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Army PFT 1.4.2
Calculate your PFT & BCA Scores for free!PFT calculator can calculate scores for alternate cardioactivities such as 800 meter swim / 6.2 mile bike / 2.5 mile walk.(Use Menu button to select alternate cardio)Premium Features:- Unlock the log for only $.99 and track all of your APFTs andBCAs.- Share your PFT Scores to Facebook, Twitter, Email and more!Please rate this app and leave comments or contact us atandriosapps@gmail.comregarding future improvements, bugs, and feature requests.Features we are considering adding:- Altitude adjustments.- IET score adjustments.TagsPFT BCA Army army Military Fitness Assessment Body Fat bodyfatcomposition physical Fitness test US Army army
Body Cards 1.3.2
** Development has Stopped on Body Cards **Thank you to all of ourusers, we have done very well with Body Cards, but we have decidedto redesign and rewrite the app from the ground up. Please checkout Body Cards Redux, now live on the market.Body Cards will remainlive on the market for the foreseeable future. We will only updateto fix bugs, no new functionality will be added. Please check outBody Cards Redux for a whole slew of new features, including: Newworkout types as well as customizable (including artwork) decks andexercises. Tired of doing the same exercise routine day after day?Inspired by U.S. Marines working out to a deck of playing cards,Body Cards by AndriOS allows you to choose from severalpre-installed exercises and an unlimited number of user-definedexercises. *** Create a profile to track your workouts, complete 5workouts in any 7 day period and become a strong man (or woman).***Pick a few exercises from your customized exercise list, selectnumber of sets, min / max reps/seconds, and number of people toparticipate in the workout. *** Take turns picking body cards thatare randomly selected based on your preferences, ensuring that yourworkout is never the same and never gets old.*** Daily ChallengeWidget! Challenge yourself daily with a random high rep exercise.*** Send comments / concerns / requests to our developer address(
Baby Loading... 1.1.1
Baby Loading... Please Wait... OK dad, your wife is pregnant, yourjob is done, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, you’ve got a longnine months ahead of you. Problem is there aren’t a lot of obviousways to help, but you’ve got to be there when she needs you... Thisis where Baby Loading can help... Never be caught unaware when oneof your female friends asks how far along your wife is, BabyLoading will let you know to the day. Keep track of importantmoments in the pregnancy, log what happened at that last Doctor’svisit, track the names you’ve thought of and rank them based on youand your wife's preference. DON’T PANIC...When the time comes BabyLoading... will help you remember all necessities for the bighospital trip. Don’t be in the dog house from day one. Baby Loadingalso lets you customize a list of quick contacts so you know who tocall on the big day or for any emergencies. Features:Week-By-WeekInfo and Tips: What the heck is going on in there anyways? Get thedown and dirty about what's happening to your unborn child week byweek. Get a tips about what you can do to help out duringpregnancy.Baby Name List: Ok so you’ve narrowed your name list downto 2 or 3... hundred names, now what? Baby Loading lets you andyour wife rank your names separately to see what your absolutefavorite names are. Emergency contact list: Don’t be caught withyour pants down at a big moment in your wife’s pregnancy, keepDoctor and Hospital contacts handy, keep your midwife’s phonenumber nearby, and don’t you dare forget to call your mother-in-lawon your way to the hospital.Hospital visit supply list: BabyLoading provides a recommended list of items you should bring onyour big trip to the hospital, but feel free to ignore them and addwhatever it is you think is important to bring... just make sureyou don’t forget your wife!Build your wife’s profile: Ok dad... goask your wife what her LMP is and add it to Baby-Loading... Fromhere on out you’re on your own... you won’t have to go askeverytime someone asks you what week or trimester you are in. Buildand save a virtual time capsule to share with your baby when he/shegrows up.Email your Baby: Set up an email account for your littleone and quickly send emails from the app using your favorite emailclient. Share the email address with friends and family and all ofa sudden your little one has a full inbox of well-wishes and funnystories... you just have to teach them how to read it.Are you a newdad trying to figure out what to do now that your wife'spregnant?Recent Changes:Version 1.1- Internal file tweaks toimprove loading performance in Journal. - Backup files to yourDropbox account!- Tweaked timeline to line up months toweeks.Version 1.0.5- Simplified Weekly size estimates- New weeklysize comparisons- Added a few Tablet-Layouts to better supportlarge screensVersion 1.0.4- Weekly Information about the baby'ssize and development- Weekly Tips for how dad can help out duringpregnancyVersion 1.0.3- Share your partner's Timeline to Facebook,Twitter, email and more!
Military Awards 1.2.7
Create, View and Share a Ribbon Rack for theU.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. RibbonRacks will be created in accordance with applicable instructions.Why buy this app over the Military Medals and Ribbons?This is the only app that supports adding ribbon devicesBuild, save, and update your rack at anytimeOur app provides a full screen view of your rack, click on anyribbon for more detailsShare your rack with your friends using your favorite social mediaappSupported Features:- Ribbons added to rack in order of Precedence- Devices added to individual ribbons- Share your ribbon rack to Facebook or Email- Consult applicable military instructions for individualservice.- Save rack between sessionsFeatures under development:- Share unit awards for ArmyPlease Provide feedback and feature requests to support@andriosapps.comVersion 1.2.6- Bug(fixed): Application would crash on Motorola Xoom (Possiblyother tablets)- Removed "Premium Features" button on Ribbon Activity, non-premiumusers will be notified they are about to reset their rack prior toclosing the application.Version 1.2.5- Bug(fixed): Would not display more than three rows ofribbons.- Added UN Ribbons- Added NATO Ribbons- Added some foreign AwardsVersion 1.2.1- Added Air Force Longevity Service Ribbon (Rack resetRequired)Version 1.2.4- Fixed order of Precedence for Air Force Short Tour / Long Tourawards.Version 1.2.3- Fixed Order of Precedence of AF Basic TrainingRibbon & AF Marksmanship Ribbon- Fixed Device Logic of AFMarksmanship Ribbon.Version 1.2.2- Moved Marine Corps Drill instructor ribbon from Coast Guardsection back to Marine Corps section.Version 1.2- Bug(fixed): Dates set to December in profile were displayed asJanuary.- Internal Code updates.Version 1.1- Military Awards is now FREE (Merry Christmas!)- Premium features allow you to save your rack betweensessions.Version 1.0- Save your ribbon rack between sessions- Clear your rack.- Bug(fixed): a couple ribbons were assigned incorrectprecedence- UI Improvements: Added action bar to Ribbon ActivityBETA v0.05- Fixed Expert Device on Navy and Coast Guard marksmanshipRibbons.- Integration with Fleet Knowledge
Navy PFA 1.5.10
** This app is in accordance with the most recent instruction:OPNAVINST 6110.1J **This app is for US Navy Sailors to calculatetheir PFA scores. Basic functionality is free, upgrade to premiumto remove ads, log your scores, and share with your friends.BasicFeatures (Free)- PRT Calculator- BCA Calculator- Alternate CardioRuntime Conversion Calculator- InstructionsPremium Features (only$0.99):- Log your PRT and BCA scores for future reference- Shareyour Logged PRT scores via Facebook, Twitter, Email and more!-purchasing premium features removes all adsVersion 1.5.9-Bug(fixed): December birthdays displayed as January inprofile.Version 1.5.8- Minor UI enhancementsVersion 1.5.7- Premiumusers, share your PRT scores to Facebook, Twitter, Email andmore!Version 1.5.6- Internal code updates.- Added Rating dialog atstartup.Version 1.5.5-Added 500m & 450m Swim options in PRTtab.TagsPRT PFA BCA Navy Military Fitness Assessment Body Fatbodyfat composition physical readiness test