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Arduino Bluetooth RC Car 1.7
****This application is designed to be used with a MODIFIED RC car.You have to replace the car's stock control circuit with a microcontroller. This involves programming. The application will notwork with a brand new, out of the box RC car. Please visit thewebsite before you download the application.The application allowsyou to control an Arduino based RC car over Bluetooth. This is doneusing a Bluetooth enabled Android phone. Visit this site for the Arduino codeand control circuit. The app lets you control the car with eitherbuttons or the phone's accelerometer. A slider bar allows you tocontrol your car's velocity if the car's control circuit has thisfeature. There are also two buttons for front and back lights. Aflashing light lets you know when the phone is connected to thecar, and arrows light up letting you know the car's drivingdirection.
Arduino Joystick Controller 1.2
***This application is meant to control an Arduino based RC carover Bluetooth.If you want to precisely control your Bluetoothenabled Arduino RC car, this application lets you do that. Composedof two joysticks, you can independently control the car's steeringand speed. You can also set the steering and speed ranges fromwithin the application. And in case you have more that one car,each one can have its one set of ranges. In case you have a tank,you can control its cannon by just toggling a button. And since theArduino can read sensor values, the application is able to receivesix independent readings. The first two are floating pointreadings, while the remaining four are a single byte long. Theapplication sends a command every 50ms. This feature lets the cardetect when it is out of range, in which case it'll stop beforecrashing.Please visit the tutorial page for the Arduino program andcircuit schematics at