Andrei Maximov Apps

Proto-Tap 1.1.5
Tap to guide the "Proto-Tap" through anendless barrage of obstacles! Build your reflexes and rack up thosepoints! Oh, and one last thing, make sure to beat your friends!5 Achievements!• God: (100 Points)• Platinum (75 Points)• Gold (50 Points)• Silver (25 Points)• Bronze (10 Points)How far can you get?
Super Stickman On The Run FREE 2.0.1
Guide Super Stickman through an endlessbarrage of obstacles in a randomly generated world!Sprint your way around dangerous cliffs and crates, with perillooming over you with a single miss-tap! Collect bonus power-upsand boost your way through an endless journey for max points! Keepyour reflexes sharp, and experience the rush of competing with yourfriends to see who is the true king of Super Stickman!THE GOAL• Keep the Stickman running for as long as possible withoutsmashing into walls or obstacles!• Collect power-ups for special abilities and extra points!FEATURES• Hurdle barriers, jump over obstacles, and slide under crates tosurvive this epic endless platformer!• Collect power-ups like portals and coins to get multipliers andbonus points!• Share your highscores with your friends on Facebook!• Over 10 different levels and an option to play a randomlygenerated map!• Unique HD cartoon style graphics!If you have any issues please email us at
Energy Collector Grid Wars 1.2.5
Andrei Maximov
Dodge your way through a frenzy ofdeadlyenemies to collect orbs, get points, chain togetherinsanemultipliers, and upgrade your spaceship for specialabilities!Challenging your friends via seamless Facebookintegration! EnergyCollector Grid Wars unique action packed, retrostyled gameplaywill bring you to the edge of your seat!THE GOAL• Collect orbs to get points and replenish yourenergylevels!• Collect power-ups for special abilities and extra points!• Chain together orb collections for massivescoremultipliers!• Destroy enemies for more points!FEATURES• Test your reflexes by dodging enemies!• Fast paced addicting gameplay!• Collect power-ups like double-points and shields forsuperiorabilities!• Share your highscores with your friends on Facebook!• Compete against friends via seamless GameCenterintegration!• HD Graphics with stunning particle effects!UPGRADES• Plasma Shields!• Extreme Magnetism!• Double Points!• Blast Wave!• Insane Energy!
Lil Runner 1.1.1
Simply tap to jump and slide the Stickmantovictory through an endless barrage of deadly obstacles!Challengeyour friends to top the leaderboards!Trophies!• Gold (5,000 Points)• Silver (2,500 Points)• Bronze (1,000 Points)
Tapaholic 1.0.1
How fast can you tap? I bet your friendscantap faster. Oh no you think you're faster? Well then getTapaholicand challenge your friends to an exhilarating game oftapping!3 Achievements!• Gold• Silver• Bronze3 Game Modes!• 5 Seconds• 10 Seconds• 20 Seconds