily lives of the Jerusalemitecommunity.The application includes maps, photos, and information about thelandmarks of the Old City and the reality of the politicalsituation in it guaranteeing an enjoyable experience for the usersof the application.
خدماتي 0.0.4
تهدف مبادرة "خدماتي" والتي خرجت من قبل مجموعةمن الشباب الناشط مجتمعيا والذين شاركوا في مخيم الشفافية والمسائلةالتكنولوجي والذي تم تنفيذه من قبل مؤسسة الرؤيا الفلسطينية ضمنبرنامج تجاوب والذي يهدف إلى مد الجسور وتعزيز وتطوير العلاقة بينصناع القرار والمجتمع المحلي الى تعزيز موضوع الشفافية لدى دائرةالمياه في بيت لحم والدوحة، حيث تمكن المستخدم من معرفة برنامجالتوزيع اليومي للمياه بالاضافة الى خارطة تفاعلية تظهر المناطق التيتصلها المياه.Aims "My Services"initiative, which went out by a group of young activist, acommunity and who participated in the transparency andaccountability of technological camp, which was implemented by thePalestinian vision institution within the response of the program,which aims to build bridges and strengthen and develop therelationship between decision-makers and the community to promotethe subject of transparency in Water Department in Bethlehem andDoha, where enables the user to know the daily distribution ofwater program in addition to an interactive map of areas withaccess to water show.
فزعة 0.0.6
فزعة لإنشاء العرائض وجمع التواقيعScared to createpetitionsand gather signatures