Andii Apps

Dots Trouble 1.0
In Dots Trouble you have one simpleobjective:Avoid the dots. Sounds easy? well, many a man has thoughtthe samebefore you, but this game is knuckle bustlingly tough. It'ssimple,but it is deviously addictive. Give it a try and beat thehighscorebefore your friends do.Features:-Very fun one-clicker-Zigzag your way through the obstacles!-Help a little ball on a bouncing adventure-Difficult but addicting!-Try again and again-Beat the highscore
Color Hopper - Crazy Circles 1.0
In Color Hopper, you have to help 4 littlecuteand happy fellas by eating the correct colors. Be careful - ifyoueat the wrong color its game over for the poor little guys.It'skinda crazy.Features:-Get ready for endless fun!-Warning: Mega addictiveness- A one clicker world filled with colors!-4 happy and awesome fellas!-Dodge the wrong colors and eat the right color.- No spikes or other badguys!Enjoy Ketchapp games? Then you will enjoy this.It is a one clicker game. Its simple, addictive, difficult and alotof fun!