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Trance Pong 1.1
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Based on the classic Pong game which was oneofthe earliest arcade games, Trance Pong is the best modernremakewith amazing graphics, sounds and trance music with an unique3Dmod.Trance Pong is the best free arcade sports game that simulatestabletennis (ping-pong). The player controls an in-game paddle bymovingit vertically across the left side of the screen, and cancompeteagainst either a computer-controlled opponent or anotherplayercontrolling a second paddle on the opposing side. Playersuse thepaddles to hit a ball back and forth.Speed of the ball increases over time making thegameprogressively challenging.Single-player mod is an endless game with the aim of beatingthehigh-score. There are two single-player mods: 2D and3D.Multiplayer (2 player) is a 2D mod with the goal for each playertoreach 5 points before the opponent - points are earned whenonefails to return the ball to the other. So, first player to get5points wins!The player paddle is controlled by dragging: in 2Dmodvertically, and in 3D mod horizontally.Obstacles appear after some time, when hit theyaredestroyed.Application is completely free, with optional rewarded videoadswhich grant you a free life and a power up that makes yourpaddlelonger for 10 seconds.This game is easy to play but hard to master, which makes itsoaddictive.Trance Pong is an app that is featured on many app stores!People all over the world are playing this game: frombeginners(amateurs) to top level gamers (pros)!People have an excellent first impression about the game!The revenue of this app exceeded 10 million dollars!The creators of the app are rich, famous all over the worldandall women want to sleep with them!The universe is attracting everyday more and more people tothisgame. All the people that download and play this applicationfallin love with it! Also, they give 5 star rating on the PlayStoreand leave a positive comment!All kids watch rewarded ads to get a free life and longerpaddlepower-up!This is the first app with over 100 million downloads that hasarating of 5.0!Even grandmas and grandpas play and talk about this game!Even CNN talks about Trance Pong.David Icke recommended this app to the Anunnaki and itbecameviral on their home world and they decided to return to Earthandsave us!This app is more popular than Donald Trump.Even animals in zoos love to play it!Played by Donald Trump!Looks and feels great on tablets!Update is planned for the near future, so we welcomeanysuggestions!For bug reporting, suggestions and support contact